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Cruising Nicely

The introduction to Michel F. Condracq’s “Lolla” seems a bit sinister with several instruments playing but maybe with different messages. Michel’s guitar comes in and instantly organizes the intro and blends it into the body of the song. The unknown direction of the piece comes together, and the music starts cruising nicely. Understanding Michel F. Condracq’s skill I realize he did this on purpose, for a very nice effect. Michel does not “show off” his talent, (like constantly shredding the scale) but it’s there when he needs to express it; and that’s the way of a true artist. Does anyone need to be brought out of a slump? “Lolla” is the way to do it. Thanks again Michel.

United States, Washington, Lakebay



United States, Florida, Key West

No se si lola

Por que Lola, es un nombre muy español, tu produccion es hispana? Tal vez un poco andaluza con un toque arabesco, tal vez haya sido influencia de la ocupacion a la que estuvieron sometifos por los moros durante muchos años

Venezuela, La Guaira

I gave it the 5 because i like it. Alot.

I needed to hear something ease away the stress of today with no human voice attached. After listening to Loila until the end, I felt a little stress leave my existence, thus causing me to listen to Loila Twice!!! very pleasant.

United States, Louisiana, Shreveport


Very interesting composition!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? It took time for the track to go into the essential !! I loved the oriental touch!!! I did not expect this track to be so rich, there are different styles that are well mixed within the whole composition! it is very interesting!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????

Morocco, Casablanca

YES! It's that Music...

C'est vraiment une Musique de foi, comme son nom l indique... Et je suis de ceux qui vous poussent à apprécier cette grande Musique Lolla c est vraiment super pour l esprit Merci! Que dire d autre de cette expérience Musicale incomparable... Super

France, Paris

Lolla sweet song

lolla sweet song, What can I say about this song... It's simply a masterpiece trash and I mean it, the leaks are extremely picky, yeeeeessss, I love it. Soft and at times punchy. We are simply travelling through the song, seems like you are making love to your guitar. Such a virtuose... A real master of guitar, there's no way to get bored all along the song. Everybody should listen to this song I thinks... Congratulations

Cameroon, Yaounde

Good Listening Music!

I like the originality of your work. Strong message and creativity is a big plus. Good production,i can hear some good vocals to this, good job on the final mix-down. I can tell you have your heart and soul into what you do. Keep on pushing and never give up or get distracted in pursuing the dream of making it. I like the instrumental blend of sounds with the vocals and the production on the track is good. Keep up the great work! Peace!!!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill

"Lolla" instrumental review

Hi, Michel. I am happy to review another song for you. I recommend your songs because I find your songs interesting and with good arrangements such as this one. Cool guitar playing once again. Cheers. Igor

Serbia and Montenegro, Kikinda

Good music

I love the harmonies in the melodies that you have enhanced in this song. Please do keep up the good work I love to hear this kind of music. I love the cool and relaxation did it gives me especially when I’m sitting in front of the stereo sitting and listening to calming music. Keep up the work and please don’t ever quit. I will add this song to my playlist. And play many times more.

United States, Georgia, Union City

sweet guitar

I liked it right off the bat. Nice guitar work solid instrumental. The basic bass line and drum beat give you the space you need to let the guitar rip. The tone is very cool old school sound for sure.

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande

38 take on it

Dope dope dope Thumbz up Thumbz up Dope dope dope Thumbz up Thumbz up Dope dope dope Thumbz up Thumbz up Dope dope dope Thumbz up Thumbz up Dope dope dope Thumbz up Thumbz up Dope dope dope

United States, Tennessee, Memphis

A Cool Spanish Wave

With an atmosphere that mixes love and a bit of suspense, this track - with a few tweaks to the beat - could probably be a backdrop to some funny chase scene through winding roads on Mediterranean cliffs.

Brazil, Teresópolis


This was a really good listen, absolutely loved the guitar licks! The overall piece kept me engaged to the very end in fact I had to run it back and play it again twice. This felt really good to my spirit, Good work.

United States, California, Riverside


wow great instrumental just a beautiful song love the muscianship......... ........this song has a really good synthesizer. lines I can hear this song over and over....................they the song was put together is very unique...................just love the way the piano and keyboards sound they are spot on they were played perfectly...............can't say enough about this song ......................I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thsnk you.......... This is steve from voodoo dancer and thank you again.....................

United States, New York, Middle village


A very good morning to you Michel and thank you once again for the chance to review another track of yours "LOLLA" which may i say i found in my personal music opinion to be a very entertaining composition that was very well performed with great guitar playing and lovely melody that was well produced and recorded to a very professional standard,i truly enjoyed listening to this Instrumental it was so relaxing.

United Kingdom, Belfast

Review of Lolla

Thank you again for asking me to review your music. This piece starts with a calm pad sound that builds into a solo guitar riff. It has a very nice appealing and catchy tone with a some variable percussion giving it variety and flare. The time seems just melt away as you listen keeping you captivated as you listen. There is a nice energy and flow from start to finish. The recording is nice and clear and well mixed. Great work!

United States, Utah, Logan


Very nice composition - very well performed - For a instrumental composition the music style is kind of special - sophisticated but popular - Solo instruments are very well suited with arrangement which is very rich with lot of very sophisticated well played instruments - In my opinion this composition have all attributes to be internationally promoted - So go for it - This is great work - Keep on and do more of this fantastic music - Thank you I enjoy...

Spain, Las Americas - Tenerifa

good job :)

Hello Michel! Even though it's not what I usually listen to I have really appreciated your music! I love the intro, it's very misterious and you totally don't expect a guitar after it! Then the guitar enters slowly, it reminds me somehow of far lands (maybe the percussions?). Suddenly the guitar becomes confident and the dynamics grows more and more also helped by the growing percussions. Finally the dynamic slows down to end the tune.. Maybe I would have kept this final part longer, I would have come back to the atmosphere of the beginning of the song (but it's only my taste). A really good job :)


Love the intro when the Lead Guitar begins to play. The arrangement is smooth and calculated and all the instruments seem to gel together. It has a calm groove that makes you Rock side to side. This is what I call a Fans Special when they begin to move and get them involved in the project. Then it was over. Nice Job! Love your song. Oh! When I was a young girl 6 or 7, my familia called my LoLa.

United States, California, Los Angeles

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