Hi all.

My name's Carl. I'm (at the moment) a former musician who after failing to be a protest-singer, songwriter and producer, now has found a role in music called being a 'reinterpreter'. By this I mean someone who happens to be a passionate music lover, but often wishing artists had approached making their own music in just a slightly different way, and setting about trying to make it just that little bit better.

By better, I mean using 'ideas' - NOT 'material'.

And I don't do this alone, for all great music requires being able to look at doing something very difficult, by looking at the goal trying to be achieved in many different ways. In other words: through teamwork.

For instance, the synth-pop giants Depeche Mode achieved their creative best when freeing themselves from the band members' individual roles, by interacting and challenging each other. Putting each others' roles in others' viewpoints. This takes a lot of digging deep, a lot of pride-swallowing, a lot of perseverance and a lot of maturity.

But if you can do this with the focus of achieving what I for one (as part of teams working together) always try to:
offer art ideas that no-one else has tried to spot,
as a story -
NOT a commodity -
the journey is always fun.
And I mean fun, whether you do actually achieve the end result well, or not.

I also compose instrumentals for an album of completely new material, which may be completed in the next decade.

Stay tuned for details...

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