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Divertimento in G


Great Classical music always lift's the Spirit. Short but good sound and a lead up to full production. I like your style Erik. I cant think of a better time to get away from life's problems than a good classical music piece. Well done my friend.

United States, California, Sacramento



questi violini e archi che girano danno un senso di felicita' di gioia di vivere contro la monotonia e' gradevole da ascoltare e semplice come melodia ma trasmette qualcosa all'ascoltatore bello e gioioso esecuzione ottima! roba da musicisti veri!

Italy, dalmine bg



Thank you for allowing me to review song I really like classical music and Robles the Dollar general music play the violin in junior high school. Thank you for sharing your religion with me continue to send me music so I can listen to hurry review it and don't stop sharing your gifts and talents with the world stay creative please keep me posted or any music that you may have coming out. Have a wonderful day and may God bless you and all this and go to gun create.

United States, California, Every Where

solid classical strings


New York composer/producer Erik-Peter Mortensen has completed a concise piece entitled Divertimento in G. The work would work well as stock classical string music in soundtracks for visual and radio media.

United States, Washington, Seattle

Classical strings


Nice!. Short theme. Classical sound. Make it a little bit longer and introduce viola ????. Sounds very good, better if longer. what if you try to modulate in an intermediate part in minor and back with G?

Spain, Madrid

Divertimeto in G


Divertimento in G a light and entertaining composition, typically one in the form of a suite for chamber orchestra... that of Mozart or Joseph Haydn..Musical form, the structure of a musical composition. The term is regularly used in two senses: to denote a standard type, or genre, and to denote the procedures in a specific work. The nomenclature for the various musical formal types may be determined by the medium of performance, the technique of composition, or by function. Has a full grasp of the classics .....bravo

United States, Michigan, Detroit


wow great instrumental just a beautiful song love the muscianship.........I love this particular version my friend ........this song has a really good piano melody lines I can hear this song over and over....................they the song was put together is very unique...................just love the way the piano and keyboards sound they are spot on they were played perfectly...............can't say enough about this song ...........the guitar lead su ds great actually all the guitars sound great ...........I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thsnk you.......... This is steve from voodoo dancer and thank you again.....................

United States, New York, Middle village

Review of Divertimento in G

Another great piece by Erik-Peter Mortensen. I can't help that this is my favorite type of music. This is a short but very melodic piece. There are just a few simple calm and yet amazing sounding instruments, The string instruments are some of them. This sounds like a small chamber sized orchestra with Violins and a Celli. Recorded with great clarity. This takes me back as if I was in those historic times with the great composers themselves. Very refreshing. Fantastic work!

United States, Utah, Logan

Nice work

New music up on page from Sick O Supa(No Take Backs). New video to the song Party also, click the video link on the song. Thank you so much, we appreciate the great fan support and we ask that you spread the word and share our music and we will try our best to continue to give you the best music we have to offer, thank you again.

United States, Indiana, Worldwide



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Italy, Bologna

Thanks cuz for grinding your music with me much respect #WHeLDuN


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United States, Massachusetts, Boston

Haydn done to a t.


I thought this short piece was very well played and recorded, obviously with excellent musicians and fine instruments. The instrumental balance was excellent, nice to hear a piece of music which sound completely full with nothing needed to be added or taken away. Well done, I will listen to this again...

Australia, Hervey Bay

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