Don Smythe / Country Songs From The Heart Vol.II / It's Called Being In Love

Elegantly melodic with superb guitar work!

Grand job on this tune! Simple lyrics, but your melody and guitar work drew me in and kept me listening all the way through. I mean, the lyrics fit the music, but I would like more. The guitar work was beautiful.

It's Called Being In Love

Hi Don, what a lovely song. The lyrics are really good! Your vocals are nicely done. The music arrangement is so uplifting. It makes me want on go on vacation so easy listening. I would recommend this song to anyone.

A very nice serenade

This song reminds me of some by Elvis Presley and also some of the country tradition. It's a very sweet serenade sung by a deep voice, which makes it remarkable for those who love the genre.

A Lovely Love Song

Don Smythe is certainly writing & playing from the heart here, in my opinion. A lucky man, who knows it, and has a great perspective on having a long-standing relationship with mutual respect and admiration. As a 45-year married man myself, I can tell he has the matter in hand, and these two folks deserve each other and know it. Nice tune, arrangement, performance, and accompaniment, BTW.

Don Smythe ...Its Called Being in Love

Another feel good sound from Don Smythe with an original song that has a familiar sound that takes me back to a care free time .. another quality track from some one I have come to admire the fullness of sound and production is well done so what I advise is you ad this track to your country play list and let Xon reming you of that inside out feeling of being in love .. see how much you have in common with Don's thoughts and let it kindle the ashes of desire you have for your partner .. it's called being in love .. Great work Don

It's Called Being In Love

Don Smythe loves her in the morning and in the night. He's got a great song with a kitchen sink of background sweeteners that makes you just want to listen again and again. I'd like to see Don perform live.

Being in Love for a change

Expertly produced and performed track makes this a pleasant love song. In the vein of older tunes I enjoyed growing up, this track takes a simple universal sentiment and makes a nice hook and melody out of it for pleasant listening. Grab your partner for a dance and say I love you too for a change.

Lovely song

Music and playing is great.. Sound like you tried a little too hard on the voice just relax little red wine and look it there eyes then do the song... It's good but could be great. I know I like the song but I want too fall in love when I hear it I hope this helps you out

It's called being in love

Your song, It's Called Being In Love, flows very nicely from the first note and throughout the entire melody. I especially enjoyed the guitar work. I envisioned myself sitting outside a cantina in Baja, Mexico, eating chips & salsa and washing them down with a cold cervesa! I feel like this composition has been played live several times and comes off very smooth and together in its arrangement. I'd be interested in hearing other songs you may have in your library. I'll look for them. Thanks!

Here We Go Again & Again

Oh, Don, just whenever a song you have done starts up, it just comes up roses. Such a beautiful singing voice, and the chorus never falls and is always right on to deliver the strong feelings. An incredible love song that packs a punch. Simply one of your finest. Sweet ending makes for a repeat. What a hit maker!


Right from the beginning the music drew me in. Very rich vocals. I’m really digging the co veto of this song. I can imagine listening to this song on a vacay. This is definitely a song that takes me back to when music was music. I love almost every genre of music. You nailed bro. Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working for you. I’ll continue to keep listening to your music.

it's called being in love

this is a very well written song, the lyrics more so than the music stood out for me. this song is a country song, only things that bug me are the artificial drums and instrumentation, the guitar work is great i have to say, was this the work of the artist? i would love to hear this properly recorded with the right kind of instruments and musicians involved. this song is worth a listen

A peach doesn't always come from a peach tree

What a stunning intro into this soft ballad, I'm a fish on the hook. The lyrics are simple but delivered in a way that you can't help but to sing-a-long to. There is a certain cheekiness in-between the lines which brings a smile to a cheeky fella like me. The music is so good from top to bottom, excellent production and mix. I can honestly say, this isn't my usual favorite style of music, but I can't help but applaud a wonderful song that certainly brought a smile to my face. Top marks Don, Bravo !

Don Rocks Big Time - Some of The Sweet Music Around! xxs<3..<3..<3:)

Beautiful Work Don! So Passionate! Gorgeous vocals & beautiful song! Love The Lyrics & The Tone! Excellent Work, Don! Hello & Hugs & Love from Tampa Bay To New Zealand Stay Well, My Talented Friend! xxs<3..<3:)

A Good Song

A beautiful song, and arrangements, that you can listen, or dance to. Vocals are clearly defined, but in a couple of places, I think the rhymes are forced, but subtle. yet, its a great song, anyone can appreciate, listening to.
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