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I was impressed that the composer used cadences in such a graceful, fluent manner, while keeping the melody choppy and fast. was impressed by the way the deceptive cadence took this piece down a whole different path than expected.


Even though I don't understand German, i can understand when kids can rap, have some skills and have cadence. These kids have all these skills but it's hard to tell or hear with such a very chaotic beat. I then if Aggro@n8 simplify there tracks to like a simple 4/4 breakdown beat and a track that showcases their rhyme styles, they could put together some good German hip-hop music

Nice work

New music up on page from Sick O Supa. Thank you so much, we appreciate the great fan support and we ask that you spread the word and share our music and we will try our best to continue to give you the best music we have to offer, thank you again.


This would sound more better if it was in english; but for the more part I can hear that this is a collaboration track with you and someone else on some hip hop shit. My suggestion is that you make this a universal song for all countries to listen to

Very Nice!

This is very nice music you have here... I really enjoyed the beat and the vocals are original and complex in a positive way... a great song to listen to early in the morning and get you going or in the car when your mobbing around... keep up the good work!

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Keep going

Facts Your music songs pretty good I would like to do a song with you . Where are you from do you know anything about pop music. I am not a fan I am certainly an artist. That would like to do a collaboration

Just being honest

I wish I could speak German, I would really be intrigued to understand you guys. The instrumental itself is interesting, sounds like a cross between techno and hip hop. Only major thing is the language barrier. I can tell it's hip hop.i just can't make out what it's being said. Keep pushing for your goals and dreams as a musician as this can be an extremely challenging path. I myself love music and will continue to push on. Best of luck friend.


Keep going keep going keep going. I hear the passion in your voice it sounds awesome. This song made me think about some things In my life that I have experienced so I really enjoyed it. Keep persevering and proving to people that the passion from your music is real and authentic. Best of luck to you in the future and I hope that you can look back on this one day and see just how far you have come

Good Job

This is a great result of great production partnered with some lyrics. The engineering on here was well executed as well. Sound like whoever recorded this did a great job as well. I was listening to this at a family get together and everyone agreed this is some good feeling music. You should really consider getting a website and getting music on some major platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, etc. I can help cause I am a graphic designer and can help market your music to a wide audience.


I couldn’t understand much of what was going on sound like two songs playing at the same time. Keep learning and recording never give up. I don’t have any thing negative to say but keep going forward with the music if you can link up with anyone who can help you with music that would benefit you a lot.

Critique Good Music

The song was confusing, whoever the rapper was at the end, he's the one who stands out vocally, everything else was kind of bleak. My encourage to you is to structure your lyrics to the beat so the sequwncw can stand out. Great sound overall!

I can't understand

Blessings and guidance to you. I am having a hard time listening, unfortunately. The levels are off a bit. I can't understand the lyrics. Sounds like a different language I am not sure. The whistle is too loud and the vocals are to low. You can barely hear and can't understand at all. It also sounds like it may be off the beat a bit but I know that is the style right now so I will leave it at that. I would record this again and put it back up. Just turn the whistle down and the vocals up and it should make a world of difference. Good luck to you.

Beat is nice

It a great beat, although I don't understand the lyric it ride the track I'll give this record a 7and a half. Keep up the good work and think out the box you got a lane, I would like to hear more music
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