Dynamite Daniel / LOVE & HATE / Stomp On Satan Anthem

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Earn +20 Blincoins by writing a review. If you write over 300 characters for aEarn +20 Blincoins by writing a review. If you write over 300 characters for a review, you will earn +10 Blincoins more. review, yoEarn +20 Blincoins by writing a review. If you write over 300 characters for a review, you will earn +10 Blincoins more.u will earn +10Earn +20 Blincoins by writing a review. If you write over 300 characters for a review, you will earn +10 Blincoins more. Blincoins more.

Me gusta tu canción

Felicidades por tu trabajo, en mi opinión realizaste un buen trabajo y deseo que tengas Miles de reproducciones más, tienes un estilo muy propio lo cual hace que nos atraiga tu musica, me gustaría escuchar más canciones tuyas

Dynamite Daniel

What we have here?It is a hard rock/metal band with a punk rock vibration.Singer does it very good.Sound of good hard guitars and distorted bass makes it a big bang.And rest of boys scream like a hell.Good job.

This is Great!

I love a good comedy piece! Great work cause I laughed my arse off and can't wait for the next track! This has to be a minimum of 150 characters so I'll just repeat what I said above! Get stomping on the Devil lol!

Stomp on Satan

Christian metal or hardrock has never been my forte but Dynamite Daniel is no question LOL. Its a catchy riff the vocal melody in the verses was fine with a blistering solo. It actually reminds me of what Stryper might have sounded like when they first started out. All in all the lyrics catch all the key points of who Satan is and what he's about. So if youre a Christian and would like to hear more check out Dynamite Daniel

your song

Hi guys, thank you so much for sending me your song to review! I like the song very much, very different from anything else, just a different way to produce music for the better. I like the feel inside the song, those choir voices are great and the main voice is very nice, very ear catchy melodies, very groovy song, great guitar riffs and great solo too, nice music production with great lyrics as well, congratulations, many greetings from Germany, Alfredo from King Mambo


I like the sound of this song The production is a little on the raw side. But that's me nitpicking. So don't feel that has anything that makes a difference to the performance of the piece. I'd like to listen to more of your work. One of the sections of the track that really impresses me is the slick intro. It pumps. There's also some stella melodic pieces you've made that I'm finding really grabs me. I'm interested to find out where this can go in the future. Thanks for sending me the request for the review I think you're gonna do great things.

sorry boys

this is lame. crap guitar sound, boring vocals, boring message. drums sounds like a cheap loop or this must be a Christian band just starting out at fellowship practice. This would've failed in the 80s so it's definitely a fail in 2020, All good practicing and recording stuff with ya mates, but hey, let's be realistic, maybe your church followers would clap,and cheer you on but at any regular venue, you'd learn to duck and miss the beer cans pretty quickly.

Stomp On Satan Anthem - Dynamite Daniel

Christian Rock and Progressive? The first impression of a barely tuning guitar ... This song probably was recorded a long time ago. The sound can hardly be done or it is deliberate - I don't know what to think about it. The shouted chorus, the rest of the text is more like a story. Guitar solo in one channel, also played rather by force. I usually listen to reviewed songs several times, but this one I can't do it. Regards, ATRAPA

OK, drive it!

I love tight chord circles like these guys are rocking to. The banner chant works great. Ya oughtta add about 20 more people to that chant. This song really kicks ass, It doesn't need a guitar solo, but the short sweet one they offer works great. let it talk. The drums could come up some. Just kick and solid snare. Great cut. Keep rockin'!

Whoever Is Not Against Us Is for Us

{....Mark 9:38 “Teacher,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us.” “Do not stop him,” Jesus said. “For no one who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, for whoever is not against us is for us.....} This verse explains my attitude. This is a great song because it expresses truth and the battle the whole world is in. The battle between light and darkness. God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all. The devil is darkness in him there is no light but only lies. Lies about earth, lies about creation, Lies about Jesus and who He really is. Jesus Christ is the light who came into the world and the Father bore witness to Him. This not religion....this is truth. The song itself just expresses the fact that the devil is a deceiver and the person singing it expresses his disgust of him, with dark music and it as appropriate for Satan is dark. Musianship is fine I found it to be interesting the way it was done. Guitar playing was fine even the tone had its place in the sound. Just one thing would of made it better If somehow Jesus Christ could have been mentioned as the victor over Satan and His lies. We cannot defeat the devil on our own power but only with the revelation that Jesus has already done it in us who are following Christ. A+ brothers for being on the right side of the battle and not being afraid to express it.

Cool Rock

Very interesting song... I like their style! Maybe they need a better production but, in these days everything is ok! Hope to hear more soon, maybe an entire album. Keep on rockin! See you aroud

Definitely an anthem

Sounds ok. A little religious for my taste but i am sure there is a market for you. Recording is really clear. It is obvious by the title it is against Satan. Not sure why really. If he did exist he would be helping christianity a lot


Congratulations! Great song with a great guitar tone! We really like your music and would like to know more. We hope you continue your work and your enthusiasm! Greetings from Rio de Janeiro (also known as Hell de Janeiro)!

Forgive me for being honest

Positive message that comes from the right place but this is a poorly executed song that sounds like a poorly executed protest that went straight to hell in a hand basket in Dante's Inferno . This song just sucks and I cant stop laughing. I hate to be like this and be judgmental but I wouldn't have released this track and wouldn't have showed this to anybody. Have mercy on us all & delete this PLEASE
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