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Overall good track


The music grabbed me immediately. Felt the vocal track felt dated. It fell just a little short of classic. I would venture to say you wrote, produced, and engineered this track. Get a younger producer to make your track a little more up to date.

United States, Ohio, Cincinnati

Good Ol fashioned Funk


I love this ....reminds of a good old fashioned R&B mixed with Funk undertones. Love the harmonies as well. Keep going with this. Love the direction of this song! You can certainly tell the influences you have. However, I couldn't tell if this was just a sample version or not. There really wasn't a story here. It seemed a bit repetitive. But I still liked it.

United States, Florida, Port Charlotte



What good G most def feeling that banger g very amazing g keep up the great work I don't no if u have a video to this 1 but if not u should drop 1 asap g jus saying this mf banging once more keep up the great work pimping n I look forward to calab with u soon g salute

United States, Texas, HOUSTON

Love R&B and Funk


Playing R&B and funk myself - I can only but say - great music - love it Hopefully he's able to come to Europe - l did the same and share his music with an audience who love R&B Never give up and share it worldwide

Belgium, Kapelle-op-den-bos

can't deny it


this song is all you said it would be and more blessings to you on your craft you delivered as you said you would can not find a flaw in your song thus far it is a very good look and you kept to your lane #dakrazyway

Jamaica, Hanover

Very Nice Groove!


This is one of Duceman's finest offerings to date! His description nails it very well, a mellow, kick-back kinda groove and nice vocal harmonies. I think the lead vocals could have had more in the way of lyrics in the verses other than "Oh baby oh..." but it's the basis of a very nice slow jam. I also have to compliment him on the mix for this one. The drum to bass to key to guitar ratio is very well balanced and gives the track an overall sense of dimension and range.

United States, Massachusetts, Cape Cod

Tha believer

I like that beat bro and your flow sounded like Twista. We got alot in common. Collabs go be done bro fasure. You got a style that I can get hip to and a flow that I can relate to. Fasure we gotta get something popping. We gotta take over the charts bro. Not just me but my boys to bro. I feel we can all vibe with each other. They got some fire and you got some fire so we gotta get something done. Keep it up bro. I like what your doing

United States, Ohio, Youngstown


First of all the beat is hot and the intro is very invitational. The hook is catchy and nice, and the lyrics are pretty good. Overall I see greatness in this song. It has potential to top the charts. Keep it up! First of all the beat is hot and the intro is very invitational. The hook is catchy and nice, and the lyrics are pretty good. Overall I see greatness in this song. It has potential to top the charts.

United States, Texas, Dallas

Oh Baby oh


Lovely beat with nice filling guitar picking. Quiet and comfortable pace, with just the right amount of musical elements, not too much stuff on top of each other that would certainly ruin an otherwise nice music image. Here you can sit back and find peace. This song is perhaps a love statement? I like harmonized choirs on the main vocal and in this case it is well balanced, so it's good in my book. Another good and very comfortable song from Duceman. Well done. Regards, Lars Christian Størkersen, Fresh Percussion Studio, Norway.

Get busy

Do your thing  Doing your thing Do your thing I c u keep it up the struggle is real check out my stuff maybe we can work someday Send me some more your stuff if possible I would like to hear a little more but keep grinding don't stop it will pay off oneday

United States, New Jersey, Newark

Good music


I really like the song and the lyrics well written and well put together a very creative and unique song I would like to hear more of your music k on making great music and never stop creating have a blessed day and may God bless you in all your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where

hot hit's


Definately the best music comes from duceman always and forever the songs are so real and the storyies are total relative to what each and every person on the planet can relate to and understand all of the particular details about and always feel the delivery of your messages in the songs that you create and produce and release to the world for the pleasure of your fans keep doing what you do.

United States, Michigan, Detroit

Me. Old School


I love this track! The music was so on point, smooth, romantic, soulful. The lyrics were very nice as they came together with the music. I really enjoyed the guitar throughout the whole track. Great riding music for a long highway trip. I really have no real input for this song, just keep on making great music my friend. -Chandler-

United States, Florida, Jacksonville

Great start, but lacking polish.


I love this instrumental! Has a really funky, smooth vibe. I think that the mix is lacking quite a bit, and that your voice isn't being handled really well. I also think that you have some growing to do vocally. You have a nice timbre, but you haven't quite learned the best ways to use it yet. I'd encourage you to keep practicing and working to find your sound! And find a better engineer. If you are your own engineer, then keep working -- look into pitch correcting for minor tweaks, and focus on your EQ and compression. You definitely have promise!

United States, Montana, Kalispell

Nice Message. Nice Vibe.


the song definitely has an Old School vibe to it. It has a lot of instrumental sections within the tune. it would have been interesting to hear some instrument solos during the musical breakdowns. i also would have liked to hear Duceman open up a lot more vocally. since the song is over five minutes long, it would better keep the interest of the listener if more were going on in the track. over all i believe the message came clearly across over a nice groove.

United States, New York, New York City

Keep pushing


Hey man.... I like the track a little more than i thought I would. I'm feeling the violens in the background as well as the acoustic guitar. The vocals could be a bit tighter along with the ad libs but the track is decent for sure.

Canada, Ontario, Hamilton


I like the concept of the song .The beat is pretty Liv.The hook is catchy you on topic through the whole song and thats very important.Wen i listen to songs i pay more attention to wat the artist is saying and your lyrics on point!It has potential

United States, Texas, Houston

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