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Lost in life/without the original

Lost in Life- behind the scenes"Lost in Life" was written sometime after the Jonestown tragedy and other similar sad consequences. The song speaks of the disillusion that cults cause burning ones will and stifling ones ability to reason as the song says, "wisdom is scarce, and there is no where to run" Religion should not take us in that direction where common sense is traded for blind emotion. One should never be afraid of examining closely the facts logically and having the ability to reject what doesn't make sense because it has nothing substantial backing it. That is why the song says , "the lights have grown dim" and "your well has run dry"
Some words about cults might help us to avoid them as the concerns about their damage was behind the inspiration of the song, "Lost in love". First generally cults have three things in common as most studies have shown. !. A charismatic leader whose words are claimed infallible and has absolute power to change, even to deviate from the original teachings, and doesn't bind himself to those teachings. 2. A clear deviation from the original beliefs and rules of conduct. link of their followers , forced conversion, and almost a mental, emotional and physical captivity. Totally enveloped in secrecy and alienation from family and loved ones. Cults may have these above elements in varying degrees and but not always to the same extremity.
Sometimes some groups are called cults as a way to discredit them because they haven't conformed to the status quo even though they have logically presented evidence in support of their beliefs and lack of conformity and have given verification that they conform to the original teachings. Real cults use dishonesty to malign those they dislike, but dishonestly is not following the original beliefs and actions.
So then when did cults begin and can we identify them? We have to go back almost 2000 years for those who profess Christianity. It was said in the book used by them that this deviation was already raising its ugly head. The leader of Christianity illustrated it with "Wheat (being genuine worshipers) and weeds ( being imitation worshipers) " , true and fake entities that would be developing all the way up to our time. The true being manifest in our time and the fake developing and being manifest starting at that early time around 1900 years ago (Matt 13:24-30,36-43). See also Acts 20:28-30, 2 Peter 2:1-3. 12-22, Jude 1:4.2 Timothy 3:5-7 The above texts talk about persons that would slip in and take over with "false teachers" and. "destructive sects"(cults). They would "act" contrary to original conduct and teaching and speak "Twisted things" They would "exploit" their members and live in "luxurious living " at the expense of their followers. Note again. these cults would begin at that early time and true followers would be manifesting their development in OUR time. Read the above texts and reason with common sense.
So how would we identify them as cults? By their ACTS and TEACHINGS! Lets take a brief ride into history and see if we can identify the ACTS of cults. First here is a list of acts of deviation from the original conduct recommended.
1). The crusades
2). The inquisition
3).Burning people at the stake
4). sexual abuse of innocent children
5). Relocating abusers so they can abuse again
6).Teaching by some that Blacks were a cursed and an inferior race thus justifying slavery
7) ownership and sales of slaves by religious people including the Jesuits
8). A religious concordant with Hitler sanctioning his inhumane conduct against Jews and other innocent minorities because of their nationality , lifestyle, and religion.
9). Power struggles between religious leaders and organizations sometimes resulting in death, destruction and wars
10). Divisions into 45,000 different denominations worldwide sometimes by those seeking to promote their personal teachings and concepts rather than the original.
11). Leaders claiming to be infallible and wielding absolute power to promote their self-serving concepts that deviate from the original
12). Continually using exaggerated lies to persuade people and governments to act against those whom they distain, thus putting into question their own integrity to what is true. These kinds of religious cults have become one of the greatest resisters to the freedom of speech.
13). The sexual and immoral abuse of women by ministers who put on a pretense of being righteous, with so much more going on behind the scenes than just what we have heard in the media.
14). Jewish families who were kicked out of Spain because they faced death or deportation if they would not agree to conversion. They were uprooted from their homes put on ships to face the unknown, the same as blacks were, all done by religious people and sanctioned by their organizations.
Such self- righteousness and hypocritical conduct identify itself as the largest conglomeration of cults ever devised. These are not just mistakes that one makes. The above are practices by organizations and leaders that in many cases went on for centuries killing and destroying the lives of possibly millions of innocent people over centuries of time. Where was and is the conscience and compassion that a normal human being should have toward another person. And any good that was or is done doesn't erase or sanction all these horrible things This is the short list, you only have to open the mind and look at history to see how really long such abuses and others have lasted and continued. These are just the tip of the iceberg.
The teachings of these cults would be good to also examine logically and in detail and can be done by looking at them with an open mind because how much good can come out of something so rotten as the above. One then can see how they crept in over time but were not part of the original teachings, not based on common sense, reasonableness and used to manipulate the masses and to pacify leaders egotistical ends.. Those teachings shall be discussed at a later time.
It was said very clearly in Matt 7:20, "Really, then, by their fruits YOU will recognize those [men]." What does common sense tell you are the above fruits of conduct, good or bad? Manipulative, controlling or respecting the dignity and freedom to choose of each person. Can the above be identified as Wheat or WEEDS. If you have any streak of compassion and common sense in you the answer is in the negative!
So as we have seen cults have been around for hundreds of years and the Jonestown tragedy was just another deviation within the cults that had already been in existence some starting close to 1900 years ago.
That is why Rev. 18:24 says, " Yes, in her was found the blood of prophets and of holy ones and of ALL those who have been slaughtered on the earth.” As the song says , "Abandoned in your woe , Left to die upon the ground" All these cults that have developed, bear a responsibility for these horrible deaths due to their bad example and teachings. If they had fixed themselves to the original code of conduct bloodguilt would not have indelibly stained them as it does now! As the text says these entities that have developed and in existence today are BLOODGUILTY and their good deeds in no way erase the continued errors in teachings and ACTIONS that continue to pile on top of the immense mountain they have made.
There has been little mention of any organizations by name or persons but only the shoes they wore and still wear as they carried out some of the worst evils ever visited upon innocent human beings. You can determine in your own investigation if the shoe fits and upon whom!
In closing , remember the above texts make clear that an apostasy of sects and cults would begin right after the establishment of the Christian belief and would continue fragmenting into differing sects until our day when true followers would be made evident by their conduct and teachings.

