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Viking sound track

The track starts with an Alice & Chains mix with Ministry vibe leading up to the Viking spell caster vocals. Hypnotic and keeps one listening the song is crafted for a scene of an ancient Nordic battle scene. I suggest they license it to period piece movies for the most success

sounds from Sweeden

builds up from a industrial sound to a rock feel maybe if white zombie were on heroin before a viking battle scene in a period piece movie. I would recommend just buying the drugs and staying home doing them with your girlfriend so you can pet your cat as you fall asleep to the record. Dream of viking battle scenes in slow motion.


What can be said about this song that hasn't already!? Can't explain the incredible emotion that you have when you get to the end. Its almost as if the journey was to accept the consequences



Alternative / Industrial Rock and Metal

Dieselkopf and the song "Accept the consequences" caught my attention due to its sound, which reminds me of the nineties era of Ministry (FilthPig and Dark Side of the Spoon), the song is good but I see that it needs more power in the production area (raucous, predominantly acute), maybe it could be better. The composition is correct, all the instrumental elements and the voice are really really good. Great band.

Kick Ass Sound!

Hey Guys, WOW! I really like your sound. Very Heavy, and very good! Over here in America listening and enjoying every min. of it. You guys keep Rocking, and I wish you much success. Love the Guitar, Bass and Drum work. Vocals really great! Sincerely Edward Westbrook "Atomic Energy Society"

Great sound!

Well mixed, good production. Sounds very well balanced, I enjoyed the song quite a lot. Definitely worth a listen. I will give you my seal of approval! Cool vocals as well. Overall it's great from beginning to end. Thanks for the invite to review your song, I enjoyed it and as I sit here writing the song has ended, so this our review must end as well. Haha! Good luck out there!

I Can't Stop Listening - The Perfect Mix of Heavy and Catchy with a Great Tone

This song immediately caught my attention, perked my ears, and made me reach for the volume knob to crank it. I actually heard it yesterday, but had to wait 24 hours to be able to give it a review. It comes on heavy and abrasive, discordant and ugly and mean, and it goes from there. I really like the texture of the distorted vocals in this, they really have a lot of character. On the second listen, I am able to catch more of the nuance, something this song seems layered with. The chord progressions are intriguing, pulling you with ease into places that you didn't expect to be. Hooks are beginning to come to the surface now, bits of the song that I expect will be stuck in my head in the middle of the night. The production is polished and friendly in spite of the contents of the song. Personally, I think that I would like it more if it had been recorded with a more raw sound, but I am sure that plenty of people appreciate the more polished approach and I am likely outnumbered. This is some stuff that is worth checking out if you're into heavy, noisy stuff. It is worthy of close, multiple listens. The way the song unfolds is clever. I'd love to see what this is like performed live. This song has really caught my attention, and I am excited to listen to more of the tracks from their catalog. If this song is anything to go by, I have just stumbled upon one of my new favorite things. This song is getting better and better with each listen.

Blown away by the first drum beat

Who knew Sweden had such amazing pure punk music? If this is the future of punk music, consider faith restored. Machine gun drums,in your face rifts, distorted vocals and an all around irritated distraught ambiance. Dieselkopf doesn't disappoint , neither does Accept the consequences. This song captures the bands energy and tone in such a way beyond comprehending. Accept the consequences of listening to this single, you're now addicted to Dieselkopf

I accept the consequences

Cool piece of music this is. Reminds me to 90ies and 2000th bands with a bigger noise part in their songs like Filter, Barkmarket etc. almost forgotten. It has a really driving beat and the voice seems modulated which fits here perfectly. Enjoy it.


Dieselkopf has sent me a request to review their hit single "Accept the consequences". Sometimes, I will find out later that the artist never sent a request to be reviewed and that Number One Music sent out an algorithm. After listening to "Accept the consequences", I had to go to Dieselkopf page. Being American the name seemed German to me? Once again I was wrong as well as thinking Sweden was like all ABBA, meatballs and gummy fish. Dieselkopf is balls to the walls driving Metal. Check out Dieselkopf page and other songs like "Orangedick" I believe they wrote that about our USA president!


One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, we have a totally punk and rock song (rare that it's categorized correctly) and it just jams! Brutal vocals slay the song. This is not my favorite genre, but I appreciate your effort!

Nice attitude...

The intro kinda sounds a bit stone temple pilots but there ends the resemblends..not including the vocals it sounds like d.a.d meets paradise lost and I like the sound on the whole song including the distorsion on the vocals...really good..

Topixx review

Cool darker metal track, definitely has a vibe. My first suggestion would be a cleaner mix, metal should be dirty but it should still have clear timing. The vocals could be recorded and mixed better also.... the song is fine in my opinion I would think about getting a better recording of it if I was going to promote it. But that is just my opinion.

Dieselkopf has shook rock from the heavens

These swinging Swedes don't eff around - they effing rock. With an industrial angst conjured by trash-monster percussion and diabolical needlestrung guitar chords, their music will leave you longing for a tetanus-shot - over and over again. You'll love the inoculation, just as you'll love the other tracks by this monolithic Norse noise machine. Accept the consequences - Dieselkopf wants your soul...
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