Black Sun

DSR by Distant Sun Rising

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Very tastefully done!

LOVE the introduction! This is a great driving song. Very catchy and the production is killer. Love the bass, it really fills the song. The vocals are outstanding and I love the lyrics! I don't give out five stars but this is worthy of my highest rating! Also nice guitar work & drums! Very tastfully done.

United States, Pennsylvania, Harrisburg

Its All There

Black Sun is a really excellent guitar rock track with thunderous bass, and a hauntingly performed vocals. The guitar is straight from a George lynch lovers wet dream, powerful and raw sounding with riff work that causes the listener to crave more like a high from an ilicit drug. The bass line although quite simplistic commands the track, because it rips through the track and dominates with its storm like thunder characteristic. The vocals are impressive to say the least, rather than the typical spoken lyrics this ladies vocals set the feeling or aura of this piece. She has the ability to captivate and actually draw the listener into her realm like some sort of linguistic succubuss. When all of these extreme talents are combined the result is a musical potion that cast a spell upon listeners. Like I said it's all there, the only room for improvemnt there is would be production quality That is the reason I gave the four star rating rather than a five star.

United States, California, San Clemente


Great music! I really liked the ambience and the guitar tones! I hope you keep up the good work and wish you all the luck in the world! Looking forward to listening to other songs! Congratulations!

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Black Sun


The production is great to where I can hear all instruments in the mix which is a big plus. I am a sucker for female vocals but what I would recommend is maybe more depth in the mix as they sound a bit too up close. Maybe added reverb would accomplish this. Good tight guitar work. Nice work overall.

United States, Washington, Toledo



Nice heavy chunk in this song. Sounds really good. The Vocals are interesting an soaring. Production is pretty decent. I like the chord changes. Guitar solo is spot on. Song isn't too long either. A nice listen!

Canada, Ontario, Ottawa

Technically brilliant, but it doesn't kick


Very good production from a technical point of view. Excellent guitar craftsmanship. Reminds me a bit of Ugly Kid Joe and some of their slower songs like "Suckerpath". And here's the big difference. Songs based on one chord in Intro and Verses have to offer something special in the chorus, something to remember, something that gets stuck in your head as a listener. And this doesn't happen to me here. Simple vocal harmonies could have done better.

Germany, Schweinfurt

Nice heavy music

So far, you have been the best sounding band, as far as all members playing together and tight goes. The mix, sounds great. Love the song structure and the key changes. It did seem like the intro was a little bit drawn out but, either than that, I don't hear anything else that I would change about it. Good song overall! Seems like you should have no problem getting on few radio stations. Keep up the good work Distant Sun RIsing, and remember to keep it heavy! \m/

United States, California, Eureka

Black Sun

Synth athmosphere with a great entry by the guitar...o no, it´s the bass ? Afterwards groovy, re use of the trademark lick, nice. The groove remains with a fluent rigg. Very tight and clear. The voice is caracteristic, 70 s style in a duet with the guitar, the entry lick is omni oresent. Very fluent arrangement full of athmosphere with the pulsating groove, wich is interrupted in the chorus. The hookloine is complex but catchy. Then a solo, bluesy, fluent, well played and short, this episode could have been a bit longer. But well, the lead guitar returns afterwards, a bit too static but solid. Overall a very solid song, the hookline/chorus could have been more flamboyant or, better said outstanding.The end comes too suddenly in this structure. Other than that a cool performance, arrangement and production, and a very caracteristic voice reminding the 70s. Keep it up, greetings !

Black Sun - Distant Sun Rising

Very interesting intro - what can you expect from this composition? And the song began. Good song. The main riff is really simple and great. That's what music is all about! I hear a lot of different influences, but it doesn't matter. Black Sun grabbed me from the first note. Distant Sun Rising proves that you can combine styles such as metal, blues and rock. A big plus for the guitar solos - a small amount of sounds, based on classic blues scales, very welcome! I recommend Maciej, ATRAPA

Poland, Poznan

Black Sun review


This song starts out really cool and has great guitar tones that keep you listening. I like the vocalist's approach to the melody and his voice has a unique edge to it that fits in to now fill one of the slots left empty by the rock singers of the '90's. Nice solo for the expected time to come in and again, great tone. The production is spot on and the arrangement is done nicely for this style music. Keep this going guys and keep on writing!

