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Docmatrix/ Jazzmine

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Fusion for real

Thanks so much you keep bringing the hits the fan and the elimination of the loom good work I can see you at this real life keeps getting better and better work on that sound I my self liked it and TCF RECORDS.™ APPROVED SUPPORT KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING

United States, Minnesota, MINNEAPOLIS

Cool jam

Rochester, New York’s DOCMATRIX has recorded a burning, psychedelic jam entitled Time Travel. The tune is raw but maintains high energy that’s rarely interrupted. This would be a cool group live.

United States, Washington, Seattle


time travel is a piece that presents all the characteristics of fusion, there are sounds apparently dissonant with each other, brought to the extreme of the tones and sounds that however form a harmoniously difficult to appreciate if you're not a lover of the genre. I do not mind the piece, maybe I would have seen some variation of drum and also some instruments that gave more emphasis to the whole composition. but this is my personal taste.

Italy, italy


Hi there.. thank's for the request. clear and rockie.. it sounds.. I like the drums too and the guitar!! looks pretty good.. thanks.. the title is subjected.. I like!! A jam it's what I believe that this is!! to shake a little. Check my profile.. I launched this new one FAMILY AFFAIRS.. AHHH A superb 2018, Pedro Miguel.

Portugal, Figueira Da Foz

Something is missing ...

Hello! I like the partition of drum kit; there is some energy and the rhythm is supported well. On the other hand, tones returned by guitars ring badly: maybe too many frequencies medium... Little before half of the composition, it makes a little mess. The link in this composition is maybe missing. A link with agreements in the organ or in the synths would have been able in my opinion to decorate and to support the composition. See you soon ...

Time Travel....ing!

Intense and surprising this is a great track to lift the mood and spiral upward. I felt it more than understood the message. Intense vibrations and a flip at the end that left me wanting more of this composition. It could be a soundtrack for a new action movie for instance, like Charlie's Angels. It has some nuances of heavy metal. The guitarist's could be brothers they are so in synchronicity. The drummer is born to play and synergistic in his intuitive interpretation of the riffs. I think it is a winning and chart topping composition. Get it out there on several demo tapes to the film industry! All in all great need for speed vibration that will find it's niche somewhere soon. Your band just needs more exposure!

United Kingdom, Wales, GB

DOCMATRIX Here is my review!


Hi here is my review I like the drums in this song it sounds like the drummer has a lot of experience they should keep up the good work and if a band hires you they are going to get a fantastic one the lead guitar was pretty good you have got a God given talent I hope to hear more music from you in the near future I hope I have said something in this review that was helpful from J.Milligan New Experience Rec,Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.

United States, Mississippi, Marks


Alot going on.. What ever you was shooting for you nailed it.. Might wanna consider Hollywood it sounds like the backround music for a spy movie.. Nicely done. Stay doing your thing. Sounds good.

United States, New Mexico, Albuquerque

Time travel is possible

You are right the drummer is good and his drums are recorded pretty good. So are the two guitars. However you should use some eq to help distinguish the two guitars and get some spacial desperation for the listener. Right now I'm not sure I would call this a song so much as a jam. Been there done that had a lot of fun but jams need to become real songs in order to sell as a live performance or recording freebies, roundabout, and stairway are great jams but they also have great songs wrapped around them that leave the listener waiting for their appearance. With this song you are serving dessert before the appetizers and overstuffing the listener. There are parts that are good and parts that clash. Tame the jam add structure and consistency and not only will you grow but so will your audience

United States, Illinois, Aurora

Great Jamlike Sound

One min in I feel the guitars should trade back and forth, together they muddy a bit. 130 - 3 min I feel it's time to have a smooth groove section instead. Opening it up for a basic low lyric, like a rugged mumble. When the guitar revs back up and rips, leave that the way it is. it's a great kick in and come back, till 4 min in, all tight, leave as is. Room for low upbeat lyrical mutter again, after 4 min, turning into an almost yell and repete. Like a small mutter that amps up into a yell time and again throughout, for small spurts of time in between grooves. Anyhow, nice work, much respect and I really dig the vibe, thank you for asking my opinion and I hope it helps.

United States, Tennessee, Bristol


I really like the drums in the song kind of reminds me of Sheila Enjoy when I first heard her a very good song nice sounds in the song keep on creating great music I hope this is helpful have a blessed day.

United States, California, Every Where

Extremely handsome improvisation ....

Very interesting groovy rhythm ... delightful bass ... and wonderful idie guitar with many correct effects .... fixed dumb drum ... i would like to be somewhere there too ... but also the recording I like so it is ... with a microphone I imagine ... bravo but very nice improvisation ... I really am very pleased that I heard him again and again ... it is delightfully wonderful !!!!!

Time Travel...."Frontier work at its finest...

With a drum track propulsion that drives and excels, the frontier of explorations is reached..layered guitarwork defines trajectory for a ride like no other. a lotta counterpoints that define space and time but offer peeks into untold dimensions that draw the listener (me) in into subtle realms of my own memories...very intense at times....overall, the energy flow here is more than enough to deserve the title and since I truely enjoy excursions into unkown territories,Time Travel is a wonderful original offering with a unique and rare path to eargasms or, as I call it,"Big Smile City"..one of the special places to arrive at...on the Frontier...Cheers...Abz

United States, New Jersey, Atlantic City

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