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Erik-Peter Mortensen...I really enjoyed this piece. Very relaxing. The harmonies are on point. Your soprano peaks through beautifully!! Keep these coming!! The world needs this! I hope to hear more soon from you! Take care and enjoy the week!

Great vocal performance


New York’s Erik-Peter Mortensen has produced an outstanding ‘a capella’ vocal performance of a piece entitled Dahil Saiyo. The intonation is on point and the arrangement is finely crafted.

United States, Washington, Seattle

Erik- Peter Magnifique


I've this never really listened nor reviewed this kind of Track! Vocal arrangement is lush Without having to use tricks and extra reverb. Wow! I'm assuming you wrote out the vocal parts. I'd like to listen to more!

United States, Massachusetts, Lynn



This track is amazing. The vocals and music were captivating. I would purchase this and could listen to this every day. Keep up the great. I can see this in a score or in a musical on Broadway.

United States, North Carolina, Charlotte



I was Totally Surprised Today.. I was feeling like I'm in Poland ..somehow You Hit The Nail in The Head.. with Melody and Fantastic Vocal....I think this is an Original Song but You make It as a Polish Song..I listen It Many Times ..I also think as a Instrumental will be Great for a Holly Week..but most Important is This.. Make People Happy and Sad same time..all I will say There is The Light in The Tunnel..I do not care what other will say.. This is a Fantastic Piece... Thank You.. You make My Day..

United States, California, Los Angeles

Nice voices


hi Erik, I am Alexandre from Brazil ,I like very much your song.It is a very beautiful combinations of voices in very beautiful melodies, I feel very calm and relax listen your music. Keep doing!

Brazil, Campinas



This is a beautiful recording of a beautiful rendition. Sometimes a piece can be so well produced that it almost cramps the musicality of itself but this piece seems to have the perfect balance of all. There are some amazing harmonies here and I think the only way this track could touch the listener more is if the vocalists were performing directly in front of you. It is clear that a lot of love and knowledge of music has gone into this track,a quality that is sorely lacking in the industry today and one which we need more of. I am always in awe of music that is based around just one instrument (in this case the vocals) yet captivates the listener. That truly is a talent and a skill.Combined with the perfect recording this piece truly touches the soul and demonstrates the composers ability in his/her chosen art. In a world of grimy music and bass culture this track should stand out to anyone fortunate enough to come across it. Great artist,great engineering,great performance !! I sincerely hope Erik gets the exposure he deserves for beautiful pieces such as this.

United Kingdom, London

Beautifully done


Sang with such feeling and intent, beautifully done. While not able to understand the words you can capture the feeling of it. Very well done and with the backing vocals, it really helped in lifting the song.very well done.

Jamaica, Clarendon

Beautiful Voices


This is such a beautiful piece of music. The A Cappella arrangement makes the song sound quite ancient yet the harmonies are very modern and quite accessible. I found the piece to be charming.

United States, Pennsylvania, Erie

very impressive !!


Hi Eric ! The song is a true masterpiece, and the choral performance is impeccable, always retains the feeling of sweetness, but at the same time a very special sensitivity in each passage of the melody. The balance between the different voices and the way to harmonize, was very successful, the mix and the post production feel like a delight for the ear. Thank you very much for sharing it, and continue with this type of work, so worthy of appreciating and so rare.

Mexico, Chihuahua

Erick - Peter


Something attracted me to review Erik-Peter Mortensen. This song and a few more I heard is exceptional in the music landscape nowadays; Professionality and Accuracy. It is very "clean" and pure composition, from which I can tell: This is the approach I love. It is not a noisy, heavy rhythmical music from which many musicians are hidden, to cover a weakness in composition and/or performing. Erik suggests the opposite; as if he tells us that this is me! The song combines simplicity in one hand and esthetic on the other hand. I can tell that at some points in this song I hear capabilities of more complex harmony and voicing progression, that in my taste is more relevant and may move his music to a higher scope of expression, but since is a matter of taste, I would not recommend it.

Israel, New York

tenderness and precision


An amazing combination of tenderness, precision, and tastefulness. They are able to communicate with passion and beauty. The blend of voices and the moving rhythm combines to take one to a place far away. I hope that this song has the opportunity to make a good movie more powerful. No matter what your language this song will touch you.

United States, Michigan, Holland

Easy to enjoy...


So Easy to enjoy... I love A Cappella in so many forms... Well done. beautiful phrasing, dynamics and expression. This is easily one of my favorite tracks thus far on Number 1 Music... Thank You for sharing your Music :-)

United States, Louisiana, Lake Charles

Angel Voices Singing a Philippines Classic


Beautiful, evocative version of this classic Philippine love song! This a capella version is pitch perfect, and so richly expressive that adding any instruments would spoil the purity. Would make a wonderful film score for a happy love scene.

Canada, Quebec, Montréal

Sweet Vocal Harmony


Erik-Peter Mortensen and company have in this piece, delivered a sweet harmonically rich vocal performance worthy of Carnegie Hall. It is a well recorded and mastered, thus will continue to be heard and enjoyed by many around the world.

United States, Hawaii, WAILUKU


I'm not a expert of a classical, but i love the voices armonization, everything is clear and clean. I love the relaxing mood, and I think i can liste more than song like this with a glass of wine in my hand. Thank you for share.

Review of your song

This song sounds very peaceful and harmonic, the arrangement is beautiful and captivating. The recording has been done with very fine precision. So nice, I wish you much success in the near future.

United States, Massachusetts, Springfield MA


Hey dude, Splitendz The PROFIT here in Los Angeles Ca and I'm apart of BugleBlack Music Group. We as musicians over here out West are looking for a publicist, and I've noticed that you specifically specialize in Film music. If you Google BugleBlack and listen you'll hear it for yourself. He's the best out here in Los Angeles Ca when it comes to Jazzhop. We network all the time. I currently have a music video titled GANGBANGIN and PIMPIN REMIX which is perfect right now for exposure to the song that's also on the list.

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas

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