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On from here

On from here is a beautiful song full of lush soulful arrangements great vocals, nice groove beautifully sang excellent production well recorded, I really enjoyed it very much and felt home with the style, I am now a fan, so thank you for sharing your talent with us, please keep up the good work Five stars to me

Sweet soul gospel from end to end

The Donna Walton Gospel Network's recording of "On From Here" by Jonah's Run is classic urban gospel, from the first note to the last. The sound is smooth and heart-touching, and the lyrics deal with the challenge of moving on from rejection and loss of love relationships. The lead singer is a very talented Stevie Wonder sound-alike, and the backing vocals are beautiful and perfectly blended. The band plays on, steady and unobtrusive and skillful. If I have one quibble with the production, it is that the backing vocals are mixed in front of the lead vocal a little bit. From what I have heard so far, Donna Walton appears to be a trustworthy curator, with an ear for quality and Christian authenticity in the songs she features. Listening to this selection was a real pleasure.

Great song.

Wooow, beautiful sound in deed,i like the arrangements, lyrics and the flow of the song. I would really wanna have a collaboration with you for my next project for 2021. Please advice how can we arrange for the colab.


I love it,.,.,., Fresh, geat groove, great message, it makes me feel inspired to do more in life without fear!! truely it is music to my ears thanks so much for your talent!! god bless you and your journey forward!!

A Voice of beauty and song to match

From the opening bar to the final note this an epic of soulfulness and beauty. Vocally the lead has so much depth and heart that one is compelled to believe in the message of the song. Backing vocals compliment that of the lead and provide some gorgeous textures. The production is tight and spot on in terms of the genre. There is nothing here that detracts from the creation of a wonderful feeling of redemption and light. Bravo guys this is great music!

Nice Voice!

More of an indie rock guy, so not best person to ask. I think it has a hard 90s r&b feel, could see it on radio during that time period. Production is really good, nice clean sound on rap in middle of song. Would give higher rating if it was something I was into, but overall production is tight!

Wow! Amazing talent!

This Christian Gospel song is amazing! I love the groove. This song is produced really well constantly grabbing my attention. Singers are top notch incredible. I really love the mix effects at the begging of the song that sounds like a radio/telephone and then it kicks in to the full warm sounding mix. I love all the instrumentation in the song. The lyrics are captivating and relatable to the listener. I really enjoyed listening to this song and I know more people will be blessed by it.

When the spirit moves!!

When the spirit moves it moves ya!!! I love this song!!! Continue with your craft of greatness and keep putting the message out there! He works in mysterious ways!!! Stay blessed! Great music fr

On From Here

A Great revival song, nice to hear a song you can relate to the lyrics. Quality of the recording starts rough but is good in the end. Beautiful harmonies and great lead vocalist. Excellent percussion. I like the way you deliver your lyrics, like you have the voice of the Overcomer . Thank you for this anointed song and message of healing and deliverance. I think it would also fit itn with the Christian Pop Genre if there is one, I hope and pray it makes the chart toppers list. I am sure it could in the right category. A great song for stand up worship!


Very Solid song. Love the layers. If one suggestions might be offered on the mix: Very powerful lead vocals. At any time should back up vocals have more volume? (Excludes spoken.) Best of luck with this project! Peace.


Very nice and smooth song. I thought the mix could have been better but the elements are there so theyI carry the song well. All in all, the record has a lot of potential. I would love to hear the rest of the album. Great job! ????????

A Beautiful Journey.

"On From Here" is a type of song that you can listen to over,and over,again. It's well written,arranged,produced,and performed. Also importantly,it has an uplifting message that people can build on,and hold on to. You can really feel the burn/passion/spirit of this track. Telling a great story,lyrically,and musically of overcoming,this tune can help make a believer out of you,if you aren't already. A beautiful journey,listening to it...


Reminds me of being younger and a song I tried to make a verse about one of my days Definitely can relate to the song. It’s just the right amount of motivation for you would like to see about collaboration if admitted

Lyrics, vocals, beat,production fantastic!

Very dancable, can imagine hearing this in a quality club, can imagine some great line dancing from performers, brings me back to the Stylistics sound which is so over the top. Worth listening to and promoting. This group is very tight! And even better, very worshipful. Thanks for requesting to be listened to. Tivoli= i lov it! Music 4 life <3


Yesss!! The voice, the backgrounds, the heart. So uplifting. Melodic, harmonic and tight!! I hear a little Stevie. Takes me away. Love the message, the instrumentation, the chord progression and song structure. This song has the hope that is soothing, lifting and healing that continues on...
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