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Wonderful, creative song.

Great opening, strong presence and in moving forward with the song, especially with the message, and the vocal harmonies, they have a strong impact. (Follows the Tom Petty style of "Don't bore us, get to the chorus") The arrangement and recordings are well done, I'm really enjoying this song! The change going into a "military march" drum pattern is really well done. You put musical changes int he song at different points to keep up interest in this arrangement and production. This is what Brian Wilson was doing in the Beach Boys, he kept up sound changes that were congruent, yet remained fresh, Very, very well done song, message, performance and production!

United States, California, Los Angeles



Everything flows perfectly together. Very well made song. Great lyrics and vocals. Can’t think of anything that needs adjusting or changed. Even though it’s a little short, I could hear this in a movie or tv show. Great all around. Keep it up.

United Kingdom, Upton

We are all HEROES....

Love the message and the eloquent way it was crafted to make this song. Very unique. GREAT stuff! Mature yet timely. I would encourage this artist to continue improving, and make sure you have a firm understanding on how the music business works. I would certainly buy this artist's product.

United States, Florida, Fort Walton Beach / Destin

Meaningful Pop-Song

Good music starts off with engaging rhythm and this song is really remarkable. The musicians have dragged all registers of the pop and rock-genre. Very dynamic vocals give expression of lyrics with relevant characteristics and includes significant message in the chorus. Brilliant e-guitar leading tune and modular syntheziser generated sounds creating a wide range sound space. Original drums forcing the music additionally. Overall very impressive studio recording perfect mixed and mastered in appropriation of a very special pop style. Versatile electronic sounds carry the recording and establishing with this professional arrangement an exeptional song!

Germany, Hamburg

nice work

Takes me away to a place of serenity. This would be a nice theme song for a dc or marvel movie. the harmonies were warm and in key. the vocals were smooth and capturing. i could put this record on repeat while i'm driving easily. has road trip feel like i wanna get out and try to do something or go somewhere with this song playing in my headphones or car!!!! love it absolutely love it!

United States, California, Los Angeles

We can all be Heroes in the end.

I like the start. Very good and the timing is for now, these times. Good production, sung and expressed well. The song is quite anthemic and reveals what true patriots we can be by being loyal. Very good song with lots of opportunities. The drum build up fits well and I wished that your song would be a little longer as I can see a choir singing along your main title as it can build up very well. An audience could be moved to join in. Well done and good luck with your future projects.

United Kingdom, Colwyn Bay


...... wow what a beautiful song love theq muscianship............this song has a really good melody lines I can hear this song over and over............they the song was put together is very unique..........just love the way its sung the vocals are spot on the guitars, drums and. Both guitars were played perfectly...............can't say enough about this song ............I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thsnk you.......... This is steve from voodoo dancer and thank you again.....................

United States, New York, Middle village


very good song, my congratulations. I like it a lot, you have a lot of talent. Thank you for sharing your music, your creativity and your talent. Keep going. Many blessings. Long live rock and roll.

Germany, hamburg

well written and performed

song opens up reminiscent of 70's British Prog, a little Goodly and Cream-ish, Then a southern twang brings forth the vocal melody and it grabs your attention, and then you are shocked with a multi-layered harmony background and counterpoint through the song. doesn't dissapoint on any level.

United States, New York, Ronkonkoma

Great tune with a message

I really truly loved this song. It reminded me of Tears for Fears kind of sound with out sounding like them. Such a great message that needs to be enjoyed by others. When music connects like this its a great feeling. Thanks again for sharing Pasqually

United States, New Jersey, Woodbury

lovely song!

SongMonsters hello again a new song with a little new things. i like it very much! i reminds me of a lot of good music:) very well done,good singing and good playing and well composed and a fine mix, very well done. i like the lyrics very much and the instruments so keep on going in that direction i think its the right way. keep up this good work an release moore songs, bbest regards Roger Borg / Borgsongs, hav a nice day !

Sweden, Stockholm

Be The Hero You Want To Be

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song there's an ethereal production quality to the harmonies and music production. The slow build during the song with the soft singers vocals and easy on the ears and blend well for a time spent on repeat/shuffle. There's an early 80's quality to the singers performance. Really a nice song.

