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My thoughts

Thanks for sharing. The band seems like they are not together on this one. The drummer is off on his snare. This is the producers fault. Never record until the band has it down. I'm so sorry but this one is not doing it for me. I know the effect you were going for on the BGV. But the delay is to far off. Once again the producers fault. Also your vocal needs to come up in the overall mix. Merry Christmas

Hello from Jerzy..

I like Your style..I like the song... Great work on Guitar.. but You need to make the drums a little better...they are to my opinion...I listen whole song at list 3 times...that mean I like it.. Keep going Jerzy...

Esther Swably My Review

Hi Esther S. here is my review first of all I love Christian music anything that will spread Gods word however I really like this song but would have like to have heard the words more clearly I found it hard to understand what the artist was saying in the song the music was well produced wonderful job the vocals were okay just should have been a little more clear in the song which maybe just a simple fix anyway I hope to hear more songs from the artist and really hope what I have said would be of some help may God be with you and keep creating great songs from J.Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross/Music Group UMG.

Great vocals

You have a great voice and sing with emotion. The song has a great message but you need a little more songwriting skills to make the song more comercial. I like the bluesy feel of the song. May God continue to bless your ministry.

Life Storms Review

I really love this song. It would see much better success with a strong singer. I had a problem hearing the lyrics and the Mix was not very good. You potentially have a hit on your hands, it just needs a few tweaks. I would slow the Tempo down a bit and give more of a Country feel

Southern gospel meets country.

This song has great lyrics! A little too wordy. Sometime little is more. Again I think that there is a market for this style. Great musicianal skill. Like I said try to say the same thing with less words????

Lightning strikes

This song is not bad but it needs work in both the mix and the arrangement. The drums overpower the vocals and everything else. Second there needs to be a better defined space for each instrument with the vocals brought forward in the mix. Two the arrangement needs work. There are musical changes that are getting lost when they should be more prominent. The base should be highlighting the changes with accents that are missing. The reverb on the vocal should cut back and the vocalist should bring the tone more into his chest and out of the nasal cavity.

Good message

I love your lyrics and the message to the song, it really shows the time and the heart put into this song. I would love it if you were able to get the engineer to bring the baseline just a tad bit. The bass send to drown your vocals. Other than that I think you have a pretty good song.

Love Your Music

Young lady,, I love your music,, but I also would love to be able to hear your voice a little bit more,, the music,is great but so is your voice !! It may be just because i'm a old guy but it seams that the music is louder than the voice, and i cant always understand the words,,, I know that there is a good message in the songs you sing,,, but i'm sorry I just cant understand every thing you are singing,,but what do I know ,,,I'm just a little fat boy riding a bicycle,, LoL,,, God Bless You and Your music,,,, Your Brother In CHRIST....... Grady E. Neblett


I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep on going God bless you in all your endeavors.

Definitely it's hot

Christian music is the best music cause is about the creator of all I like the song is uplifting and driven very tranquil God is wonderful and has done a lot for us all where will I be if it want for him all praises to his name

Life Storms

This little country ditty isn't too bad but the with the first listen I'm not sure I'd give it a second listen. Overall the vocals could be louder in the mix and the drums seem a little messy in spots. Again, it's not too bad but a general rule is if you grab the listener right away you've already lost us.

Life Storms.

Listen will hear good advice from a Esther A Seasoned Worship Warrior! Yes, some trials of life are like raging storms, but we can have safe harbour in our Saviours Arms. The end of this song is a prayer asking for Our Saviour's protection which is warfare in worship! Helps us keep safe by singing a long in this prayerful song. Blessed Assurances. The music is great for those who like to dance while worshipping. I loved the whole instrumental. It was a bit loud in some parts and so I would only ask for it to be re-mastered so we can hear Esther's words clearly in her lovely voice.


Way to go Esther You are a blessing! Keep Singing for the Lord!! Is that an original music? Did you write the song? Bless you...its kind of a rockin tune you got there!! Good message!!! well done Esther

Nice Music

Hello Esther Swably, I've heard your music and in my opinion, you could further customize the timbres and the drum rolls. Something that I think is important is also to follow the beat of the song, try to keep within the bar. If you pay special attention to tuning it would be of great value. Congratulations on the initiative and never stop creating. Eduardo F, Neves
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