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Spy Game


This is a very cool track. It almost has a feel of Pink Pantha and I could easily see this being the music for such a movie. It has a laid back yet intriguing appeal. It held my attention for the whole duration of the track. This track definitely lives up to its name Spy Game. I loved it and would listen again definitely. love Rose .

United Kingdom, Carlisle



This is a Perfect Tune for a Cartoon..something tells me that was already use ( or was written up on request )..I Love It.. is Funny and showing a Great Composer Skills..I'm very Happy that You post It .. actually It make Me brings back Time of Pink Panther I Really Think It will have No Problem to be pick Up by a Major Movie Studio ..for Something like THAT possibilities a Good luck with Submissions.. You did a Fantastic Job...

United States, California, Los Angeles

60's & 70's come back to life!!!


Erik-Peter Mortenson has graced us with a fantastically arranged piece giving a wink and a nod to some of the classic film soundtracks from the ap60's and early 1970's. His use of vibraphone/marimbas and harpsichord take us back to I Spy or Man from Uncle, and other noteworthy films that all of us enjoyed as younger selves. Arrangement and iteration are themselves complex, studied and well executed. This track could rightly be placed in almost any spy-thriller, comedic or anarchic and blend with a contemporary cinematography that wants to treat a subject tongue in cheek. 4.9 because nothing is perfect!

United Kingdom, Bristol

Very impressive, very nice !!


Once again your work has left me pleasantly surprised. The song besides being very agile, keeps in an incognita what is going to happen and it looks like the musicalization of a caricature where one imagines things that are given one after another. The instrumentation is magnificent, the masterful execution, and the quality of recording and mastering are also very good. I congratulate you, thank you for your excellent work!

Mexico, Chihuahua



Welcome to Cartoon World... I Love It... It brings back time of Pink Panther...this will be Great for some Children Video...Your Music is so Clear ..that I be able to Write a Story to go along..but You have to make It Much Longer...You must to send it to some Major Film Studio a Disney / Universal come to My head.. and let's see what They will say..I really Love It and I'm sure Many People will like It to...Congratulation on The Job Well Done...

United States, California, Los Angeles

VERY Creative !!! :-)


VERY Creative !!! :-) This is such an interesting play on the sonic picturesque suggested world of spies. Everything is there from the adventures to the intrigues...Would love to have heard even more use of other instrumentation in this cosmic dance of "Spy Game"... Thx :-)

United States, Louisiana, Lake Charles



I love Jazz music like fat kids love cake. I've been able to come up around genius people who have studied. Your sound is classical, worldly, and entertainment for sure. There are so many different varieties of Jazz that it has become ear puzzling. I like the length of your song as well. When the song goes past 4 minutes a lot of people lose their interest. These days artist cut out what the like from jazz musicians and edit smh. All that long hard work lol. Keep doing you.

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas



Vibes! This song has Vibes. Lionel would be so pleased. I was expecting Erik-Peter's fine piano work, as his keyboard skills are incredible, and they continue all the way through "Spy Game". I always appreciate versatility and Erik- Peter has surprised me with his ability to change gears. Erik-Peter I will be looking for more music from you.

United States, Washington, Lakebay

Jah Bless Yuh Anyweh


Hi Here !!! Wah gwaan !! Thank you for ask me to quote your Music. In any case, amazing Music on your page ;) I put a "5 Stars" Straight ;) BTW, A New Riddim Instrumental is Avaible on N1M and Soundcloud ;) Dj You$$Fx 78 Ak Jah's Soldier Production Presenting - Move Your Ass Riddim Instrumental Please, Listen, Share and Leave your comments if yuh love it or not ;) Jah bless yuh and yur familly anyweh my friends... Hold on the faith and stay strong ;) Respect From France ;) Dj You$$Fx 78 - Jah's Soldier Production Aka Fouad Youssef PS : You're an artist and seek for a beatmaker ? Please link me on Facebook Or Souncloud ;) JAH BLESS YUH AND YUR FAMILLY ANYWEH !!!

France, Paris

Wacky Parisian jazz with cheeky sense of humor

Erik-Peter Mortensen's 'Spy game' is a wacky and witty spoofy sounding piece which seems to belong somewhere in between Gerry Anderson's puppet shows and the Pink panther soundtracks with Parisian jazz undertones and a cheeky sense of humor is a skilledl orchestrated piece and shows Erik could have a future composing for television.I certainly enjoyed listening to it and will look out for any future releases.

United Kingdom, LONDON


This Tune is Perfect for some Cartoon a Pink Panther come to My Head...I Really think that some Movie Studio will take an Interest.and use It...I also think with a good Band This will be a Nice Break in Life Concert.. I picture in My head a Shock for the people ( in Positive way )..Hey make more Tunes like that for an Children Album..Good Luck with submission.. I Really Enjoy It a Lot..You did a Great Job.. You Bring a Fun to The Music..I feel ;like to listen It Over and Over..Thank You..

United States, California, Los Angeles

Review Spy Game

Very cool sound and outstanding arrangement, I can foresee this being used in movies and or for credits of short films etc.. This is very cheerful and upbeat, even cool for neo cartoon era programs and video gaming. Excellent composing done here and a vibrant orchestral sound as well. I wish you the best in your future endeavors and much success to you. God Bless Keep Up the good work.

United States, Massachusetts, Springfield MA

Spy Game Review

This track is nice. It's definitely unique to the traditional genres that I'm use to. Reminds me of the The Pink Panther by Henry Mancini. Good selection of instruments and all transition were on point. Nothing negative to add. Good work!.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

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