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Review of Narrow Escape


Thanks Erik-Peter for asking me to review this great piece. I think this is a great piece music that starts with a great build of suspense. I would just imagine fleeing from a intense situation. There are some great instrument choices with the orchestra and even an electric guitar. Even the brass has a Bond flare to it. There is a number of percussion instances and some effect to give it variety. This would sound great in a chase or action film, hence the Narrow Escape. Excellent work!

United States, Utah, Logan

Very Interesting!


Did not know what to think at first, but waited to see. Very well done. In my mind I was picturing a CAR Chase... with other cars weaving in and out. Very compelling music and sounds. Very well put together. Yes, it sounded just like something out of a movie. Love the EMOTIONS of Sounds! Keep up the great work! Sincerely Edward Westbrook

United States, North Carolina, Raleigh

Tremendous Submission


Such an honor to have Erik ask me to review this piece. Over the last few recent years, Erik and I have traded some great messages and discussion. I started one review thinking it was a stand-alone piece and, then, holy cow, went to his site and realized it was a submission in competition for possible inclusion in an HBO production. Super nice! So, in that context, things made a lot more sense. My initial review had some remarks about some editing choices I would have made in the form of the piece but those would only be pertinent if the piece were stand-alone. Coupled to the chase scene in West World, it is just excellent; I think it marries beautifully to the montage and action. The quality of the recording is just awesome! Erik you must let me know about the orchestral samples you used [I assume they were samples - they sound great! East/West perhaps?]. One of the hallmarks of the piece is the fusion of modern with orchestral/classical which just happens to be one of the hallmarks of some of my own compositions ;^) In particular, the electric bass [most likely a Rick] is so well placed and effective to the momentum and tension that's needed. The electric guitar that finds its way in towards the end is excellent too. Not to mention the synth sounds that give the recording its colossal vastness and "scape". Thanks again for the request for review Erik. It was a pleasure and we should chat again some time. Best of luck. -Jon Charles Fortman, composer/producer/arranger for The Antique Harmoniums

United States, Texas, FORT WORTH

Classic Batman genre


You nailed this one, I can hear this on a new Batman movie. It's so much like the theme music fo any DC comic movie. The title itself is genius, I can envision Batman being captured by the Joker and using his utility belt tricks to foil the Jokers plans! Keep on inspiring your us with your music, you have a winner here!

United States, Wisconsin, Racine

let's go for the mission !!!


As said in the title that song could match perfectly an action game or movie. Great feel of every action you could wait, fear, decision, hurry, etc... i was listening and could think about some action movie i used to see and that was ok. So give it a try !!!

France, Paris

Ormai ti seguo sei bravissimo complimenti e buona musica Antonio


Ormai ti seguo sei bravissimo complimenti e buonaOrmai ti seguo sei bravissimo complimenti e buonaOrmai ti seguo sei bravissimo complimenti e buonaOrmai ti seguo sei bravissimo complimenti e buonaOrmai ti seguo sei bravissimo complimenti e buonaOrmai ti seguo sei bravissimo complimenti e buona

Italy, Bologna


I am pleasantly surprised by your musical proposal, something of classical music, with a lot of recording quality. "Narrow Escape" is in my opinion very imagery and bombastic, in an action movie style, I really like it!

Portugal, Sobral de Baixo - Pampilhosa Da Serra

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