United States, California, San Diego

Distant Sun Rising's "Black Sun"


Upon your very first listen to "Black Sun" by San Antonio, Texas based artist Distant Sun Rising - you cannot help but be deeply impressed by the musical performance and excellent production work. While Distant Sun Rising's musical influences are fairly evident, they have definable achieved a unique and exceptional sound that is uniquely their own. Highly recommended, looking forward to hearing more from 'em!

United States, Hawaii, Volcano

Perfectly suites your genre!


Let me start by saying thank you for having a quality recording. Great mix. Before I saw where you guys were from, I felt I was in some "From Dust til Dawn" setting. Great driving/drinking song, not necessarily together, but you know. I can appreciate the dramatic intro before the singing starts. All around cool song. Great job, not that you need my validation. Good luck! Cheers! Timm Saint Theory

United States, Florida, South Florida




Australia, NEWCASTLE



rock con grande entrata e bravo vocalist che ha stile e bravura e ci mette del suo veramente un rock trascinante si sta sviluppando su questa traccia e piu' va avanti e piu' entusiasma ed e' veramente potente e per gli amanti del genere di sicuro piacera' grande grinta e belle chitarre distorte e dei assoli per me e' una sorpresa ma anche il cantante non scherza tutti bravi

Italy, dalmine bg

Rocking tune


Nice job there, I really enjoy listening to this great tune. Nice mix and sounds. I like where it took me for the trip, great vocals and great guitar solo. I really like the rythm and the beat. Keep on rockin'

Mexico, Cancun

A grooving rocker


This song has a great groove and totally rocks. The guitar work is outstanding and several aspects of the song have moments of recognition of what other artists have done but they make it their own. Pretty cool song...will follow and listen for more. Keep up the good work!

United States, Michigan, Detroit

Black Sunday


wow nice .this song has a really good melody lines I can hear this song over and ........ over.............................this the song was put together well is very unique..........................just love the way its sung the vocals and the drums were played perfectly........................... i can't say enough about this song .........................I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thank you.......................... This is steve from voodoo dancer and thank so much to letting me review your song you..again.************..............

United States, New York, Middle village

And yet another great tune by the band Distant Sun Rising. This song, "Black Sun," is a powerhouse!


Distant Sun Rising is a great band right out of Texas! This song, "Black Sun" is excellent, as are their other songs you'll find here on N1M! First I present to you all the highly deserved kudos, then I have just a few recommendations, which are totally coming from an analytical and technical perspective on my part: All the band members are highly talented and accomplished performers. NOTE: Please read each member bio to get an idea of their stellar standing in the Rock world. First, Monica's voice is amazing, as always. She is able to control a softer tone and then belt out that traditional Rock-roughness style like no other. Mike's bass is solid and smooth as silk. Meatt's guitar work is top notch as well. Topping it off with Leo's drumming makes both this song and the rest of the band's songs really Rock! Overall, this is quite an excellent song in this genre and I give it a 5-Star rating. O.K., some recommendations/observations (technical stuff). The drums seem to be either played on an electronic kit (midi triggering or perhaps programming), and/or many of the real drums have been "sound-replaced" or the samples added being a bit too dominant, in my opinion. However, this is not going to be noticed (or understood) by ANY average listener - I am speaking about a pure technical matter using my "producer's hat," so to speak. The mix overall is excellent - a great production! From a "song structure" point of view, I was longing for the lyrics to begin way sooner. Nearly a quarter of the song goes by, with intro type material, before the vocal begins. If I were the producer, I would have cut out the extended intro material and dive into the body of the vocal as soon as possible, to draw in the listener's attention. Again, this is purely my opinion, and is meant to be as constructive as possible. Talking about an artist's writing and arrangement is a risky thing, and I was hesitant to even write these technical things. A "live" performance is a different thing, however, and longer intros might work. But, again for me, it takes too long for the main focus of the song (the vocals), in a studio mix production, such as this, to begin. I gave this song a 5-Star rating because the positives far outweigh any "technical" recommendations/observations. Much success and kudos to all of you - a fine song and performance! Review by Tommy Marcinek

United States, New Jersey, Toms River

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