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Tastefully Done

When I listen to “Solo Oriental Melody” by Michel F Condracq it sounds familiar to me. I close my eyes and realize its music that reminds me of dreaming. The balance is perfect and not overwhelmed by the guitar, with just enough reverb and attack to be part of a perfect sound. The one-four chord change never goes into five, and that’s ok; it’s a dream. Did you ever wake up from a dream and want to go back in and finish it? That’s what I felt when “Solo Oriental Melody” ended. Tastefully done, and I want to go back in and finish the dream. Thanks Michel, your music warms the soul.

United States, Washington, Lakebay

03:11 Solo Oriental Melody

Hello dieser Track ist zauberhaft zu zuhören man kann die Augen schliessen und sich seinen Träumen hingeben.Dias Guitarrenspiel ist sehr beruhigend und passt zur Flächenbegleitung.Das einzige was mir nicht so gefallen hat war der abrupte Schluss.Alles in allen aber ein gelungener Track.

Germany, Petershagen

chitarra che parla

chitarra che parla. e dice tante cose belle per esempio che la musica e' improvvisazione e che esprime i sentimenti della nostra anima e Michel e' in questa categoria di artisti che si esprime con il suo strumento e ci porta nell'essenza della musica con leggerezza e sentimento e ci porta a sognare anche con un semplice giro di accordi sa spaziare nell'universo delle note e quindi tanto di cappello a questo signore. che vola nei nostri cuori bisognosi d'amore

Italy, dalmine bg

Melodic guitar

Very nice melodic guitar improvisations. Backing track is very nice too. Song succeeds in being what it's catagories are very well. I will listen to more of this artists music out of curiosity after listening to this one.

United States, Oregon, Beaverton

Very Smooth Tracknd increase

A very good evening Michel from Belfast and thank you very much for giving me the chance to review your Instrumental track "SOLO ORIENTAL MELODY" which i found in my personal music opinion to be pure tranquillity that was not only well performed but also a great composition that was produced and recorded to a very professional standard,it is very radio friendly and would attract a lot of airplay that would enhance your online sales and increase your income,well done and good luck.

United Kingdom, Belfast

music that doesn't need special effects to get into the heart

Hello Michel :) This is the second song I review from you and you don't disappoint ! The music you make is really relaxing and I often hear some little arabic influences that I like a lot. I like your music because in order to get right to the heart of the listener you don't need to make a lot of arrangements or do very complicated things.. Just a guitar and what you are feeling at the moment :) keep going! Alessandra

Solo oriental

Wow this is amazing I love th he melody guitarist la fabulous I canister yo tbis while I'm relaxing or even driving its just beautiful song I want to wish you best of luck steve from voodoo dancer.

United States, New York, Middle village

Smooth yet hard!!!

I like the production sound and originality. Good job!! I can feel the heart in this showing you put in some dedicated work. I can hear some dope lyrics on this and the track is hard, I can dig it!!! Sounds like the studio vibe was chill and relaxed!!!!! More artist should study the roots of their culture of art more to be better at their own art. Keep up the good work and stay in the lab creating new material to stay fresh and on your toes. If you're ever looking for a hip hop collaboration hit me up I'm versatile. Peace!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill

03:11Melodía Oriental Solo

Música inspiradora,equilibrada que te invita a la instropección,Michel,nos invita a un viaje amable y placentero,a partir de lo que sugiere su música nosotros ,elegimos el camino.Súbete a este tren mágico,podemos encontrarnos.

Spain, Valencia

Solo Oriental Melody reviewed by Artey Williams

Solo Oriental Melody reviewed by Artey Williams, what an inspirational opening riff with that delectable drop in key. I love this guys ability to translate throughout any genre of music it seems effortless even with an intriguing conversation with an innocuous electronic keyboard of no particular ilc. Then off as if released a s a butterfly into the soaring winds of a beautiful yet lonesome summers day, I love the way there is an ability to start off a riff in the depths of the tonal key then rise on a stream beyond the twelfth fret. Awesome even though a somewhat abrupt ending,,More please

United Kingdom, Bridport

Solo Oriental Melody

Another beautiful musical picture. Cool laidback relaxing lovingly picked and plucked strings lightly brushed with a tender beat, I can almost feel the fresh mountain air from where this beautiful melody seems to be coming from. This track is a good depiction of its title.......Apex work.

United Kingdom, Hornchurch

Solo Oriental Melody

Good day This melody started with an introduction of a fusion of instruments that will keep the listener glued to the artistry. The guitar has played the melody as if it was doing a vocal. Very distinctive flavour that will have the listener in melancholy. this explosion of sounds compliment each other and I can identify the drums being the footprint that the keys and guitar use as their guidance. Well composed piece of music and the possibility of a vocalist putting lyrics to this melody is huge. I will be listening out for this piece to see the direction that you take. top notch artistry. pronounced guitars and keys on point. good luck with this one....

United Kingdom, Luton

Review of Solo Oriental Melody

Thank you for asking me to review you music. This piece starts with a simple rhythm and a Guitar riff and a soft pad background. There is a Jazz tone and a counter melody that accompanies that sounds like a synth or accordion. If there was anything I would have to say would be, that the music needs to have a little more direction, it plays very nicely but it just seems to continue with no end in site. The other note is that the music just ends. I would at least fade out to give it continuous play.on. Of course if this was a connected piece of music I can see that. There is a great clarity and emotion in the music. Well done!

United States, Utah, Logan

Solo Oriental Melody Review

Beautiful tone on the guitar first of all. Very soothing and enjoyable song. The keyboard solo probably could come up a bit in the mix to match the guitar but It's not very bothersome overall. The song is a great showcase for your guitar chops which are absolutely huge! Enjoyed it!

United States, New York, Uniondale

Smooth Melody that Fits my Mood right now

I do all types of Music and can appreciate sound and all. This has been a Crazy Year and week. We lost Sean Connery and the Blue moon appeared. when I was sitting down late at night in Cincinnati Ohio in America I played Michele " Solo Oriental Melody" and automatically I could see the song like a James Bond sound off. It was the Vibe I was getting. So all I could do was lay back and let the Music just take me. Yes this is a Must hear track.

United States, Ohio, Cincinnati

Amazing guitar

Love the guitar i would love the hear with the drums. The guitar is amazing thanks requesting a review If you yad a good drummer i think it wouldreally make youre sound even better.1love. keep doing youre thing.

É sempre bom ouvir uma boa música!

Que continues com obras iguais e/ou melhores que esta, lembrando sempre que a inspiração é um DOM DIVINO, e que assim deve ser expresso e divulgado agradecendo diariamente a Deus por tal capacitação. Abraços Fraternos. Gutemberg Landi.

Sweet sounds

Love the drum track timing . The guitar licks are very nicely done lots of different guitar voicing and influences as well as styles. Keep up the sounds very relaxing. The string track in the background perfect for leaving you all the space you need to lay the crystal clean sound of your guitar.

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande

very nice

brilliant. beautiful melody, calm .. the sound of the guitar is very pleasant and you can listen to it for a long time. it looks like improvisation, for which I liked it. thanks!!! Peace. Harmony

Spain, Barcelona

Classic strings!

I love this. This has a real smooth Classic feel to it. Almost an old western feel like the sensual dance scene right before the shoot out at the okay Corral. Maybe its my imagination. I dont know but it definitely sounds great! I love the play. Keep making great music! Thank you. Always your music friend -Mperial God-

United States, New Jersey, Englewood

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