SongMonsters is an up and coming artist who burst onto the streaming scene in 2020. The band is comprised of “two lifelong friends”: dp SongMonster and THC. The members met in Las Vegas while playing for the international recording artist Kristine W. The pair decided to join forces in around 2017 and have been writing original music ever since, with around forty-tracks in the bank so far.

With the goal of writing a rock opera or screen play, the band shifted their intention amidst the pandemic and made the decision to release their music as soon as possible to bring “positivity, [and] kindness” through their musicianship and lyricism. Although SongMonsters receives creative inspiration from a number of styles, they combine a variety of compositional elements to form their unique sound.

To date, SongMonsters have one album in their online discography. Some of their most popular tracks include the likes of ‘We Should Be Together’, amassing six thousand two hundred streams, ‘Fog on Your Glasses’, gathering over five thousand three hundred streams, ‘Think About It’, and ‘Magnify’. With more than ten thousand regular monthly listeners on Spotify alone, there is no denying the fact that SongMonsters have developed a dedicated following of loyal fans.

Our featured album, ‘Golden Rule’ by SongMonsters, is out now and available to stream on all major streaming platforms! The album consists of eleven tracks and lasts arounds forty-five minutes.

The album’s featured track, ‘We Should Be Together’, features part of a speech that Joe Biden made during the recent protests/riots at the US capital. SongMonsters felt that this speech captured “exactly the message” that they were expressing in this featured track. The song lasts three minutes and thirty-four seconds and sits at 97bpm. The track commences with a nineteen second introduction that features an ambient synth progression and a rhythmic percussive beat; setting the tone for the proceeding verse.

The vocal color is clean and emotive and seamlessly synchronises with the smooth instrumental flow. The systematic implementation of layered harmonies, check out 0:48 to 0:50, adds a creative flare to the overall production without detracting from the main melody. An impressive guitar solo delivers just the right amount of dynamic diversity to ensure that this single is engaging from start to finish. By the time the track draws to a close, you’ll find yourself humming along with the catchy hook and in need of hitting that repeat button for another listen.

Although the album is technically grouped under one genre classification, each track delivers a variety of compositional elements that showcase SongMonsters’ creative songwriting talent; from the uplifting piano progression, reverberated vocals and stylistic synth layering of ‘Because You Do’, the etherial swirls and effected vocal line that amalgamate to form an immersive auditory experience in ‘Heroes’, to the eclectic instrumental arrangement that creates a steady groove which perfectly matches the soulful vocal performance of ‘Fog on Your Glasses’.

From the well balanced production and creative compositions, to the authentic vocals, fans of SongMonsters, as well as those who appreciate new and creative music, will definitely want to hear this album. Make sure you follow SongMonsters on social media to keep up to date with upcoming releases and performances!

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