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I cant believe it's beautiful the vocals are amazing it's so relaxing tot listen to this as bad th as no you for letting me review this for you I want to wish you all best of luck I were I'llisten again thank you

United States, New York, Middle village

this super amazing i love it !


wow impressive work vocal are out this word ! i can use something like this for a movie film score ,so beautiful ! one big word wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow AMAZING

United States, New York, BROOKYLN

I enjoy too much


The truth is that it is rare to listen to this type of music nowadays and with such good sound and mouth quality. I have been charmed and transported to previous centuries. I recommend it as it is relaxing as well as very musical. I was even surprised that the pronunciation was so careful. It is wonderful to hear this type of music around here. I recommend it. A greeting from Spain!

Spain, Sevilla

Wonderful !!


Hi Eric ! First of all, thanks for facilitating the song to be able to comment on it. In reality it is a song that by its genre is not so easy to assimilate, however and trying to find some negative detail, it definitely does not have it. The voices are in perfect harmony and with precise tuning and sublime interpretation. The recording is impeccable and you can see that the mix and production are very careful. I congratulate you on this excellent work.

Mexico, Chihuahua

Beautiful voices


New York City’s Erik-Peter Mortensen has produced a lovely ‘a capella’ vocal piece entitled Quem Terra Pontus: William Byrd. The piece was expertly performed by the chorus and the overall effect comes through.

United States, Washington, Seattle



Listeners, lend your ears to this fine performance of this William Byrd piece. The possible literal translation, "He God of Land and Sea" is a fine example of Renaissance polyphony and reveals the roots of what would later become the tried and true technique of composition called imitation. The individual performers are well suited for one another and their blend of voices is either most natural or they've spent much time together, or this is one voice singing four parts. Either way, it is the sound that makes me close my eyes and feel as if I'm drifting upon a sonic cloud supported by their solid expertise. There are moments however when the balance comes into question; when they become unsure of the primacy of a line. This is a common situation with polyphonic pieces. First, we play the game "Where's the melody?". Then there's the lush writing where a non-harmonic tone like an upper neighbor, suspension, or other tension-creating device calls for a bit more volume from a voice and then things get cloudy. It's moments such as these that separate excellent performances from outstanding ones. There are not many of such instances in this recording but enough to put it on the bubble. How do we interpret Renaissance music? Where was RCA Victor in 1600!? I wish! Much of our guidance is left to what was written and this is both a blessing and a curse. I really like their interpretation. If you explore other performances you'll hear some that are akin to funeral dirges. I disagree. I also disagree with the ubiquitous and drawn out ritardando. This group does not do this. But the ending section at a slower tempo is superb! Overall I like the more madrigal-esque approach; but try it modal sometime and have some fun! The quality of the recording is quite good. Some might feel it a bit on the 'hot' side as to microphone placement and engineering. The voices are really 'there' so to speak. I like that as opposed to some of the more covered performances I've heard. As a performing musician I like hearing the occasional imperfection. There's absolutely nothing wrong with sounding human. Finally, I am not a linguist by any stretch. But I never felt that quem should be a two syllable word. I'd prefer you get off the 'u' quickly and get to the soft 'e' because it is a more pleasant sound, carries better potential for group sonority, and (let's face it) easier to tune on the run. 'oo's' are nice for long notes but if you get a word like 'when' on a quarter note; well I'm sure you get my drift. Bravo on a really fine performance!

United States, California, Sacramento

Wonderful music, delightful performance


You don't need to be an expert in Renaissance Music to enjoy this delightfull performance of Wiliam Byrd's piece. The warmth of the voices, the perfect intonation and the stylish phrasing will reach to you no matter your knowledge of early music. In my modest opinion It would benefit of a bit more flexible sense of tempo in order to achieve a more flowing feel in the music. It is nevertheless a highly enjoiable performance.



Reminds me of going to Church when I was very young. Very Beautiful . I do not understand the words but the voices are just wonderful. Very soothing to hear and the melodic lines are quite pleasing to the ear. Love it thanks

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande

Love it

Hi there your music are really nice I was browsing through my phone and here I came across your music and I must say I will listen to your music everyday.Thank so much for your good sound in music.

South Africa, Cape Town

Nice work

New music up on page from Sick O Supa(No Take Backs). New video to the song Party also, click the video link on the song. Thank you so much, we appreciate the great fan support and we ask that you spread the word and share our music and we will try our best to continue to give you the best music we have to offer, thank you again.

United States, Indiana, Worldwide

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United States, Indiana, Indianapolis




Italy, Bologna



This is a very nice Opera type theatrical song very unique very classic very viateur I love to singing I love the music I love the temple and the pace of the song I really appreciate you sharing your gift with me keep me posted stay creative stay who you are never change what you're doing stay in your own lane continue to share your gifts and talents with the entire world thank you for allowing me to review and listen to your song I hope it's been helpful I listening love all types of genre of music where there's r&b gospel Opera whatever I just even Jazz I just love music. but once again thank you and enjoy your weekend have a great and wonderful day

United States, California, Every Where


Nice music, combination of sweet voices and I really do listen to your music though I can't hear the Lingo but it do touch me in a tremendous way. I really admire the passion you have for music thank you

South Africa, Cape Town

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