Fog on Your Glasses

Song Reviews

Great Work

This is an amazing example of great work. Nice mix. Great riffs throughout this compositional strategy. Dope transitions. Lyrical substance is heavy, content is deeeep. SuperDopE HipHop.

United States, South Dakota, Rapid City

Introducing lto king

INTRODUCING LTO KING Now set to release his second album, Lucky Triple-5 Osarenomase popularly know as LTO King is a Nigeria singer and a song writer Born into the family of seven. He is base in Turin, Italy. LTO King began his singing career as a child in the early 90s and his first official single which was widely played on radio and social platforms titled “KEEP ON ROCKING” was release with his first album “LEADERS OF AFRICA” which was launched in 2019 after the release of several single tracks. LTO King now about to release the second album titled “END OF DAYS” which is contained of six tracks and scheduled for release 24th October 2021. The album “END OF DAYS” is a well worked album with inspirational songs like “FATHER” and a featuring sound track for willing up coming artists to feature. The much anticipated launching is to be graced by dignitaries from all around the world and LTO King with is management has assured his fans of the best of him and a memorable event.

Italy, Torino

Mellow song

Guitar in the beginning of as really chill and relaxing. I really started to get into it. It had a really great vibe to it. Thought the beat was well put together. Only thing I would charge is maybe the tempo in the lyrics. But all in all great song.

United States, Arkansas, Mountain Home

Extraordinary Style

Impressive fusion of pop and digital generated music. The song characterizes sparse instrumentation, repeating acoustic guitar tune and persistent beat. Accentuated harmonies of the keys brings a dramatical feel into the music that fits perfect to the engaging lyrics and vocals. Ambitious arrangement of the producer who understand to combine Pop and Hip Hop with digital elements. I´m sure you will also enjoy what you hear and like to add. Let others know your recommendation.

Germany, Hamburg

Nice One!!

I like the sound am hearing. I mean is dope ???? and enjoyable, it brings some kinda piece in mind. The beat hits straight into the heart. The flow is perfect, chill as if am being lifted to heaven. Keep it up man, continue with the greatest hits you making. I hope to see you far one day

South Africa, Dennilton


I really love the guitar sounds it’s awesome and the vocals were clear and had a hypnotizing sound to it keep it going and keep promoting this you will reach far and I hear a touch of R&B vibes

United States, Maryland, Oxon Hill

it's Twenty-Kay Lyrical-Killer ZA

it's Twenty-Kay Lyrical-Killer ZA here from South Africa and I would like to say that your music is magical keep up the good work never give up I also like the recording process as well your quality is on point

South Africa, Middleburg

Title IX


United States, New York, Brooklyn

J'aime ton univers

Continue sur tes bonnes bases l'ami ! J'ai bien aimé t'écouté sur ce riddim de génie. N'hésite pas a élevé ta voix vers les cieux. En tout cas force et protection à toi . Je n'est pas aimé la fin par contre c'est pour cela que je suis resté sur ma faim

France, Corbeil-Essonnes

Fog on your glasses

wow what a beautiful song love theq muscianship............this song has a really good melody lines I can hear this song over and over............they the song was put together is very unique..........just love the way its sung the vocals are spot on the guitars, drums and. Both guitars were played perfectly...............can't say enough about this song ............I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thsnk you.......... This is steve from voodoo dancer and thank you again.....................

United States, New York, Middle village

Flame review

The intro is alright. It sounds like a movie sound track. Yo ok your style is totally great something different. Ok nice. The beat is sounds like hip hop r&b. You gotta voice for some hot azz trap music. Maybe grammy material. I feel u.. Ok hook.

United States, New York, New York

Slow motion rap

Guitar intro, country type with echo in the background vocals with tremble effect, slow beat, some keyboards that blend in the music, forever echo, good production other vocalist with a more bassy tone, slow rapping in it, different style, it's like a mixture of styles, a sort of chilling sirt of hip hop, somewhat approaching a psychedelic touch to it, nice and strange at the same time, sometimes the voice seems to be different due to the different effect used in the production, interesting to check out and give an opinion.

United Kingdom, Leeds

Quite The Cool Groove

I love when I have no expectations when first hearing a new artist, new to me anyway. Especially having no idea what kind of music I am going to hear. Then bam and their music absolutely grooves . Grooves so well even my incredibly short attention span for everything has no problem staying with the song from start to finish. Awesome goods SongMonsters Awesome. Looking forward to hearing more of your music.

United States, California, Los Angeles

Not Bad

Nice Vibe More Energy on the Tempo would make all the Difference but all in all its a nice vibe for sure i would like to see a female doing some riffs back and forth with you making it more sensual to listen to.

United States, Michigan, Albion

About the song

this is a good song it has a good sound keep going with your flow this is a good song it has a good sound keep going with your flow this is a good song it has a good sound keep going with your flow

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Great Song!

SongMonsters hello nice to hear this new song,i like the moosd and the keybords against the guitar and the bas line, also the whole sound is cool. i like the singing/talking it fits good to this project, cool lyrics, i think many people can like this ! i do, i hope this goes well and that people takes time to listen to this song. so just keep up this good work, regards Roger Borg:)

Sweden, Stockholm

Fog Away

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song the musical production is powerful and creatively engaging. Vocally, I'm wondering how the category pop, rock or latin pop apply. This is more like a slow-jam rap song. I'm at a loss for the story of the lyrics, butI like the drum beat so I kept listening.

United States, California, Huntington Beach

groovy bassline

a fantastic intro with an absolutely groovy bass line that opens the track and lets it grow full of tension... A male voice raps and sings over the groove, which doesn't let you sit still but motivates you to dance. "fog on your glasses" is a very good song with an excellent fitting groove and a very balanced mix and a sparsely kept instrumentation, which always moves forward...


This style is new to me and definitely a lot different than what I am used to listening to, but damn, it didn't take long to get hooked. I could listen to this on repeat, it's chill. Hope to hear some more of your music.

United States, Florida, Orlando

Song monsters Fog on your glasses

Song monsters Fog on your glasses. A song monster with fog on it's glasses? Surely this has got to be a big one right? Every time I put on my mask get guess what happens? Fog on my glasses! This theme you would think could appeal to the masses err damm there's fog on my glasses! But sadly this potential pop hit is not found here. Instead we have a slow chill song that is well talking about I guess maybe some bunk drugs that have the crown jewels freeze against his leg. God bless America.

United Kingdom, London

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