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Interesting instrumental from New York


At first I was expecting vocals but I soon learned there will no vocals. No necessarily have to be. Beautiful literally galactic song which could work well on the movie scene. Nice instrumentation and cool keyboards.

Finland, Kuusamo

Very Creative

I thought this song was very creative. I couldn't help but to continue to listen to see what other changes might come up. I do have to say the song is rather long. I would shorten it a little bit. The change up/breakdown part in the middle I think was really nice. I think you should get to that part a lot sooner. Meaning, shorten the length or delete some of your pattern duration before hand. And work on your mix. I noticed many parts in there that could be louder to make more impact on the feel of the track. Overall, I think this is a good song though. This particular piece here told a "story" as it goes. The agreement is good (other than total duration of song being long). Continue to build/perfect your craft. This song can used in a film as well. It does have that "galactic" sound I believe you were pushing for. I honestly had thought to myself ok, what's gonna happen next? Is it gonna change up here? I just kept listening after I thought I had heard enough. And it's not a genre I'd listen to just to add. But like I said, this is a nice song you put together here.

United States, Maryland, Upper Marlboro



Relaxed the sound of strings always put me in an relax mode so this is definitely something I would put one of my gospel song or an nice smooth jazz to set the night right keep up the good work

United States, New Jersey, Camden

Exactly what i was expecting.


I've been listening to your creations for quite a while now and amazed at what I hear. Galactical Spiral is a prime example of this. Keep up the great work and works! Will definitely be staying connected to listen to more great tunes!

United States, Florida, Orlando

Cosmic grooves


New York composer Erik-Peter Mortensen has produced a nice electronic track with an acid jazz vibe entitled Galactic Spiral. The melody is driven by a nice analog synthesizer tone and there are many layers of groove under it.

United States, Washington, Seattle

Enjoyed every millisecond


What a great piece here. Superb mixture of classical and modern flavors with some really impressive jazz inputs that seriously had me lost in it with a smile from ear to ear. I enjoy all the works very much for many reasons each, but this one is my favorite.

United States, Virginia, Troutville


This song sounds amazing the vocals wow................ the guitars amazing the tone of the singers voice wow wow..... this song sounds to so good it's put together extremely well. Iove the melody and the chorus.... this song is far from boring I canister to this song over and over....I want to thank for letting me review your beautiful song just amsxing......I want to wish you the very best of luck with this song and your amazing arrangement and vocals all the best................. Steve from voodoo dancer just love it............................ .....

United States, New York, Middle village

Galactic Spiral

Es una buena canción. Talvez muy apropiada para ser la canción de una película de amor.. Lo dejo planteado para que el Autor se anime a presentarla a las productoras de películas y con algunos arreglos adicionales adaptarla a este tipo de films.. Relajante y para escuchar en silencio y a lo mejor en momentos de soledad.. Buena canción

Chile, Los Andes

Eastern Fantasy


This is a Guitar based composition that begins with vamping chords which combine with keyboards and melodies that have a definite Eastern European feeling. The drums and percussion need to be louder in the mix. The MIDI percussion is weak and can't cut through the mix. The mix needs space to breath. The composition is nice and the various parts of the song's arrangement work as expected. Organic sounds would boast the production quality. Hope this helps! :)

United States, Texas, DFW

Nice work

New music up on page from Sick O Supa(No Take Backs). New video to the song Party also, click the video link on the song. Thank you so much, we appreciate the great fan support and we ask that you spread the word and share our music and we will try our best to continue to give you the best music we have to offer, thank you again.

United States, Indiana, Worldwide

Great and Good song


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South Africa, Durban




France, saint-gilles

Out of this World


One of the things I like about Number One Music is the opportunity to experience music from around the world I'd never get the chance to hear. Case in point, Galactic Spiral, which is a fun and dreamy musical number. While a bit "too" electronic, it does lend itself to the music theme industry and I applaud your hard work to create a fun song. I enjoy the ups and downs, the drama of the music in itself.

United States, California, Huntington Beach

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