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2 in 1...

Great. As suggested by the title, a perfect mix between classical and electronic music. Imagine... what JS Bach would have done if he had the possibility to play with synthesizers, rhythm boxes and DAW. This track could be an kind of answer. I love when influences merge together. A church organ on an electro rhythm, choirs and synth pads. Two distinct wolrds meet for one amazing result!! As you can guess, I really enjoyed this track from Erik-Peter Mortensen and I think you should discover it now if it’s not already done.

France, Bordeaux

The Hippest Harpsichord in Techno Heaven

Clever and creative combination of classical and electronics. I really enjoy when the choir and voices come in. Makes me feel like I am in a European disco -- in a old church. I can imagine the high ceilings and stained glass windows painted with a disco ball.

United States, California, San Jose


Aye beat is dope asf and great mixing done on track , so shout out to whoever your engineer was and keep doing your thang keep grinding keep putting in that hard work and stay consistent Keep doing your thang keep grinding non stop you definitely have potential and the talent is there continue to make that real music you doing and you gone make it fam that’s my opinion keep workin Follow my Instagram and twitter @king_james_on1

United States, Texas, Houston

A Fun Take on Classical Music

This is something between classical music and electronica. The music is very upbeat and happy. Intricate organ sounds are accompanied by a simple beat and arpeggiated synthesizers. It makes me think of the electro pop of the late 90's mixed with something like a Bach fugue. The music is well structured and complex enough to keep my interest. It's the sort of thing I might listen to if I wanted to cheer myself up if I was feeling down.

United States, Colorado, Littleton

i like impossible marriages

Baroque and techno together... Is it possible? The answer lies here inside this track, it's " yes ". Bouncy drums asnwer to Baroque keyboards in order to create another entity, a kind of alien M. Mortensen calls himself " baroq'en " . Why not? Funny exercises and finally a rather good one, the only problem for me would be the drumming part, as it's a bit repetitive, perhaps one should vary more the kick and snare part, but all in all the track is worth listening to, and the autohr has taken the risk....

France, Tende

Electronic electronic Baroque!!

This track is a piece of techno baroque. I don´t use to listen very much to bareque music but this is something new. The combination of electronic dance style with a very melodic baroque line makes it fresh and interesting for listening. I think despite it has a dance rythm that it´s more music for listening and even for relaxing. This is a long plece of music, but it is okay because this pieces of music has a lot of variations in the theme. It could also work as film music to some special film. It remains me of the music sound track from Wendy Carlos who also made this kind of music with synthesizer in the early 70´ies. But without beats. Wendy Carlos featured with his music on the film "Clock Work Orange" by Stanley Cubrik. But Erik-Peter Mortensen could perhaps featuring with his electronic baroque music in a update of "Clock Work Orange" anno 2018.

Denmark, Copenhagen


Nice cinematic music. One of the most atractive proposals in this web. Good sounds, clean mix and a bunch of fantasy in the songs he made. Good work!. I hope you god lucky with your future works.

Spain, Barcelona

very good

you have succeeded in a not very easy exercise and you have done so well, this way of playing is very nice. melting classical and modern music has always been my dream and I do not know if I can do it as you did ... as always a very good job

Italy, italy

Electronic Bach

A strong wind blows and brings in this fugue-based classical composition which excellently written. The follows traditional form which is well suited to take the song through its various phases. Occasionally a bit of folk music melody finds its way into the thematic foreground. The arrangement of the various musical elements each complement each other as required. Your musical compositional talent is obvious very good. The only problem with this track is its utilization of MIDI instrumentation. That detracts from this song's excellent musical qualities. Please redo this composition with real virtual instruments. It will totally change the entire sonic realities and make this a 5+!!!!

United States, Texas, DFW


Your music is great my friend! I would like to see more of this type of music available both locally and internationally so that we can get a re-ignition for the love of classical music in society today!

United States, Kansas, Overland Park

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