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Good song

I have listen and get to tune your music is one of the best is awesome I like what I heard it was so cool to me you have done a great job the song worth to get to high chat board keep up the the good job which you great luck

United States, New Jersey, Industrial Hilsdale

DSREAL has it all together with Together

DSREAL has another great song with Together. Wonderful orchestration! This is a well-constructed song, from the beautiful introduction thru the well-balanced verses of sincere lyrics to the clever ending. The instruments are well balanced and blend very well. The lead break is dynamic and doesn't take away from the lyrical story song nature of the words. DSREAL is on to something real, together is a refreshing theme and reminds us that life is a team sport. This is a song to pass on to your best friends as they will appreciate and enjoy it and bring them closer together with you. The recording is cleverly mixed and develops a complex dynamic range without sounding cluttered. You gotta love an artist that can lay it all out there with such ease. DSREAL is one of my favorite groups, as if you couldn't tell. Ray Martin Cerimeli Desert Door Publishers Arizona USA

United States, Arizona, Chandler

Sensitive Lyrics

Melodious long and smooth intro on keys accompanied with a guitar solo, what is seldom in pop genre. The lyrics come from the heart and sounds like a story. Typical keyboard operated sounds producing a variety of effects. Sometimes, the generated drum beat is overloading the music, but makes the song complete. The vocals make me remember of D. Bowie and the arrangement is mainly influenced from contemporary rock and pop of the eightys. Overall ambitioned recording full of emotions. Listen with open heart this song and I´m sure you will likely add. Let others know your recommendation.

Germany, Hamburg

Great Song!

Hi DSREAL :) a fine and emotional song you got there! really nice. i like all the changes and all the parts, the fine guitar i liked a lot and the rest of the instrumentation to.Good ending of the song to! i liked that. just keep up this fine work! i see a lot of influenses in this song from band that i like . thats good the future is the past! Regards Roger Borg/Borgsongs Stockholm,Sweden ;)

Sweden, Stockholm

Well done song; Orchestral Rock!!

Interesting song, with quite the build, starts out angelic, then really kicks in with some great guitar work in addition to the keys, drums and bass! It reminds me of Emerson Lake and Palmer's song Pirates in the sound, yet it's clearly your own. Beautifully arranged and dramatic. Orchestral Rock!!

United States, California, Los Angeles


Melody makes it for me. Lyrics encouraging. That said, I wouldn't mind hearing a more basic version of this song, melody and vocals only. Sorry, I highly recommend you invest in a new vocalist. Give "Together" its best showcase. It is deserving. Overall mix, dynamic with the exception of a few drum overlays that seem distracting. Thanks for sharing DSREAL. Peace

United States, Purvis

Together review

This is a very progressive production that definitely sounds very european. I hear flavors of Bowie, Camel, early Genesis and a dozen other influences. I really like what you are doing here. As far as any recommendations, I would suggest getting a better mix of your vocals. I like them, I just feel they should be clearer and a little more out front for the listener. Not knowing how or where you recorded this but I would suggest taking it in for a remix to bring it all out in its fullest it can be. It's a good song... it simply needs to get that perfect mix! Keep writing in this style. It's a long lost art that needs to come back to life for those of us that are tired of what is on the airwaves today! Good luck in the future.

United States, California, San Diego

Together Review

Kind of a long intro but interesting. Guitar sound is excellent! Everything falls apart with the lead vocal. The melody could work with the song but another vocalist is needed to bring beauty to the track. If it were me, I would step back from singing, get another vocalist, keep your instrumental tracks and do the mix again with the new vocalist. Once again, LOVE the guitar work!

United States, New York, Uniondale

yep pretty together

I'm going to be very real with this review. to begin i like this song , a lot . The cool thing is it reminds me of several different artists from a couple different eras. that by the way that is a very good thing . You don't copy anything , it just give the listener a feeling of familiarity. Which when it comes to having commercial sucess with a pop type tune is critical. The chorus is strong and very hummable , another good point. The vocal melody is also good , and pretty accessable for the average ear. Now what find interesting is the vocalist himself , i'm an American ,and can tell he is not . which is cool because the song has a very euro synth feel. I see he's swedish , nice accent , comes off well to an English speaker . Now the production stuff... The main thing to make this a radio friendly hit record is tighten up the arrangement first . At presnt it's a really good mix for the clubs . So here's how to get it on the radio . The intro is too long, skip the first chord thing , and go right into that cool chord progression , that's your hook ( it sets up a tight groove immediately people gonna get up and dance ) then hit the chorus , bang , now go to the verse and follow the rest of your verse chorus pattern any way you want . For an outro , go back and forth between that instrumental hook (from the intro ) and the chorus to fade out..... also I'd use a fuller band to beef it up , and add dynamics. excellent possibilities with this one.

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia


Hi I believe that not much happens of any significance when we're in our comfort zone. I hear people say, "But I'm concerned about security." My response to that is simple: "Security is for cadavers." Almost nothing works the first time it's attempted. Just because what you're doing does not seem to be working, doesn't mean it won't work. It just means that it might not work the way you're doing it. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, and you wouldn't have an opportunity. Thanks and good luck!

Estonia, Tallinn


Is not important if I like or not..the intro is way to long and To Much Computer work in arrangement and Vocal need to be much better in order to catch Music Insiders Ears..this is at best an average song and again They are Looking for Something on Out of this world level and Your song has a long way to go to be there..also make sure it is around 3 min long .remember that Radio Stations Very Rear play longer songs.... go for and send It out but do not be surpriseif They will agree with me...

United States, California, Los Angeles

High level of musical craft

This here is an example of some brilliant ways to approach the musical activity as such. Very intelligent and decent way of musical thinking altogether is hard to ignore. It's good recorded and conceived and believe me songs like this sooner or later are destined to be highlighted by grateful humanity. Let me be the first one to point out this very remarkable attitude.

Canada, Ontario, Ottawa


Fresh sounding music in the pop world of just digital sound to hear great bass, drums and guitar. Nice vocals and words with a really nice production. I will add this to my play list with all the other great people I found here.

United States, New York, Smithtown



Australia, NEWCASTLE


I will go like that.. in today music World to many people are using computer generated music.. not real instruments..Do You know that Most Music Publishers do NOT take to to listen It..on top of that This is not the best song I ever hear..and is Way to long for a Radio to is not important if I like It or not..THEY music Love It.. and I got a feeling that THEY will agree with me.. so go for send It out.. but do Not expect much..Good Luck..

United States, California, Los Angeles

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