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hmmm, i don't know if i like the whole reading the bible verse...i see what you're going for here...the production is definitely right up here in my's not subtle at all. The lyrics are smart, the vocals are intentful...reminds me of Jesus singing for old '85/'86 Anthrax...or maybe Iron Maiden...this production is terrible! I'm sorry but sometimes it helps to use envelope filters to squash the waveform in the recording/editing program...i would definitely try using envelope filters to bring some of the levels down here and there.......nice effort. Keep up the good work

United States, Massachusetts, Rockland


I like the use of scripture to give the song lyrical and scriptural significance. I also like the use of the rockstyle beat and format to give this type of song a specific individuality, on the other hand, you probably need a better microphone for your vocals, but other than that keep working hard to improve & good job.

United Kingdom, London


I love the use of scripture at the beginning of the song. Not sure I like the mix of rap with rock metal, too much going on. I think you guys are on to something, just not sure what. Keep working on your sound, and vocals. Remember in all you do - "Glory be to God, may all we do Glorify Him."

United States, California, Murrieta


Its alright need to work on your vocals if your serious about this. If u use scriptures in your song make sure you do it right it was too much.

United States, Colorado, Denver


lots going on here.gotta love the gospel, but maybe with a bit more flow and timing. i like the intro concept. 60's kinda vibe. i like the 70's cop movie thing when the beef of the song kicks in. but then it jumps all the way thru 80's punk to the pseudo-punk of the early 2000's. love your passion. just gotta hone it in. Keep on rocking.

United States, Connecticut, vernon


I lke your work on this .it is however very much old stuff from bygone days,But still you heave a great talent, hold on to it.

Left on the Outside

I like my gospel messages to come at me a little more gently -- I don't to be beaten over the head with them! I get the idea, and I like the thought. But if the Bible was preached to me in this way, I'd have to stop listening. I do like the words. I would like to hear a better melody!

United States, Massachusetts, North Attleboro

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