Djbsmuvee1 / Members

K.C.Tha Middle Man

A&R Audio Engineer Mixing
K.C.tha Middle Man is from Tacoma Wa and. Is ready to show the whole world what he can do on the mic as well as behind the mixing board.

King Stevo

A&R Audio Engineer Distribution Music Recording Rapper
King Stevo hail from S. C. and is a performer as well as one of our A&R. We recently released King SteveO on spotify, Amazon Music and every other place you can download music. JUST LOOK UNDER , KING STEVEO THA E. P.

Lil Brazy

A&R Distribution Lyricist Music Producer Recording Artist
Lil Brazy hail from Decatur Ala. .He started out as an artist singing in church, then with later formed a all male Rnb group. He is a artist, producer and a A&R for GorillaParkMusic.

Djbsmuvee1 /CEO

A&R Composer Distribution DJ Music Producer
Djbsmuvee1 has been in the music game for awhile and knows the ins and outs of the business .He has worked hard to make his connections and values every lesson he has had too learn in life both real life lessons and business development alike.

Big Skandoe

A&R Lyricist Music Publishing Rapper
Big Skandoe has been in the game and is still remains one of the best hit makers and a secret weapons with many talents and connection to match.
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