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Loved it! I listened to it while laying down and relaxing and I had to tap my feet and move. The song took me back to a time I don’t quite know, but I really wanted to make me dance. Great beat and good vocals. Keep writing and keep singing!!

United States, New York, New York


I must say after reading other reviews the sentiment is rather conclusive. Don't be discouraged if aspirations are mainstream pop, its possible, just requires the producing ingredients, temp, and chemistry for that explosiveness to occur! One thing about pop music is the sound is synth and futuristic but the voice is rarely animated, so that is definitely something to keep in mind when putting vocals to high energy music! They always say, my music is to busy, got a lot going on, it overshadows the lyrics. I treat every song like the work of art it is, and takes the time to create it. It takes patience to master each piece.

United States, California, Alameda

Motion Picture Worthy

AMAZING and Adventurous!! Two thumbs up????????This song is ready for movie and film. Great genre mixes...Rock &Roll, Pop and R&B. Very powerful and dramatic's ready for motion pictures...send it in and see. Congratulations on your way to success

United States, California, Riverside


I like it! Its got a cool groove with 3 or 4 different styles that run through the song! Moves real well and the vocals are outstanding as well as the heavy guitar which melds back into the dance club groove! Keep it up and you are your own slice of special, !

United States, Oregon, Arch Cape


I like it! Good groove, swell pads, with a rap section even. I would like to hear another melody instrument. Please consider me for an electric violin overdub on your future projects. trampcamp

United States, Kentucky, Henderson


I'm definitely a fan of your stuff after listening to your track. Good stuff man.. I like the mixed styles. Also like to send greetings to all artists and fans who wrote reviews over. Peace and love from South Africa and God Bless people !

South Africa, Empangeni


Great song man I love it, it's a great mixture of styles and genre, it blends together very well. You all definitely have a lot of talent. I'd love to collaborate with you in a song some time, that would be fun

United States, California, San Jose

Movie placement

Great song . Like a action movie. The getting ready to do the fight scene. . Go get the girl. Strap up. . I think this has a great vibe. Vocal are super. .so have a great time making great music.. the track will catch you. Hold for the whole 3 minutes of the track.

United States, North Carolina, CHARLOTTE

Gadget Studios review

Hey Denis, my man... Yes, love the track, very heavy pop, love your voice! Maybe, I would keep only one rap towards the end and make your song more attractive to sing and dance! Great production, too!

United Kingdom, London

Lovin' the beat and the backdrive!

I'm lovin' the beat. I really do and honestly love this song. It takes of with a bang, actually like I was driving through the winds on a motorcycle, like he is pictured on, which might be the reason for that visual on his website, which is a cool way to intro the song. I never recommend anything that I don't believe in whole heartedly. And I recommend this song.

United States, California, San Francisco

Very cool song!

It’s cool and kind! Great melody reminds me of a ninety’s pop song. I dig the strange in this song. It’s up beat and jamming. I like the boy band sound of it too. It has some motivation and is interesting and speaks nicely about women. Glad to see more polite styles coming through. It is a pop song with many time periods wrapped in it and the lyrics are fun. Great tune! Keep making great music!

United States, Indiana, Indianapolis

Your Song "Senorita"

It has a very nice driving beat that makes you want to get up and move to the beat. The song has a very nice chord progression also. Keep up the good work and stay encouraged. This song sounds very commercial.

United States, Portsmouth

good to knoe

thanx for letting me hear you, keep up the good work, i find it soothing it reminds me of 2002 i like the mix of regions going on there, its like shaggy with jovanotti and some 90s mid eastern stuff

United States, Beverly Hills

Senorita - Wow!

Definitely a track that will go down well in the discos. Great beat, makes me want get up and dance, it is all about energy and feeling good. From intro to outro it certainly kept my feet tapping.

United Kingdom, Bo'ness


Like the track bro, nice Pop/Dance Feel. Definite Club song that can be played regularly. Would like to Calab being that i produce all of my own tracks. As artist we should support each other and this would be a great way for us to get our sounds to different audiences.

United States, Virginia, Richmond

Your song grabs us to move

Sitting in front of my computer, as soon as I heard the first 4 bars, I started moving and smiling! Bravo. It mixes commercial pop music and electronic sounds with world music in a very natural way. Love it!

Canada, Quebec, Montreal

Great arranged song

In Germany, your song will definitely be among the top ten. I as a DJ will be happy to help you. I like the genre mix, and you can play in any club.The dance floor will burn.Best regards from Germany

coolo Groove

Has a rob Thomas Feel with a touch of Latin Rock & Rap well produced, nice music good vocals very commercial has great potential to be a radio friendly song congrats on a fine recording The Guitars are excelent good effects Vocals are clean & it is frefresshing to hear a Modern act not rely on auto tune on their vocals keep up the stellar work Look forward to hearing more from you in the future

United States, New York, Flushing

Well Done

Cool song! Has good flow and excellent production. Excellent for working out at the gym or for a fun night out. I think the chorus hook is outstanding. And I also like the arrangement. Classic pop meets Latin meets hip hop. Awesome!

United States, Texas

Well done!

Creative, well composed, well executed and very well produced! I like how you wove instruments in and out seamlessly and the vocals are top notch. I'll be happy to review your stuff anytime!

United States, Florida, Gainesville

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