Your Heart Wants Me (Driving Me Wild)

Your Heart Wants Me (Driving Me Wild)


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so cool melody, are doing all the voices ? i would like be able to sing as high than you lol, are you playing all instruments or have you a group ? it is very pleasant to ear, good one, bravo !!! if you have some opinion about my songs i would like you to tell me, that will be very cool if you take that time, thanks

France, Paris

Duce This Joint Is Hot!


Duceman, This Joint Is Hot and We Wish To Meet Up With You Out Here, The Industry is open for you and you are rising to the top don't give up or in we will be the best then all else is a dream come true for the hot stuff is from the Detroit and deeper south avenues and artistic corners of the world we shall bring great music to the world just where it is missing and we will love to give you all of the support that you need to push your music to all of our friends and supporters.

United States, Michigan, Detroit



Nice work. Looking forward to making music with you in the near future. Keep up the good work. Team work makes the dream work. So if want to collaborate with me let me know. Im open for it. 100. B.Ez!

United States, Florida, Pompano Beach

Smooth Sounds


I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep in touch have a great weekend and God bless you I like your sound.

United States, California, Every Where



Your music is very tasteful and soulful. Your tone is your voice is very smooth. Your music remains me of the Isley Brothers, Issac Hayes, Miles Davis and especially Al Jarreau. Keep up the great work.

United States, Florida, Winter Park

Love it


I love the song. Jus listening to the title of the song already gets you prepared for what is to come. Loved the lyrics. Loved everything about it honestly. Thumbs in my book. Very good line of work.

United States, Massachusetts, Boston

Was good


I'm TEEZY THE HEARTSTOPPA from BATON ROUGE.Your music is different but it sounds good. The singing is kinda different.i would love to hear your feedback on my music I'm also a singer and rapper. #TEEZY THE HEARTSTOPPA

United States, Louisiana, Baton Rouge

"Very smooth song"


I really enjoyed the intro of this song, lyrics fix the music as well. Background could be a bit tighter and the song should be and 4.5 in length. All and all you brought back that old school slow dance vibe! Keep up the good work... -Chandler-

United States, Florida, Jacksonville



I learned to listen to music when there was such a thing. as 3, 4, & 5 part harmony. So when a day and time when the trend appears to be doing electronic vocals to hear artist that is able to harmonize with himself is refreshing. I'm hoping that this artist will find so stronger lyrics in the future. But, for now let's just deal with the fact that in 2017 there's an artist that is not a young buck but a grown man that is still making good music thank you Deuceman.

United States, North Carolina, Durham

Definitely Deserves Radio Play!


This is giving me some Roger & Zapp! That sound and talking about real life experiences this is one of those songs that if were released in the late 80's early 90's would be one of those hit to remember! Keaun

United States, Florida, Fort Lauderdale



love the song and the vocals . Reminds me of the Isley Brothers and a little like Sam and Dave vocals. Really a pleasure to listen to and a great mix on the music. One song I could for sure hear on the radio.

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande



First of all the beat is hot and the intro is very invitational. The hook is catchy and nice, and the lyrics are pretty good. Overall I see greatness in this song. It has potential to top the charts. Keep it up!

United States, Texas, Dallas

good music to listen.


Hey bro this is a good song and it has allot of inspirational words, good beats and mixing. Hey bro this is a good song and it has allot of inspirational words, good beats and mixing. Hey bro this is a good song and it has allot of inspirational words, good beats and mixing. Hey bro this is a good song and it has allot of inspirational words, good beats and mixing.

United States, California, Las Vegas

This isn't my genre however you are obviously talented????????


As I said this is not my preferred genre of music however that being said your talent is on mistakable and blatantly obvious to anyone who hears your audio presentation. The musical arrangements are Dead on and in perfect rhythm. Your vocal presentation is top notch and flawless and your harmony arrangements are very soothing to the year and pleasant to listen to. I think this was a fantastic track capable of converting me into listening to this genre of music more often well done sir.

United States, Illinois, Darien

Jazzy Soul


Im really feeling this joint right here.Real soul kinda sound. Very classy jazzy R&B sound that reminds me of BB King I would strongly advise anyone with an old soul to give this track a listen.

United States, California, Stockton



Keep going you are great there is nothing like great music and you are truly an inspiration to all. Never let anyone tell you different use your talents to help unite our people and continue in your artistry.

United States, Texas, Houston



Nice job. I got along with the song the first 30secs. Can't say too much critism on it you did very well. You did your thing know you can go harder though lol like everybody that does music or is an artist can. You have a nice smooth melody though. Luv

United States, Georgia, Waycross



As an avid follower you really hit point with this one. Keep up the music. I Love almost all of you music and compositions. you are smooth and talented, your music hits the heart and souls of many. ILY

United States, South Carolina, Florence

Play it twice Duceman!!!!!


A journey back to the smooth groove of yesteryear when Soul music had soul, when R&b had rhythm, when funk was fun. A nice professional vocal track, and a marvelous, smooth backing track. Everything calling for dimmed lights, a nice warm, cozy place to snuggle up and you are set to go!!!!

France, Marseille

Your Heart


The Groove BRuh!!!!!!!!!!! The Grooves you have are nice,laidback and they take me back to a time were music is music. Creatively tour on point bro, good music .The ability to harmonize with your own voice isn't easy for many good job.

United States, Florida, Miami

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