Distillery Dave / Single / Lay Down Beside Me

Lay in down those country vibes

In the the tradition of all the great country artists this song shines a spotlight on a new rising star. This is country music as it was in the soxtys and seventies. Like a long lost treasure from that bygone era it elicits memories of the grand old opera house reborn in its glory days. The only thing this artist needs is a good promoter and a desire to get out there and perform. The rest will follow

Lay Down Beside Me

Your song Lay Down Beside Me is nicely written. The vocals are good, but may need a different mix, more presence. The vocals may just be off tune, ever so slight. Just hard to notice. That's what I think, good job, and best of luck, Guy

Lay Down

Well I always loved this song when i was young have heard a few versions of this song. The music backing works fine but the vocals dont really match the mix. Vocals seem to be a struggle. Maybe it just wasnt the best choice of song. I'd love to hear more. Keep working on it.

Reviewed your tune

A definite belly rubber, slow and smooth, Distillery Dave brings back country in this song. I couldn't help tapping my my toes in a slow two-step fashion while listening, great job on the instrumentals as well.


absolutely love this its so beautiful you are talented, so good to listen to, you can tell you are experienced with singing and songwriting sounds great, would love too have you sing my songs

Love the traditional sound

Your music is great and is deep keep it up and you'll be going places you never really thought you would be going and i dont think it will take you anytime at all because the music/product speaks for itself so all you really need to do is stay focused and consistent and all that you strive for will come ten fold in no time but i really dig the tracks so ill appreciate it if you keep me posted for any future songs/videos you put out but all in all man keep it up and im liking what im hearing


The vocals seemed very chopping and forced to me. They didn't seem natural and just not in time with the music. The music had a good country waltz tempo and to me was the best part of the song. I don't know if this is a cover song but if you wrote the lyrics Dave they were very good. Your voice has a good country quality and warmth to it. You just seemed a little stiff when singing this song and really didn't sell it to me but with all that said not bad~

No Place Better

Hats off to you Dave for doing what you do. When I hear these simple country songs that come straight from the heart. It just gets me going, to wanna hear more, It's hard to realize that the singers you mention in your print, we probably grew up listening to them all. Dave, this is a very nice waltz, I like you vocals, the back ground, good harmony and beautiful piano, steel guitar melody is very nice. keep up the good work Songedge

Distillery Dave's private reserve is powerful stuff

This is a real old time heartfelt country love song which harkens back to that bygone era when George Jones, Bob Wills, and Patsy Cline were all with us and still in their prime. The lilting pedal steel line weaves a captivating mist that sets the tone for this true blue all American love song about a Man loving a Woman. One can feel that strong Western Swing influence effortlessly waltzing around the dance floor with that 1-2-3 rhythm. Whoever engineered and produced this wonderful piece was both talented and truly inspired. Rarely do both the technical and creative aspects of a recording reach such a level of synchronicity as this. This is a truly inspired work! The vocals in the context of this song about a life long love of decades in duration actually enhance the deeper meaning of the eternal nature of the love that this man has for his soul mate. His wavering delivery and occasionally halting performance show that even though the years may take their toll, we forge on and persevere till death do us part with purpose, courage, and love. I even found myself drifting off thinking about my true love, how wonderful it has been, and will be for us together...and worth every mile ;)


I really like your music keep on making great music this music today is not really real true music I listen to all types of music Gospel jazz classic rock Christian rock.Gob bless you in all your endeavors.

Great vocals, nice steel guitar

Lovely song, nice piano arrangement, great country vocals like Dwight Yokum, nice steel guitar track, wonderful sweet lyrics, very romantic and nice. Great song for slow dancing in a bar. Nice classic traditional country arrangement similar to Conway Twitty and George Strait, great song for men to sing to their wife or fiance.

Traditional in the best sense

Quite a traditional country song, produced in a precise and accurate way, I didn't hear no instrumental mistakes at all. Short and straight forward, no surprises or experiments, no senseless gimmicks. The vocal harmonies in the chorus are catchy and touched my soul. Simplicity is beauty. Keep up the good work and stay as authentic as you are, Distillery Dave!

Lay Down and Die

In my opinion, the song sounded too painful, and was hard to get through the first 45 seconds of. The lyrics and content of the song were sad and depressing, the vocals were not even up to a good Karaoke standard. I like old country but this one went extinct with the dinosaurs.

Lay Down Beside Me

Lay Down Beside Me is a great old song by Don Williams. It's almost an American Classic. The accompaniment is a really good country band. The vocals fit this tune quite nicely although it seems to me he could use a little more passion.

Lay Down Beside Me

Very good my friend........it's nice to hear this song....it's sound's like easy life...have a nice day and thanks for your comment. If you like my song our mother erath also, than let me know. what do you think....
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