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Wrong place right songl

This song speaks to me and I’m sure anyone else that hears it. We have all been down that road. We all know someone who is in the wrong place and know where they should be. This song is an Everyman song and that is the essence of country music. The vocals are in the pocket and have an emotional ember that fits the song. The lead Guitar is well done and does not play over the vocals. This is refreshing to hear in new songs. The hook in the song is established early and maintained through out the piece . You have a slick professional sound. The only thing I can say is the synthesized sounds , although not overstated don’t need to be there. Let thate guitar man do the fills he’s more than up to the job. Rhythm section is tight very tight. You have a clear very good country voice. Keep putting out great music!

United States, Indiana, Indianapolis

Good Dance Number

Hello again folks and thank you for the invite to review your latest Country Track "THE WRONG PLACE" which may i say that i found your song in my personal music opinion to be in the right place which is number one in the Country Charts,this uptempo track would get any one up on the dance floor that's for sure,the vocals and harmonies mixed with a great melody that gives way to a great production that was produced and recorded to a very professional standard,well done ten out of ten for this song.

United Kingdom, Belfast

Dolylamby's Posse - "The Wrong Place"

For me, upon the very first listen to Dolylamby's Posse - "The Wrong Place" (w/ Adam Cunningham), I was quite impressed with the artist's musicianship, songwriting and the song's production values. While the influences of an artist like Dolylamby's Posse are certainly evident, Dolylamby's Posse has managed to achieve a unique sound and shows great promise for the future. Highly recommended!

United States, Hawaii, Volcano

Radio Hit All The Way

I think dolyamby's posse is in the wrong place. This song should be a chart topper on commercial radio as it is a radio hit all the way. Everything about this song was done correctly from the intro and the vocals through the melody, guitars and production. Looking forward to seeing this band on the charts someday.

United States, Alabama, Birmingham

Country with a ktrattick

from the opening notes you are grabbed and shaken like a a hound on a rattlesnake. great harmony guitar work and cool intro settles into a streamlined verse which builds very nicely into the hook/refrain. Well written, harmonies are perfect for the song, not cluttered, very sharp and concise. Wouldn't change a note.

United States, New York, Ronkonkoma

Brilliant Place!

First, I love that a band from San Diego is here! REPRESENT! I'm in Huntington Beach. Your music is just brilliantly composed, produced, sung and played. WOW. If you're not the "Next Big Thing" in Country Music, the planets are out of alignment. Period. I love the bouncy beat and lyrics which tell and fun story of love and loss. What a brilliant new sounding song you've shared with the world. Thank you! Keep on keepin' on!

United States, California, Huntington Beach

Great song!

I love the intro, all of it, it makes you want to listen. Excellent playing, arrangement and overall presentation. Country with a great attitude, wherein the instruments are wonderfully balanced. I have done a number of reviews, this is only the second one with a 5 star rating. This is totally professional in every way. Congratulations on a well written, recorded, engineered, and mixed song. Wonderfull energy!! Perfect!

United States, California, Los Angeles

The wake up

Oh my days I love this it really shook me up. I love that it’s bouncy and really got me going keep up the good work I will definitely be looking out for more of your tracks if they are like this fun and exciting and meaningful what more could you want in a song

United Kingdom, Helston

"The Wrong Place"

Congrats! Great Tune, Great Crossover combining "Country Rock, Rockabilly and Rock N' Roll" This is one of the most "Enjoyable Tunes" I have heard on N1M! Song starts of with a "Bang" Great, Strong Vocals, accompanied by Excellent guitar Work, playing in Well Thought Out Harmony! Very Commercial, any Established Country Artist would have an "Immediate Overnight Hit" if they Covered this Tune! Keep Up the Great Songwriting, and Check Out my Album & Videos "Johnny O And Friends" on UTube and let me know what you think! All The Best in 2021 Johan Oiestad aka: "Johnny O And Friends"

United States, California, Lancaster

Good that you didn't slow yourself down

This one's got a lot of energy, and it's good that you didn't slow youself down. Your voice is definitely made for rock'n'roll! The guitar parts sound brilliant and are played excellent. The song's got a good speed and is most probably a great number to be played live on stage. The high harmony vocal fits perfectly in tone and phrasing. Overall high quality production. At the end of the song I would have preferred a bit more clarity in the sequence of the parts, to me it seems a little indecisive. But probably this is only my personal perception. Very well done anyway.

Germany, Schweinfurt

Eagles & Tom Petty attitude

Nice engineering (which is still rare) & musicianship. All around great production that sounds right on with the style. Check the guitar solo which is also right on the button. Engaging lyrics & delivery. Great work !

Canada, Quebec, MONTREAL

Excellent Track

You did an amazing job with thhis is has a catchy guitar riffs and lyrics. This is truly a radio worthy effort and should return excellent listener reviews the song is upbeat and well catchy!

United States, California, San Clemente

The Wrong PlaceD


Canada, Ontario, Oshawa FIND MY MUSIC TO BUY AT : sidsmusic

Oh yeah! A blend between Rock and Country! Nice!

Oh yeah! This song a great cross between Rock, Alternative Rock, and contemporary Country. The band is fantastic, with great musicianship and the vocal is spot on! I so appreciate a great production/mix and this song is right on the money. I have it on my list and so should you!

United States, New Jersey, Toms River

Foot Tapping Country Pop

This has got some good old fashioned boot tapping feels going on. Strong vocals with a solid instrumental accompaniment. The guitars really pull the song along. I could easily hear this blaring loud and clear from picks ups and country bars across the U.S. The mix is clean and not overcrowded.

United States, New York, Utica


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catchy song!

this is a well produced song! it has a great hook and the vocals are a great fit for the music/genre. guitar harmonies shine during the solo. at times his voice is very soulful in its delivery. i would recommend this to any country/ alt country fans!

United States, Tennessee, La Vergne

Quite catchy

Nice hookline, good riffs, good melody, some serious rocking here top vocal work too, I really like this one and I hope it does really well for the guy hes done such a good job with this indeed.

United Kingdom, Huddersfield

The wrong place.

Wow, this is such an incredible song. Well done with this, its absolutely awesome. I can see many foot stomping hours done too this song. Awesone party and dancing music. This is really well done, well sung, great beat, awesome music compilation. Thank you for sharing this wonderful song with this community. Can't wait to hear your next great song. Don't stop what you are clearly live and love your music. I loved listening too this song.

Rockin' tune

Great catchy drivin' party tune with terrific vocals and musicality. Added.. and replayed. Your lyrics work well for the tune and melody.. Recording spot on too! Keep on rockin'.. and PEACE in Jesus Christ. No Jesus? No peace! God bless!

United States, Oregon, Chiloquin

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