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Hello there DSREAL, thanks a lot for sending me your song for review. ! Wow, I am impressed with the song, it has a great feel of Symphony Rock but also some country feel specially in the beginning, then, it goes more into the Rock Pop style, is where the song takes body and shine at the most. Your voice is very nice with a lot of drama and sadness inside, I like it really very much. The guitar solo is well executed and goes great with the song, Very groovy too and the sound is just fantastic, congratulations DSREAL, keep it up. Alfredo from King Mambo, Germany

It's Too Late

This Track has a great String Arrangement, to augment the wonderful vocals, Dropped By This Lovely Group of Musicians. Congratulations To The Writers, & Production Crew.I Downloaded This One For My Personal Collection. I Bet These Guys Hade Fun Recording This Masterpeace. Not Enough Superlatives said, about This Track. I Give It The Elusive 5.0.

Better Late than Never

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here we have a song that starts off with excellent instrumentals - it reminds one of a theme song you'll enjoy hearing in the next James Bond movie. Vocally, however, the performers talents are fine but a bit late until mid-song.


When the song starts it puts you in a curious mood. Then when the drums come in, it kind of threw off my emotions and caused a time of confusion musically. It took my mind a little time to re-adjust to what was happening musically. Your vocals were very emotional and kept my interest in the song until the end. The music straightened out in my mind about half way thru the song but for me it was too busy with instruments that interfered with the melody and passion that you had with your vocals. In my opinion it just needs to be cleaned up a bit and you would have a great song. Nothing wrong in your musicianship.....sounds like your a good musician.

A song with great potential

I feel this song has a great potential to be very good. The way it is now it sounds like a rough first draft. There is of course always a matter of opinion, but personally I feel there is to much going on in the rythm section and the way it is mixed there is a feeling that the rythm section is rather to support the vocal it is disturbing it. The lyrics and vocal is dramatic and strong and when the rythm section is entering the string is way to high or better yet come in on the bridge. However with the right producer and musichians this really could be very good. Could fit well for example in a movie or a play. Keep up the good work. Stay safe -Kris

Rolling into deep

DSREAL shows some clearly fundamental sentiment in his musical approach. This is not bad at all, actually, I like it. A serious person has to deal with serious things in his creativity. Dealing with a footage like this one is more than rewarded for his search for radical traits in the music we explore and foster. Rather than copying anybody DSREAL is magnificantly discovering his own planet in the world of music.


This song is just to boring even though the vocals the singer has a nice tone and the band is talented i would like to hear more from this band to really give them a fair valuation I can feel they are better then the song I heard want to hear more .

This Song It’s To Late Is Emotional &. HasA Good Beat!

I Liked This Song It’s To Late. I Loved The Words & Music. The Beat Is Cool As Well. The Singer On This Sounds Deep & Gritty, But It Seems To Keep Your Intetest! All Around It Is A Unique Sound. You Need To Emphasize The Hook It’s To Late More. Overall Rating Is Good. Goldiva.

Good songwriting, good performance

Sounds like a sad song. Vocals express that, performance is ok. Vocalist has problems with the high tones, sounds like squeezed out of the throat. Interesting guitar solo because it breaks out of the melody flow. Good songwriting.

Very Interesting

The music is very well done in this song, but slightly odd. Odd is not a bad thing, just different. Very heart felt lyrics, and emotions placed in this song. This almost sounds like a song you would hear in a movie. The Guitar is excellent. Well done. Interesting how the instruments come together for such a good sound. Sincerely Edward

It's To Late: Reviewed

This track has a great sounding production. I can hear a violin type synthpad effect that starts the song off with a gentle beginning then comes in an electric guitar and follows the vocals. The drums kick in and give this song it's groove. It's more of an easy listening song more than uptempo and head rocking dance track. The instrumentation work well together and the arrangement for this song gives room for the guitar solo that shows the musicianship of the performing artist. The vocals are very expressive and are clear to hear whilst listening to the other elements in the overall mix. The ending of this song seems to run out to quick with no steady fade out at the end of the song. This is clearly a good song with a great sounding production. Great job.

Love the relaxing feeling

This is such a big sound you got going on. The relaxation o felt listening to this was amazing, I closed my eyes and felt every tune you laid down. You should really get on touch with our PR person a d start promoting this song. great sound.


What You have here it is a working Demo in progress..I like Melody but all has to be re do Arrangement , Vocal..( sorry but You ask for Review.and if You do not take My Review as a Man ..just gave Up..).No Publisher or Radio Station will listen the way is now..but if You make It better who knows..also before You will send It to anybody Make Sure that You have a Radio Ready Recording.( best Quality )..I wish You good luck and again ..I'm trying to help You telling the truth..I know that You are able to do better Job..
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