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I wake up to understand .....

Powerful spiritual rock with a heavy meaning and some melody. Clear with a message. Worth listening to.The melody and pressure it puts out is significant. The vocal and clarity of the message is substantial, worthy of sight. This band seems to be on the verge of delving into powerful melody in search of the meaning of life and the creator.This is nothing to underestimate with people who understand the music they could go very far. Sit back and let the power of the instruments drift while you listen to the vocal tells you things you might want to consider concern. It’s important to drift away from the things around you that you hear and see in touch, try to see what is flowing through their song and you may flow into another flow. Power is not always on the front range, but it flows up from beyond to show you things you never understood this song is trying to help you to understand how to understand the flow. Wayne Scott Moyer

Unberaable by D.EX

Gospel Rock with Rap A revelation of the truth in this spiritual song. A song of repentance and returning to right way in Gospel Speak. I recommend putting this song in The Spoken Word Genre It sounds like heavy metal but it has the Rapper beat too. Rock orchestral sound with a gret percussion section. I think you would go fat in Christian Rock Genre and get more Airplay. I also believe itf you put this song on REal Radio you would see it become a hit among Christian Rock lovers. So just a suggestion I believe it ended too soon You need a finale with a lyric that says "Turn and Return ouand is the time to be sent I hope you go far with this song, it sounds like a Chart Topper. Best of Blessings for your harvest.

Unbearable Review

This thrashes and rocks out to the highest. I enjoyed the music and instrument play on this project. I connect with the lyrics as well, they are meaningful and delivered with feeling. On the production side; the rapping voice is not leveled with the rest of the music. It sounds like it was recorded after and over the music and the singer.


well produced for lovers of gospel rock and rapp from these guys from Jackson miss worthy of a few listens for sure the song appears to blend a few genres here but its an effective mix of rock,rap and gospel influences

Sophisticated musicanship with mixed message

The Donna Walton Gospel Network's recording of "Unbearable" by D.E.X. is impressive for its technical sophistication, musicianship from all the band members, including the lead vocal, and use of countermelody, creating a solid, professional, urban sound. There is a disconnect between the title of the song and the lyrics. The song is called "Unbearable," but nowhere in the lyrics does the message make any kind of case for anything in life being unbearable. Instead, the lyrics alternate between dogmatic and on-the-nose, as at the outset, to personal struggle, and back again, and back again. "It's not supposed to be like this" is the closest the lyrics come to expressing anything "unbearable." Would love to hear the things you are hearing and seeing that are not supposed to be like this, and why it is unbearable. Combined with the talent and competence of the artists, this could be powerful stuff.


One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song we have a heavy metal song that vocally is funny in that its attempting to be a contemporary song with a christian message. Production does not help, though the effort is genuine and appreciated. The electronics of this are overdone.

Rock Song

Well, it took a couple listens before I could rap my head around it. I love any music that proclaims Jesus Christ!. The vocal mix seemed a bit confusing at times with the layering effects but I also liked some of the vocal effects. This is not your traditional Gospel music but if it catches a couple headbangers and they turn to Jesus then .......So Be It. Anyway this world needs more and more God every day so however it gets out, it needs to get out!
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