United States, California, Huntington Beach

Heroes With Chorus

The first thing to mention is that this mixing has too much reverb, for me a sign that something should be hidden. The vocal performance is ok, no big highs or lows. Can be a point for critics. Negatve can be mentioned that the singer is not a big performer. On the other hand - and this can be positively mentioned - it is easy listening, easy to sing along with. For me - personell opinion - the vocals in a pop song are very important, I focus on the vocals when listening. Songwriting is ok. For a song saying "we can be heroes" I would expect a more dramatic, epic music; not such a smooth, relaxing, spheric sound. Good chorus.

Austria, Vienna

Heroes Review

Love the hook. Catchy and simple. Overall I like the song a lot. The vocal is nice. Overall sound is pleasing, but there is something missing. I can't put my finger on it. I THINK it's in the guitars. I feel like more emphasis on distortion guitar and less on keyboards might do it. All that being said, I like it as a stand alone song OR a theme song for a TV show.

United States, New York, Uniondale

Big shoes

Big shoes to fill to try to make a song called "Heroes" when you have Bowie's classic version so strong to compete with, so why do that to yourself with such a nice song as this? I understand that's the author's primary expressive objective in what they want to state, but there are poetically many ways around this, (If Dylan can do that, you can too) and they are all there to help enjoy this song and appreciate it better. That's just my take on it. I hope there's something towards this the writers of this song can consider. Good luck, keep rockin'.

United States, Texas, Houston


Nice tune and production in this one.. The vocals are good but I think they would be better with a little less effects . The track could easily be used for a Avengers movie or something. Not bad,

Denmark, Brande


I love the concept. The ambiance is great but I was waiting for a build up to the bombastic chorus that never happened. I was listening and right from the beginning I was interested in where the song would take me but it really didn't take me anywhere. I understand the concept of keeping things simple but I also understand that the listener needs to be excited about your song. Your chorus has to be bigger full and have a catchy hook. Your words are somewhat uplifting and somewhat inspiring but at the same time they seem a little incomplete. I feel like I am searching for answers in your lyrics. That just aren't there. I wanted to love this song. I am not one for loud crazy nonsensical music. I enjoy lyrics that paint a picture and give meaning. I was searching for it in your song and I just felt a little let down. The performance was solid. The vocals were a bit quiet, the drums really didn't cut through in the mix but the ideas are there. I think with a little bit of re tweaking this could be what you envisioned it to be. Something inspirational, something special. I think you are headed in the right direction and I think you only have a little more to do to get what you want to achieve. I don't dislike what you have. I just think with the skill level that you possess. I was expecting just a little bit more from you. I am looking forward to hearing more from you. I think you have a talent and I believe you can create that song of inspiration or of any other emotion you want to convey. So don't think I am not a fan. I am. I just wanted a little more and I know you have it in you. The proof is the song. it's good but I know with a little bit of work it can be great!

United States, Pennsylvania, Swoyersville

We can be heroes indeed...

A surprise, a very pleasant one. I'm so glad I found this song here. A great thing here at N1M is the possibility to discover some new musical rough gems. Let's start with the lyrics part. Your writing is within boundaries of genre, interesting, good story, not original but honest. The structure is solid. Vocal performance & lyrics are just right for this genre. Vocal performance is strong, expressive, and convincing. Good tone, nice color of voice. The arrangement is fit for this genre and very catchy. Instrumentation is up to par with vocal performance and it makes a good blend. Production is exactly as it should be for this genre. I don't have any serious bad points to put my finger on, so I must admit i like it very much. Keep up with good work! All the best!

Serbia and Montenegro, Nis

SongMasters Heroes

Made to be commercial by keeping the song at 2:40 and aiming at the now popular chill background music vibe. Heroes had me stop and contemplate the lyrics for a moment. Are we really heroes by having some small common sense and decency? And do we need to wait to the end to develop this? Probably not instead maybe we could all be a little more human and friendly right now and not wait until the end. A hero to me is somebody who goes to war and fights for the better of human rights for example indeed it may very well be the end of people who go into battle. It is a bit of a shame that we all may need to be heroes in the near future to save the planet.

United Kingdom, London


Hi Some people don't like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.Good luck!

Estonia, Tallinn

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