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On Calvary

Another wonderful song of worship...."Oh Jesus, When I hear Your Name... my heart becomes a burning flame!" Beautiful lyrics. I loved the instrumental. However, I could not hear every word at first play because the percussion was a bit loud, but wonderful in it's timing and it also makes the song worthy of standing up to worship Jesus in the dance, giving Abba Father praise for the Work of The Cross on Calvary. I am amazed at Esther my dear sister who continues to roll out these wonderful songs of heartfelt praises at her late age. Esther is truly a woman who worships in Spirit and in Truth. These songs are heaven sent! I also love the true expression of the lyrics and the emotion and devotion with which she sings each song!


I really like your music keep on making great music most music today is not the same I like certain types of music Gospel jazz rock Christian Rock jazz .May God continue to bless you in all your endeavors be blessed hope to hear from you soon.

On Calvery review

Well let me say, it sounds like a really great song. I like the music but engineering needs to be done first of all I can't even make out some of the lyrics, take away a little bass from vocals and raise vocal volume just a little. I think this could be great


I absolutly love the lyrics

Wow the whole Idea behind the song is remarkable! "Put a spark in every heart but it has to be fed for a fire to start" How ever the music covers up the lyrics in sooo many places it is hard to hear the lyrics clearly!! I usually would not cut someone else's song but I would cut this in a heart beat I think the tune has great potential and I honestly think the lyrics are flawless!! God Bless you!!

Sweet Testimony

Esther Swably is living with joy from her Christian experience. She sings with conviction and honesty in this country swing gospel song. The recording quality is not ready for the radio but it is still very inspiring and uplifting! It sounds like there is a country band playing live to create the backing track and as a radio release i t could be better produced by professional producer and team but for what she has put together here, I can happily recommend this as an inspirational song!

On Calvary

I Love the message n this song. It has a nice melody and easy to learn lyrics. The music is nice but is a little loud for the vocals. You are a very talented song writer. This song would do well in the youth Choir market. Nice job.

Had to listen a couple times

I listened a few times actually trying to pull out the lyrics of the song. I'm not one to tell someone to not do it, but in the case of On Calvary, I think I'd have to say redo it. There are a lot of Basement studios that don't charge much and get a decent sound. Here we have what might be a good touching song, but it started out jumbled and never cleared up. I heard a few really awesome lines in the song and would've loved to heard it all. I believe the songs hook is really great and what I could hear, I believe it was well written and I believe re-recording it would be well worth investing in a decent studio.

On Calvary

I love your song. You're so cute, you should continue to write and produce songs. The Arrangements are just right for your voice. "Jesus When I Hear Your Name My Heart becomes a Burning Flame" I think that is HOTT lick. I like country gospel. You're a natural born country girl. Keep on singing and making music. We need more. Best to you. God Blessed you so use your talents.

tone down

It would be much better if the vocals were on top and it was analog instead of digital. I could not hear most of the words to the song. A better master mix would help tremendously. over all I liked the upbeat rythem

On Calvary

Unique sound and happy lyrics but lacks quality vocals and sound. The music is ok but basically there's just too much going on in the background. Overall, if it's a first time demonstration it's ok but that's all. But I do like the creativity behind it.

On Calvary Review

Hu Esther! I listened to your song and your love for Jesus and your sincerity are shining through. It was hard to really judge your vocals as the production/recording quality was not the best. I know that top quality recording facilities are very expensive! I will continue to follow your music and pray for you and your ministry. Feel free to reach out me with any questions or requests. I pray mant blessings upon you :)

Review of your song "On Calvary"

Love the message in the lyrics, the tempo & the melody. You will get better plays by backing down on the music volumn & cut back on the reverb. The reverb is nice but sometimes we use too much. such is this case hear. I had to strain some to hear the lyrics. I would like for you to re do the recording with less reverb & a tiny bit lower volumn on the music. Of course the BEST action to take is get in a good studio & cut a Cd.

On Calvary

Sometimes you run across a song presentation that probably has all the right ingredients but for some reason the recipe just seemed to fail to get is cooked right. Unfortunately this is how it struck me with Esther's effort on the recording of "On Calvary". Whether the music track is pre-recorded or a live band, they are good musicians, however the arrangement for this song just seems to be too exuberant. It just dominates the presentation and virtually buries the song and the singer. The way it is currently done is probably fine for live performance but all that should change when the song goes into the recording studio. The dynamics change from an audience who is a group of folks looking to soak up sound to one person who is trying to hear the song and the artists interpretation and delivery. The vocal now becomes the most important part of the production and everything should be built around it. I think there is a good number here but the mix and arrangement just covers it up. It is an easy fix however, in my opinion, and can be remedied for the most part with a remix. I would start with the vocals and the rhythm instruments only, along with the percussion and concentrate on supporting the vocals to make them the dominant sound. I would also tone down the percussion in volume and rhythm delivery to make a smoother sound and beat. From there what ever is left on the tracks I would make sure they enhanced the vocal as to the volume levels. I would like to have heard the lyrics better to hear what the message was from the writers composition but again the mix hid most of it. I feel Esther is a long time pro and has a good message in this number. I just wish I could have heard more of her instead of the band. Maybe I am old school but to me the song is the center piece and the singer is the presenter of the writers creation. As I started out saying, I believe all the ingredients are there they may just need to be rehashed. But that is just one persons opinion. I still give this presentation good marks because of the overall sound of the number.

Always Love

I love the concept music and overall song just have to clear up you vocals so they can be understood more of what is said. Music is expression of oneself and if you feel and are able to present those feelings to the world then that is you expression no one can tell you how are what to feel that is what makes us unique and a individual thanks keep making great music from the soul A.L. West18Productions
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