Nowhere's to far song

Hello Don Smythe You have written a good catchy little tune that tells a love story. The music compliments the lyrics with a well arranged melody line. It's easy to see you have put a great lot of thought and effort into this song. Hope it does well for you. Cheers Johnny Shilo Melbourne Australia.

Nowhere's Too Far Review

Solid song, it reminds me of something Freddy Fender would have done. I am not a fan of the tempo on this track, but you do quality work. The guitar solo fits perfectly and exhibits great playing. I like your stuff!

Review of Nnowhere’s Ttoo. farce lyrics

The bass run at the start of this tune sets up for the nice melody that it is, I love the finger picking and the clearness of the vocals, a really nice cover Don , the construction of the instrumentals leaves no clutter obstructing your lyrics so the tune is easy to listen to! I would say you knocked this one out of the park for a tune that’s catchy and easy to listen to, I had to go back and listen again, soo you folk out there give a listen to a really nice cover both vocal and instrumental, it is well worth the time spent, Refeshing little number!

nowhere's too far

very nice traditional country song, i enjoyed this song good layout and format with good backing musically, vocals are clear, lyrics original and not too cliched, i would listen to this over and over again

Don Smythe

I will do you another review Don. Again I say to you your words your wife write are absolutely fabulous, your voice need a bit of practice. It could be pro. Why don't you go mainstream hun. You and your wife will go far. Well done you for doing own show on Facebook. I planning to do my shows on Facebook in near future. I do country as well as reggae and easy listening. You do a review 9n mine

Nice song

This is very nice song. Kind of Reminds me of a Jimmy Buffett song. Very nice and very good job recording it. I like the country and Caribbean feel to this song. I'd like to hear other songs from this artist. To compare his sales of music . Which I find to be very good.

Nowhere's Too Far

Bear in mind that this is MY opinion only. I like the arrangement. Nice job on the instrumentation and accompaniment. It has a very nice tropical or Latin feel. However, I have a problem tying the musical arrangement with the message. It's a unhappy song with a happy arrangement. I'm just not sure the two go together. There's nothing wrong with the arrangement or the lyrics, but I think they need to be applied to different material.

Nowhere's Too Far

This song has a comfortable Country Western/ Folk style with a Latin rumba feel that allows the listener to absorb the warm subtleties in the track. A love song presented with sincere vows and personal insights. This selection is reminiscent of Marty Robbin's Spanish Eyes, or Vaya Con Dios. The song is executed well with professional musical accompaniment. The mastering process feels right in that everything is layered with room to breathe, the solo's are authentic, clean and the lyrics are articulate. For a radio friendly track the bottom would need to be more present. Listen to any of Willie', Waylon's, or Cash's tracks and pay attention to the lower decibels. It is so important to have that to have an effective presentation. All of Glen Campbell's tracks , whether stripped down or not, have that drum and bass presence. Here they are coming across but not authoritatively. This all goes back to the mixing and mastering, it has nothing to do with the performance. The performance is right for this song. As for the lead vocal, Mr. Smythe is a stylist, not a strong singer like Hank, Jerry Reed, or Marty Stuart, but he has a consistent delivery and with backup vocals supporting his voice and the instrumentation that he has, it supports him. Lyrically, the song title is good, the structure is good, the words are at best sincere, although not like a Towne's Van Zandt, Jimmy Webb, or Lyle Lovett song that draws you in and makes you want more. This is more of an album track for the overall music listener. For a strong hit the lyrics have to really be interesting and surprisingly smart and the melody has got to knock you out. For example "You Were Always On My Mind" or Hoagie Carmichael's "Georgia On My Mind". I encourage you to write beyond all expectations. You can do it. Very good job all in all.

Don Smythe

I can't say enough good things about Don Smythe. A true singer/songwriter that writes from the heart. When I first heard the song "Nowwhere's Too Far" it took me to a place of peace. Assurance of a love that won't fade away. If you need a place to unwind, relax and reset then this song is for you! -Todd Barrow

"Nowwhere's Too Far" is definitely somwhere you should go

Don Smythe's song "Nowhere's Too Far" is a charming old school country song with a Spanish flavor worth tasting. The musical arrangement is both tastful and sincere in it's composition. The sing song lyrics combine with the easy upbeat tempo to make you want to tap your feet or even get up and start boot scooting across the dance floor as if you were up on that high chaparral with your doll babe whirling that girl around until that beautiful sunrise. It's a happy tune laced with spanish guitar, tasty telecaster licks, and all the fixin's that make for a great Country Western song. I love this song and you will too if you're of the mind for an old school Country love song. The kind you wanna share with your baby. Great performance and production work, Don! You really put this one together right.

Don Smythe .... Nowhere's Too Far

Wow! Don the Quality of this song is excellent and the stereo mix is clever. a polished professional recording and a real feel good listen with multiple layers that create a great ambiance. I hope you are going somewhere and I hope its soon. I can't think of anything to say to help make it better. great Voice and subtle Harmonies and multiple styles on the Guitar, Guitars well worth a listen for the technical recording quality and well worth a listen for the shear pleasure of this work. an Honour to review this Masterpiece.

Nowhere's Too Far

Hi Don this song moves along really nicely.The musicians sound great.I really like this song and hope it does well for you. Kiwis can write some good songs. The mix is about right on this track.

Going Far

Hey, nice hook " We are going no where and no where is too far.". I like the Cha Cha or Mexican Cowboy beat. The melody.fits the lyrics and beat. Nice sound track, and Good picking. Overall a nice song.

Nowhere is too far

Talk about going nowhere...I was just thinking how a relationship I was lamenting was really going nowhere anyhow. Doesn't matter at all if it goes nowhere. And Nowhere is too far..Music is repetative enough to get the point across. I like the lead guitar, great job on that rught there. Maybe a little long though. i like em shorter. Song is cool....Stolen all my thoughts, all my days and my heart. The heights are in our mind...this ain't going nowhere cause you loved too much...Sad and it sux

Kenneth Warner

HEY Don this is a really catchy beat to me it's Jimmy BUFFET meets old style country and the harmony is awesome so keep up the great work and keep the songs coming and don't forget to check out my single Love that lasts a lifetime by Kenneth Warner and our Band Suthern Accent thanks and GOD Bless
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