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Maybe I'm just a sucker for traditional country, but this is extremely well written, performed, and mixed! The effort and detail shine through. It's refreshing to hear music that has distinction from all of the other stuff cranked out by the "Nashville Machine" where you can't tell where the last song ended, and the current one began. It takes me back to when country was country. Thank you for keeping it real! =Hank=



Someone's Heart Is Breaking

I really like this song !. It's very Traditional Country, which is my favorite type of country music. You may want to get this song published. You can go through ASAP, or BMI, they are the two biggest publishers of country music. You can google them on the Internet, & get instructions on how to do this. Keep up the good work, Susan Ronson ????????

Review of someone’s Herat is breaking

A very lively tune Don that has a start with great instrumental back up, easy to listen to , vocals are clean and message is straight from the heart! I enjoyed the strings and the double rapping that placed a really nice back up of the vocals , I think you have a great tune here and would recommend it to my friends to take a listen, Thanks for sharing this tune and thanks for asking me for a review, will be watching for more great music, best of luck to you and your group!

Someone's Heart Is Breaking

Hi Don, Just to say I loved the multi-layered treat of this guitar instrumental. Is there a fiddle in there too or is that another instrument? A bit of Western Country Barn dance overtones and a perfect song for a two step dance and lovers. It is a lovely song because you paint a picture with your words of empathy. A precious revelation of how a woman's heart is broken and the heartache of this ordeal. A bit like Dolly Parton's song "Jolene" in topic and sentiment. Very much a chart topper if it could get enough airplay. I really think you will if you consider this service on Radio Airplay where your song will be played in all countries on local radio stations! Think about it Don!

Someone heart is breaking

Do like your song. You have a good voice and it a really good song. You have got what it takes to get signed. I do wish you all the very best and hope you make it. I tried 30 years waiting. Good luck

Someone's Heart Is Breaking

I like it! It's a very nicely written song with very good instrumentation, backup vocals, lyrics and arrangement. It's a very good song to listen to even if you're not unhappy, because the music is rather cheerful with the mandolins presentation. I enjoy Don's presentation here also. It's seems really warm and appropriate for the message of the song; not too powerful and not to soft. Just pleasant. Very good job Don!

Great Tune!!!

This song and music were very good!! Its kinda on the same wave as my music as in a new song with an old feel. I loved the meaning or lyrics to the song for one i could relate and of course made me kind of sad. But in that since there will probably be a lot of people who can relate . My honest and true opinion about the song is very good. It kind of made me thank about how music has changed so much over the years but real country music is country music. That was the country music i learned to love and play. Love It. Best of Luck Johnny L. Edwards

Clean Play

You make it impossible to criticize, when you turn out such a flawless tune! The lyrics are truly earthy, and great. The vocals, clean, and honest. And the mandolin-dobro combo is beautiful, and expressive! I loved it! A trip to New Zealand is now on my bucket list. Thank you!


This is one heck of a song!! Your voice fits this style perfectly! The sound levels are great, not one overpowering the other. I really enjoyed this song and felt like I could connect with it!! GREAT JOB!!


You have a good sound. While the dobro player was excellent as well as the mandolin, it seemed to me there might could have been another instrument to fill in. While you could tell the dobro player was really good, he never took a ride. Over all, I like your sound. It's nice and clean not over played. Way to go Don.

Worth listening to.

Don love the clarity in your voice. I enjoyed listening to Someone's Heart Is Breaking I've never heard this song before. Job well done. Keep it country your voice is perfect for country songs.

Someones HEART is Breaking

Hello again Don...You have managed to put together another pleasant tune but this time the lyrics are about a heart breaking story that I'm sure many people can relate to some time in their lives when they have a break up.The music is well balanced not overriding your voice. A couple of nifty little rifts that are in good taste.Congratulations...I see your songs are doing well on the New Zealand Charts...keep up the good work...Cheers Johnny Shilo Melbourne Au

Very good song

Hi Don, as in another song I reviewed of yours, I really like the composition and the music, backup singers and the whole structure and subject matter of your song. If the trend for soft hearted songs and love songs of the late 50's and early 60's were to return I would say it would have a great chance of making it. This modern day music industry doesn't seem to want those old sentimental songs. Best of luck to you and keep putting them out!

Someon's Heart Is Breaking worthy effort

Someone's Heart Is Breaking is complete with outstanding instrumentation for a true country Ballard. The most impressive aspect is the singers voice. Lovely timber on this fine effort from Don Smythe.
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