The End Of Time

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yes fantastic music fantastic lyrics fantastic singing fantastic instruments and all of this is fantastic i thing you should market this song it is tops with the top chart songs and stands a fantastic chance to go big time although there are many top songs and artist out there today also bible prophesy even JESUS prophesied the end to come well it would have come ages ago but JESUS says unless the days meaning the days of corruption days are done away with no one will make it it be the end of it to cosmos extinction all although he promises new heaven new earth for all in him he opened the door for me i am not a prophet i am that prophet which changed its prophesy by action i fought most times single handed i wiped out evil spirits armies galore of the face of the cosmos by the power of the holy spirit in the spiritual war Armageddon in the spirituel realms bible prophesy comes alive that now evil forces can not ever wipe us of the map therefore now it is more liveable to say that salvation blessing healing perfection will come about to all creation as we will never go to extinct or see the end of the age come about because the problem is fixed now this dose not add or take away to the scriptures but rather fixed up the problem of extinction at your service the 3rd person is here now in person all creation will be saved blessed healed perfected at its appointed time all but only evil spirits of all kinds will burn in hell fire torment forever as they are already been burning also well done to this song


End Of Time


Keep writing music like this as we need it desperately in this time we are living in right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep writing music like this as we need it desperately in this time we are living in right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep writing music like this as we need it desperately in this time we are living in right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep writing music like this as we need it desperately in this time we are living in right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

United States, North Carolina, Concord

Nice work


New music up on page from Sick O Supa(No Take Backs). New video to the song Party also, click the video link on the song. Thank you so much, we appreciate the great fan support and we ask that you spread the word and share our music and we will try our best to continue to give you the best music we have to offer, thank you again.

United States, Indiana, Worldwide



Love the way it starts out it's rocking! The vocals sound young youthful and energetic it made me want to get up and headbang you know bang your Head kind of thing. I enjoyed this song I would recommend anybody that loves rock and roll to give it a listen it's worth it.

United States, Tennessee, Greenbrier

DD xp


The good. Energetic, creative, crazy, punk song. Kinda sounds like something Black Sabbath would do if they were to write a punk song. Good musicians. Not the greatest recording but you can get the message and attitude of the song clearly. Timing seems a little weird at the beginning, but sometimes it’s okay to be raw and not so perfect. That’s what punk is about anyway. Keep up the attitude and the energy rock on!!

United States, California, Bishop



Nice guitar lead, I like the live sound and mix of drums. A little bit of a classic mix showing you've done your homework on your art. More artist should study the roots of their culture of art to be better at their own art. Keep up the good work and stay in the lab creating new material to stay fresh and on your toes. If you're ever looking for a hip hop collaboration hit me up I'm versatile. Peace!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill

End of


Hoping for a great intro, not too disappointed but a little as it could have had a bigger amount of bass. Absolutely brilliant piece of guitar work very accomplished and consistently keeping in time and rhythm. I acknowledge that a lot of effort has been taken to get a heavy metal feel to it and it somewhat leaves me thinking it could have more than it achieved. Vocally, a lot of lyrics to fit in and that was well achieved but the actual main vocal could have been raunchier and almost demonically performed bit like the Satanic growler at the end which by the way was spoilt by the Boy Scouts “WhooHoo’s”. I’m sorry but this was a little unbalanced. But hey keep going but you need a harder bass mani couldn’t hear him/her. Not my most favourite Heavy Metal Christian I’m afraid.

United Kingdom, Bridport

The End Of Time - Dynamite Daniel


An interesting riff opened. The main riff has a strong rock and metal jam. Vocals adapted to the melodic line of guitars. A quiet guitar solo with an exaggerated amount of sounds. Interesting release more or less in the middle of the composition, combined with vocals and backing vocals - an unusual but cool solution. Transition to the main theme based on single strings. At the end of the song, stronger backing vocals and gentle mute. You can see a lot of progress in relation to the song "Stomp On The Satan Anthem" which I reviewed earlier. Regards, Maciej ATRAPA

Poland, Poznan

Dynamite Daniel .... End of Time


You have all the ingredients of a good song the start sounds like you are thinking what to do next love the choppy cords on the 3rd quarter And there is no doubt you have talent. Like the guitar riffs and when you get going super ... Vocals again good and clear are we missing a bass player in places. If this were live then no problem but for a studio recording bolster up the backing track Guitar work great. Studio version double track on the backing rhythm guitar .. double track on the bass First record the a simple sustained bass route notes on each cord change and then lay down a walking bass line . Think I am saying get the machine room working drum and bass to allow the guitar and vocal to excel ... keep up the good work

United Kingdom, Gloucester



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United States, Texas, Houston

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