Someone Who's Not You

Someone Who's Not You


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My man

Duceman Duceman, Nice man , very nice. Your music is just awesome for real , and literally never disappoints us. I can actually listen to the entire song without getting irritated or skipping through and can actually replay it lbvs. You have some soul that I’d turn anyone to. Keep pushing, keep the songs coming Duceman and we will definitely continue supporting you. Keep up that good work !

United States, Texas, Dallas


What a great track, sorry what a great song! what am I on about? what a great connection. I was not just listening I was actually swimming in the song, I related from the beginning then the build up got me thinking wow “ Rewind” Some songs are carried by the beat or the hook or the verses,this was carried by every element including the feeling of loving someone so much that nothing else could replace the truth. Excellent soul track that sounded like it was actually a cover because of how timeless it is. Keep it up your a pro for sure. Let me know if you ever need a verse on a project it would be a privilege.

United Kingdom, London

great music

i love this music awesome and great to listen , im so proud of you and your music is my favor i can stop listent it , great job and keep it up God bless you more and bless your hands works , and more ins

United States, Illinois, RUSHVILLE

My review

Okay okay okay I like this song this is very good keep it up sounds great to me you gone make it for sure everything is perfect from the melody to the vocals to the lyrics your gonna be great

United States, Texas, Houston


It’s nice , composed and structure well . You truly have a gift and I’m interested to see how far you come along . This is only the beginning and you will go far , I really believe in this project and you !

Canada, Ontario, Toronto

I like it!

Very well written, sir. I love the music ; I am kind of partial to Jazz. The song someone who's not you reminds me of a KEM performance. I started off as a drummer and I can Envision playing this song on stage. It's the type of song that would be perfect to chill to, ride 2 or work to. Good work.

United States, Ohio, Cincinnati


I like the song ... I actually can hear someone else singing it ... Maybe Peobo Bryson or one of the well known celebrities that already have hits. I think the song should be sold to someone already known ... Don't get me wrong i like the gentleman singing it but i believe you should have started out as storng as you ended. The lyrics are great I just believe the delivery could have been better in the beginning. Find your true voice ... I believe its in the middle to the end of the song. Good Ish Tho ... Keep'em coming!!!

United States, East Orange

great song

Great melody, great lyrics, great sound, the singing flowed with the beat and a great slow jam. Perfect rhythm on the song. Sounds like some old school R%B mixed with jazz. Great song over all.

United States, Oregon, Portland

Who's the vocalist?

This is my third review for Duceman. I regularly compliment the band and the authenticity behind the tag R&B. The mix here is solid and the vocals are right on time. I'm giving it a perfect score on merit. I don't even slow music. but hey, good work OG.

United States, Washington, Seattle


I must tell you that I really love this song and we should connect wow. Really love the execution of the love dynamic, love the way you let them know that someone who's you loves me more than you ever did.

United States, Michigan, Southfield

smooth Duceman

this is classic Duceman, your music is awesome and reviving we all must enjoy the smooth tones and musical accompaniment that comes along with them I am blown away by your ability to keep the hot ones coming this way I love it love it love it keep up the great work and never stop till you get enough you are a boss in this game and I am hoping to hit the stage or cross venues with you at some time in the near future and pray that you have all of the success that's due to you and more! Dawan & Stoneage Entertainment.

United States, Michigan, Detroit


Very good song. I like the style. This is a very smooth and easy selection to listen to. Very nice indeed. Well performed and produced work with simple well worked instrumentation and vocals.

United States, California, Los Angeles


I really like the song and the melody sounds really good very creative and unique I really appreciate the message in t song you have a style that is in a lane by yourself that is a plus to me and at anytime I would love to hear more of your music and thank you for sharing your craft with the world keep on making great music and keep on creating and going to the next level have a blessed day and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where


I really like the melody of this song and the entire concept of this song I can really get a clear understanding of the message in this song. Love is true. I love your lyrics as well do you write your own music? I am a singer songwriter myself.

United States, Missouri, Saint Louis

Love this track

I love music like this it really draws the listener in has a good feel. Keep following your dreams always. I'm Shara_the_real hope you can check out my music too!:) your amazing Love love your music!:)

United States, Colorado, Aurora

Old School Vibing

I like this song. It has an old school vibe to it. It was very enjoyable to listen to, but there's a few things with notes that would really make this song even more bomb. But overall I really enjoyed listening.

United States, Tennessee, Memphis


Great song never give up I got the feeling that something good is coming I know being a artist is not easy but I recommend you to stay on music and do what god gave you cos music is gift from God so be your self and keep doing your thing one day you gonna became a greatest artist ever!!!!!! So many people are waiting for your good music and I also want to see you on my TV screen and billboard so do me a favour don't stop doing your music and god bless you and bless your music Hope

South Africa, East London


Breaking into the music industry like a combination of Bryson Tiller, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and Drake, Toledo singer-songwriter debuted independently, with a Bay Area sound entitled “I Been a Blaze” in 2013 through a national compilation led by California’s homegrown Hip-Hop artist, OG Cuicide. In July 2015, the brother of Fatty Koo member and former Sony/BMG signee Gabrielle Solange, made his solo debut with “Shine”, a Hip-Hop/POP crossover song, produced by emerging singer-songwriter Elliott Trent, which led to a distribution deal for the single, through Cradle Records, a subsidiary label under Sony Music Entertainment in 2017. Now the singer is back with a contemporary R&B song entitled “I’m Just Saying.” 
 Provided by artist representative.

United States, Ohio, Toledo


I like the concept of the song .The beat is pretty Liv.The hook is catchy you on topic through the whole song and thats very important.Wen i listen to songs i pay more attention to wat the artist is saying and your lyrics on point!It has potential.Just keep writing and pushing follow ya heart and keep making good music much luv!(No✋OutRecods)

United States, Texas, Houston

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