Esther Swably / Various / Walkin Round Blind


very classic sound i like it.


Keep on doing your music, one day you will hit it big, step up each on tel you get the big one. Tommy CCT


nice lyrics and melody best of love to you

Country sound meets Pop

This is a sort of country tune and is easy to listen to especially if you like that style. The vocal part is kind of interesting compared to a lot of other tunes. The voice is sift and smooth and performed in tune pretty good, not weird or rough, not screaming and staying kind of on a certain decibel level, not in the style of typical country-rock performers. Easy to listen to, not weird and bombastic.

Walkin Round Blind

Nice work.Has a bit of old time country gospel feel to it.Very relaxed tone.The dynamics were a little flat,with the exception of the intro.Musical contrasts such as lead breaks and background harmonies blended in with no signature.Nice piece of music,good job.

Walkin Round blind

Snappy enough tune and uplifting message. Production generally need more attention - especially in term of dynamics, but main problem is the vocal performance, as the approach is too soft and weak... basically sounds like someone singing lying down in bed VERY relaxed. I would just say open your lungs a bit more... Follow Avi Darkbloom:

its ok...

The message is great but the tone of the singer is kinda boring and not uplifting. When people listen to Christian music, they want to be uplifted and inspired. The song usually reaches a climax towards the end. The beat is simple and the singer doesnt seem to be happy to be singing for the Lord. But the story is good.

your music

this song is great!!! keep it up

Walkin Round Blind

This song has a good concept for the chorus and the lyrics are pretty good. The vocals need some more work to 1.) Stay in Key 2.) More passion in the performance 3.) The words are a little simplistic in many sections. The back up music sounds extremely generic and uninspired.

all in all good track

i would like it

remix and reconcept

Lead vocal too far in front of music. Backgrounds the same. You can reach a wider Christian audience by not so much mention of satan.
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