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this guy is a master

first off I have never heard vocals on any of his stuff......but with that said if its not your cup of tea that has nothing to do with the fact it is pro. It straight up sounds like a film or Broadway piece..for sure check out all his music it is all masterful. He is with out a doubt a a very schooled musician

Nicos Waltz

I have really like this performers material in the past and this is beautifully no exception.. I don't think I was prepared for Erik-Peter to be singing along, I don't know why I didn't anticipate that at all as I must have heard him before. This rendition is a really charming production and conjures up many images of groups dancing this exceptional dance The Waltz. I like the sensitivity of it almost as if the Bavarian Village band has set up on the Village Green and out have come the local Villager Inhabitants to join in this infectious sound, perhaps it should be played Nationally after the Virus is eventually under full control. The beat and tempo never wavers and it ends as it started with completely controlled precessional preciseness

Fun oompahpah

Erik-Peter Mortensen has composed a humorous-sounding piece entitled Nico’s Waltz. The character of the music makes it appropriate for comedic stage or screen performances. The piece gradually builds to a big ending.




er Song hat absoluten Ohrwurmcharakter, klasse Sound Die Stimme ist auch toll, auch im mehrstimmigen Bereich passt alles optimal zusammen. Klar wird hier versucht die masse anzusprechen, nicht den verwöhnten Musiker, dem das vielleicht zu ............. ist. Aber wenn das euer Ziel war ist euch das gelungen. Naja und die masse ist ja auch der Hörer, und der "will das hören". Absolut saubere Produktion.


Amazing true and sweet I really enjoyed this amazing classical tune .please listen you wI'll be supraised by nicos waltz .it was really romantic and lovely.and what amazing voicentre.

Beautiful Standard!!!

dI expect this piece to fall into the pages of the standard waltzes of our times. It is beautifully composed not withholding that feeling of couples twirling around the ballroom in tux and gowns.

Never dissapointed

I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of Waltz or Polka music but in the case of Erik-Peter Mortensen doesn't disappoint! His talent is exceptional. The music is well arranged and composed. In this particular case the vocal melodies are harmonious to the music. To this point, I've enjoyed everything I've listened to and gauging by what I've heard, I don't see that changing. Erik-Peter is truly gifted! Take a listen!


gives me the impression of the concert on January 1 in Vienna. You are very good at creating Bavarian atmospheres and I think that sooner or later you will become famous. I wish you ... good voice

reminds me ....

reminds me of music of musicals of the 1950s great sound, I really enjoyed it! I wasn't expecting it to go into Italian i love the accompaniment - great old school sound. Keep hustling Erik!

aaah old vienna

well what can one say..but this young man has a calling to time travel and this would be perfect for the summer holidays its a classic style waltz..would go great in a movie..and then the shelling starts and everyone says good night and rushes of to die...i like it its something i could work give it a listen and check out more from this chappy....


I really like the song very unique and creative and well put together and well composed and thank you for sharing your gift with the world and at anytime I would like to hear more of your music have a great day and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors.

kove u

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Nicos's Waltz

This is an example of a good film and musical composition . The Music is Rich and containing lots of elements that brings the listener to think, "Let's Dance" There are no disturbing elements and the melodi is easy to remember for anyone. I would love to hear this Music in a Movie.


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