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A pleasing trip.


Well electronica offers lots of fantasy from Techno to Trance. It can be chilly or ambient.I usually use it in certain moments during my sets wich could be the opening or a break down after a peak or as closing. It is very good for after hours. I've heared this track a few times and every time it's given me several ideas how, with what and when I could be introducing it. I love the drifting melodies which open space to personal fantasies. It is well structure as if it's telling you a story. Well done. Great Track!

Germany, Bonn

carry me to another dimension !


Well done! Driving chords, swirling notes that fly lightly, softly in air. The melodic pattern is warm and convincing , painting a picture with intense colors. The synth creates a feedback like a wind wrapping all around, in synergy with the rhythmic patterns that make the soil where the melody grow like grass in spring. The whole thing is perfectly balanced and flows well from the beginning to the end. Can be defined somehow cinematic because of the images it creates in the mind of the listener, but also can be used in a set, as an emotional beginning for its deep breath, or to create an intimate moment in a not cheesy set. Its definitely carries the listeners to another dimension! Just like flying on butterfly wings , soft and full of colors and magic dust shining everywhere.


jolie morceau qui semble tenir ses promesses

ce morceau est une jolie balade sonore , on s'imagine bien assit tranquillement sur une terrasse en train de contempler le ciel étoilé par une chaude nuit d'été ,alors qu'au loin pointe les nuages .bref vous l'aurez compris c'est titre qui invite à la contemplation . petit bémol ! et oui il en faut bien un malheureusement , le titre n'est pas proposé dans sa version complète ce qui nous laisse sur notre fin et c'est bien dommage ... du coup je le note 3/5 mais si avait été complet il aurait mérité un 4;5 au moins ;)

France, BZH

Great Chill Track


I know that it has taken me a while to get to your track. I must say that I am glad I listened. Your Title is Crazy Stormy Night but I must say that this song puts me in a serene tranquil chill out mood for sure. Continue the Awesome work. Create more beautiful quality tracks like this one..Peace..RandyMAN!

United States, Milledgeville

Perfect - a bit of change

The song has the perfect rythem to it.. But you have no change, no ups no downs. Entice the crowd with some more emotion or drops, as if life has handed you something you where not expecting. The song is perfect just give something to look forward to and maybe an ending that leaves you hanging..

United States, Georgia




United States, Indiana, south bend

A very nice piece


"Crazy Stormy Night" is a delicate piece that describe the situation that sometimes appear on the globe or in life in general. For those of us that is into any form of meditation it fits perfectly that purpose as well. The intro is soft and calming and it builds up slowly with great sampled detales. The end though I would have prefered built down again or ended with a lightning. As it is now it sounds like it´s not guite finished. Overall I really like this piece. Take a listen folks. All the best -Kris

Norway, Drammen

Semplice e complicata


The beginning of this song is ambient with a progression of sounds not bad. Very lively as a sound that facilitates listening. I really like the feeling of lightness, of freshness it makes me feel good. Simple and complicated at the same time

Crazy Storm

Fabulous introduction which I always appreciate as it draws you in and makes a great preparation for the remainder of the recording. I was really very impressed with the professionalism of the production content and overall pleasing performance

United Kingdom, Bridport

Ethril...Crazy Stormy Night


The track starts with a calm before the storm and the title made me expect a storm that never came but after saying which good song to add to the chill out play list .. a good track to relax to I found the end a bit abrupt and the silence almost makes you jump. Some interesting effects and and when you are not looking for the reason for the title excercise the mind to fill in the pictures with the spacecial swirls and wild life .. so sit in your comfy chair , put on the over ear head phones press Lay close your eyes and let Ethril take you on a journey

United Kingdom, Gloucester

Very nice track


This is very nice track. It is very sweet and creates a relaxing atmosphere. I listen to it as I woke up and this was perfect to start my day. This dreamy atmosphere is well built and all the sounds fit in perfectly. Congratulation

France, Paris

Needs vocals


Its not my usual style of music but i like it...the breaks are nice and its a dreamy vibe .it could use a nice washy vocal or a synth that carries it a little further..the calmdown bit has nice fx but coukd do with a gap in wich everything is broken down to just a pad...leaving the clap would make it stronger as it returns in the end.dunno ...good work keep it up..

Belgium, Oostende

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