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Good live voice,seems like the tune alright,good job,not my fav but you guys are rocking it,good vocal and guitar and drums really rockin version,angst and all the vibe too,good job,on with the show and good show ended.cant really critique it though it’s a cover but you guys nailed it trying to make 300 words so this is good review keep up the good job and rock oni

Grungy goodness

Thank you for sharing this little taste of nostalgic grunge, takes me back as a listener to my early 20's moshing it out in all sorts of obscure places. The general atmosphere and sound dynamic's i presume is garage style, presenting a rough, slightly chaotic feel to the senses. I would say this is best heard live or played really loud!! to get the full impact and to completely immerse yourself into a time warp of memories and emotions, always a great cover track for the teen spirit feeling. Nice work and keep doing what your doing...

Not bad

Interesting choice. Not bad...you made it your own. Sounded like the bass player didn't know the song, but maybe was just doing their own thing. Not a bad version by any stretch, and i give you all credit for bringing it. Although, it sounded like you were playing it by ear. Did you actually learn the lyrics? Maybe making it your own...not sure, but hey you all gave it a good run! I gave it a good listen, and you all did what you could to make it work. It is definitely different than the original...but hey, that's the great thing about covers. There were some mistakes, and some other things anyone could comment on, for sure...but either way, overall not a bad job.

Pretty good

Kurt Cobain had a pretty distinct voice but the vocalist in this band did pretty well. The music was ok but there were parts where I heard several mistakes. If you’re not a tribute band than just doing covers is fine in my eyes. Not bad just need to tighten up a few things to make the song closer to the original version. Good job with playing a band that was a major hard hitter when they were huge.

Smells like Generic Cover

Singing was difficult to get thru, very whiny at least Cobain would kill you...these guys seem like they would run from a fight. Overall I take a down the middle approach and rate this 2.5 stars

A Review of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana Cover)'__'Dynamite Daniel'.

The singer has not made a well emotional connection to the musical/instrumental parts. This means the vocal part sounds a bit artificial. Probably some singing sessions will help to overcome this. As a suggestion, a kind of psychological approach would be beneficial. It means that the singer should try to visualise the situation in which the meaning of the lyrics and music create and adopt his voice according to the scene so that emotionally match with the storyline or whatever the subject is. This will make a closer connection between the tone and feel of the voice of the singer and the music! This review is in fact a review of the performance and not the composition as it is a cover song!

Teen spirit review

A lot of dynamics in the song and much harder to do than one might think heck figuring out what he actually sings could take a lifetime in of itself. There are parts that are done well and others that need work. I never played with a band that practiced less than 3 nights a week together. And we played songs over and over till even the simplest songs got standing ovations, and we never played any song before it was ready. Remember you are there for them and owe them the absolute best and I think you know you guys could have done better.

Jess Rocks

First off I love Christian music and I really like the song very unique and well composed and well put together everything about the song is very nice keep on making great music and never stop creating I would love to hear more of your music I hope this been helpful for you May God bless continue to bless you in all your endeavors.

An alternative from style

That is a good sound from the original. Definitely has the spirit of teens. The alternative rock approach is an appealing alternatve soundstyle for a low-key sentimental journey. Nice traveling tune. Lets hear more if your own originals at this rating of 5 stars.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Very good take of this song by Kirk Cobain. I liked how you guys played this song. You had it all going perfectly. The drums and bass and guitar and voice were in sync. Great job and would love to hear more covers of Nirvana.

A little shaky

You started off really strong and then I don't know what happened. Honestly you need to get a little more confident with your voice or it may be a touch of stage fright I'm not sure but you can hear the fear in your voice for sure. That should fix it's its self as perform more and more. Also you should never play a song until you and your band are ready to perform it. Meaning everybody should know thier parts by heart if not then the overall performance will suffer. So go practice a little more perform songs that you and your band could play in your sleep, and play in front of small groups as much as possible and build up your confidence. I hope this helps!
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