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The song "Earth s new distant shore" was written around the time the song by John Lennon called "Imagine" had been released. Lennon s song spoke of a time when the divisions due to religion and national interests would be eliminated. Religions involvement in war is a sad truth, when religion should have been a tool for peace. The song said "Imagine there is no heaven.....no Hell below us" distorted religious concepts. Example: Hell , where the bad burn forever sentenced there bay a God who IS LOVE. Really,... what loving parent would discipline his unruly child by burning his arm off not to mention his whole body forever. Such a parent would be imprisoned. The concept lacks common sense when fire completely destroys something out of existence not burns something forever. Fire as used in the Bible is simply removing from existence as opposed to wind and water which damage but doesn't totally remove all signs of an object leaving unrecognizable ashes that dissipate with the wind . So Lennon was right...."no Hell below us"
The song "Earth's New Distant Shore" focuses on that world in "Imagine" where the negatives in todays world will no longer exist. Such a concept is mentioned in Psalm 37:10,11 and 29, "And just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more; And you will certainly give attention to his place, and he will not be. 11 But the meek ones themselves will possess the earth, And they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.......29The righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will reside FOREVER upon it." Forever in the pleasantness of a peaceful and enjoyable life. The song asks , "Where are the old and in the ground, they are young and alive and singing aloud" The elimination of death and old age take out the final stakes of sadness and negativity. Then the song then asks, "If you'll just listen long enough perhaps you will see it s just not puff"

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When things can't be


I deeply am honored by you the listeners to my music in that you continue to play these songs on your playlists and recommend them as well. A BIG THANK YOU!
With this newsletter I wanted to give you some more history behind the music. Some have asked what was the inspiration behind ," Cuando No Puede Ser" The translation in English would be "When things can't be"
The world is filled with things that can't be and sometimes we are forced into just accepting it can t be. Think of the loved ones and families that have been torn apart by war , hate, prejudice and interference in their lives by those who don t care. For instance think about all those who have had their special relationships , those in love, close families , friends ripped apart in Syria and now in Ukraine, as well as many other places throughout history. In Russia right now there is a religious group being stomped out of existence, families being ripped apart, elderly members being thrown into prison, husbands beaten and imprisoned all for just practicing their faith that makes them even better citizens. What about untold suffering to loved ones because of race, religion and nationality. What about the horribleness of slavery and family members being sold and sent in separate directions.. We could go on and on and fill many books, but that is not what the song is about. It is about how to deal with all these horrid actions and maintain ones values and faith in spite of them.
The English Poet and writer Rudyard Kipling said it well in his poem "IF" when he spoke of " Triumph and Disaster and [treating} those two imposters the same" The Bible writer Paul in Philippians 4:11-13 also spoke of "secret" of dealing the positive and negative circumstances in life.
All the above situations can effect us internally, can make us loose our good motives, our love and values, make us lash out, and act irrationally, become bitter where vengeance and hate becomes our possession. These things that happen to us are IMPOSTERS in our life! Kipling focused on the right way to look at these things in order to maintain our good values. Paul focused also on having the right view and on getting strength from God.
The song is also about dealing with these injustices and keeping our cool and not loosing our balance and our love, not letting it take over the rest of our life.. The English translation of the song focuses on 'keep our love pure in spite of the arrows in our heart', 'we will keep loving each other in the same way regardless of the fact that we can t be together under these circumstances. The second verse focuses on the 'hope that time cures all wounds and more pain can come from a selfish love, but true love is willing to sacrifice, willing to wait, is unselfish and endures the arrows' At the time I was coming from a place that couldn't be and that was the inspiration behind the song, so it became a message to myself and those I loved. May the message be of benefit to all of you that have to undergo the undesirable.
Thank you for liking the music and feel free to publicize to all you know including your local media outlets. You can find all my music at link

