Eric Larsen / Evolver / No More Heroes


FIRST WORD IN MY HEAD WHEN HEARING THIS IS BADASSNESS!!! Great mix, frequency's are all there; I like the guitar work; The bass, drums, keyboards or sequencing, whatever is in the background sounds awesome; Good song; Doesn't need words!!!

Nice music

The musical background is nice and you have guitar skills and musical creativity. You gave the emotion well and it gets you from the beginning. Reminds me Joe Satriani ;) I love the song , good job mate !

It doesn't get any better

This guy, I mean Eric Larsen, is unbelievably hot in his musical endeavor. His guitar play is here to boggle our mind. With nice and cute chord sequences he manages to produce this unmistakable attitude of some absolute musical rule, the one only rarely to be observed anywhere in this plague-stricken and dying world. You inevitably come to think: Hey, is this like for real, is it? Pinch me.

Bop review

Here’s a song from Eric Larsen a writer that I reviewed before. So the same energy and production of the song is full of cool grooves and riffs. Plenty of awesome leads that have the sound of Steve Stevens and Steve vai Great arrangement and instrumentation throughout the track. Great work with the panning and other cool effects. I really enjoy instrumentals if you can listen to a song without vocals is truly a craft. So any way great sounding track and good luck with your endeavors

Top of the world

I have to admit this is something you can never expect. The quality of skill is sky high and besides there is so much heart brought to you by this outstanding musician it makes you wanna stop in complete awe of him. Gosh, the guitar is heavenly good. Not only just availing the instrument, but drawing up some magnificent canvas to be witnessed by everyone in order to think and say: This is the best result possible in music as such.

Good guitar work here, to say the least

Absolutely fantastic approach like you never expect it to be this real and convincing. Believe me I know it for sure when it's a talent behind. Majestic management of the musical part in general and, as a matter of fact, this is the coolest thing I ever heard at N1M. You, people, may walk away from all that thinking, maybe, you are this good, too, but trust me: it doesn't get any better than this. From now on Eric Larsen is favorite guitar player.

No More Heroes review

I'm always happy to review one of your songs. The continuous professionalism and quality of your recordings is a pleasure to spend with my headphones. This particular song has a really nice groove going that shows off your drummer's talent as well as the rest of the musicians on the track. I enjoyed the breakdown at the last minute of the song that took the listener to a whole different place with the song. Really nice. Your production is top notch and the songs are well thought out. Bravo!

excellent job

impressive! looks a little like Joe Satriani! It's a professional job! Maybe I'm not the best person to evaluate this song, but as a guitarist I think I can make some comments. The instrumental songs of some renowned guitarists are very long. I think the guitar solos should be a little smaller, between 3 to 5 minutes in length, because people who are not instrumental music listeners, do not have the patience to listen until the end, therefore, some techniques that the music would like to show , may not be heard. (translated on google).

Loved this.

I am not the biggeat fan of instrumental songs but... There is always a but! I loved it. The drums and guitar made love in my ears. This piece did get my attention from the start. Keep it up. I will follow to hear more! Hanx man

Very good guitar playing

I enjoyed the song as well as the guitar playing. Guitar tones are very good. I would however like to hear this song with real drums as I think it would elevate the song with some Human interaction. All in all, well done.

highly recommended

I want to comment on Eric Larsen’s song No More Heroes. This song is so enjoyable to review because of the skill and creativity Eric displays. The intro got my attention with the nice growl of the bass. It reminds me of my old Jazz Bass with round wound strings. Melodic and percussive. When the guitar comes in it brings a lead part that warms the soul. Skills like this are not mastered overnight. Eric can make one note sound like a symphony, but when it comes time to show talent, Eric plays the impossible. Wow. The best musicians make it sound and look easy, but very few even dedicated players get this far. We’re lucky you’re here Eric, and we’re grateful. I highly recommend No More Heroes.
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