When The Crowd Goes Wild (New Version)


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Review of when the crowd goes wild

Take down the pitch by about 3.. That makes the voice easier.. Good guitar sounds. Has potential. Work on it. At least the voice is nice.. but rather tight!

Sri Lanka, Colombo

Ill give you something productive other than critisism.

I was reading some the the other reviews.... and I think there was more criticism there... than productiveness.... So ill use my experience with this Review.... I thought the singing was OK... Maybe the band are just starting out as it sounds apparent in the song itself which was the same throughout. I have done a few of these REviews and all the bands make the same mistakes.... i would have liked as a listener to hear some changes in the song... by means of chord changes.... Where is the chorus GONE...? The drums where nice and the rest of the band followed nicely... But it SOUNDS the same throughout. even a solo would have been welcomed. Keep at it LADS as there is potential there....

Ireland, Dublin

When the Crowd Goes Wild--Review

The guitar sounds great.....the vocalist is sing on the edge of their upper range causing them to sound strained and forced.

United States, South Carolina, Florence

three words

Pitch, Pitch, and pitch . . .

The Crowd Goes Wild

The guitar work sounds good. The vocals seem to be out of your range. You sound like you are straining. I just does not sound natural for you. Great potential though. I look forward to hearing more.

United States, Georgia, Warner Robins


needs a new singer, immediately, and maybe a new hobby instead of music

United Kingdom, Coventry


Cool arrangement i would like to hear you over time and you mature i love the tone of the guitars but i think you need a better vocal track or another vocalist the words are cool but the Vocals was the part i feel needed the most work!

United States, Georgia, Atlanta


music is good singer seriously needs some work

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