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A joint effortAgain I want to give all of you my sincerest thanks for the interest you have shown in my songs.
In the last email I mentioned to you the possibility of sharing in the success of this music. Since we have at this time no publisher or record producer representing us and only you the wonderful ones that listen to our music. So instead of all earnings from net sales going to big companies that take your money to enrich themselves we would like to ask for your support. If all of you could spread to all you know this music as some are doing ,and use the free advertising in your local area as well as chat rooms and all forms on the internet and all other ways that are free to use, to direct attention to this music pointing persons to soundcloud/eltonhendrix, n1m-Elton Hendrix Project and link we will share the monetary success to those that choose to do so as the music gains recognition. You can also email us at bidanoso@link . We will set aside a percentage to be divided between all of you that choose to do so, and send it as soon as a certian amount of revenue is generated . We will keep track of all persons coming from your particular areas of the world and credit those numbers to you the first ones moving into this step of promotion. Also your currently recommending and sharing our music is very much appreciated please keep doing so as it moves the music forward.

Also last time we mentioned our desire to produce an album and if all of you could take note as you listen to the songs and choose 10 songs you would like on an album, we will send a free digital album to the first 30 that send us their list of 10. All those that send that list of 10 will have the opportunity to join in this promotion campaign and share monetarily. In this way you will let us know that you want to partipate by sending us your list of 10 to the above contacts ,and at that time we will begin taking note of all the personas coming from your areas. If you send the 10 songs but don t want to participate with the promotion and sharing just say NO. There is no obligation or any funds required on your part if you participate. This opportunity is for all those who are on the list of subscribers and supporters now, before April 1, 2022. Others after this date in the future may be able to participate and share in other ways. Every month we intend to put new songs from the over 400+ that have been written. There is strength in numbers and there is strength in quality.
We have two new songs coming out soon ,'WINDS' and 'Earths New Distant Shore'

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Strength in numbers, strength in Quality

Strength in numbers, strength in Quality

Strength in numbers, strength in Quality

As always I want to thank all you listeners, subscribers and promoters of my music. It is funny that you are all the ones that really provide the revenue for the music business and yet the ones that really make the biggest money are the producers and publishers. Even sometimes the smaller artists get very little in comparison. Elton Hendrix Project is independent classified as “indie” with no connections to the music business. We believe that those that promote and pass the word about the music should be sharers in a % of the profit made since they are the ones that produce the profit! We are looking into that In light of the words at Acts 2-:35, “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” We will talk about that in subsequent emails. We also would love to hear your suggestions regarding that.
Also you as the listeners should be able to choose the songs you want on an album! Not just a couple of good songs and the rest filler of not so good tunes. We are thinking of putting together an album based solely on the songs you all choose. For the next few months until March 31 ,please let us know which 10 songs of ours would you like on the Album and we will choose the 10 voted most songs, that way you all will have decided. To the first 30 we will send a free Digital copy of the album. You can contact us three ways: 1)N1M notifications and messages 2)email at bidanoso@link 3) website at link . If we don t hear from you we’ll conclude its not the time to make an album. The wise words at Luke 14:28 apply, “Who of you that wants to build a tower does not first sit down and calculate the expense, to see if he has enough to complete it?”

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