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Steady On Course

The intro to Senorita by Denis Montero is digital enough to get my attention, and when the music arrives I'm even more intrigued. European style orchestration gives the song class, and the rhythm track adds drive to get my feet moving. The melodies span the time-scale, providing creative expression that climbs off the scale. A steady feel that sooths the soul, and I'm confident I like this song still only half way through. The ending is also different and leaves me wanting more. Keep them coming Denis.

United States, Washington, Lakebay


Great song, wonderful producing! This song has the potential to go very far!! Love the beats, harmony and transitions!! Congrats!!! Keep the good work up!!!!! I’am sure you will be successful with your musical career!

United States, Alabama, Brusly

Great song.

Loved the tune. Great sound and beats. The style is awesome and the transitions in the song were great. The lyrics of this song were also well written. I would recommend this song to everyone.

United States, North Carolina, Camden

listen to Denis Montero its good

Yes , ???? you got talent Ever tour in Germany let me know Peace Im Tim from TheCropBoyz this is Positiv music im sure you will go far now I need 40 more characters , I don't know what else to write

Germany, Goeppingen


Tight track ! Catchy, solid beat, well thought out, strong dance floor song, good production ! Well done ! Look forward to hearing more from you in the future. Would like to see how you would go with a strong power ballad !

Australia, Sydney

Denis Montero

Truly from my heart Denis this song have the potential to reach the top my G quality wise plus lyrics content positive upful and powerful I definitely love that beat and would need a cut just to help to make it a selection of two for airplay Denis you nailed it

United States, Florida, lauderhill

Great Song. Really recommended.

Great song, I really enjoyed it. Great music and vocals and I also enjoyed the lyrics. I would recommend that people listen to it. Really Great and the chorus stays with you long after you have played it.

United Kingdom, London

Big music!

This music is really interesting, the sound is very pleasant, excellent recording. I have included it among my favorites. The words are clear is good lyrics, the music is catchy and the effects are well balanced. I think you have a great talent, God bless you.

Italy, San Severo

Good beat

This pop music for sure.the beat was good the hook where good the language fit all lyrics just what you listen to to get her.The title of the song is definitely popular I will be listening to this again and sharing.

United States, Missouri, kansas city

You asked my opinion

It is very upbeat and powerful. I really don't usually like this kind of "pitbull" music, but this is good, better that him, this is real hip hop. I would like to invite you to post your music on my page, the hip-hop saga on Facebook. this is just what im looking for good songs and hot new artists. Hopefully you will like my music, hi, I'm quaver muze elan, quaver911 on most social media and I am the hip hop saga. That's my montra and the new album I'm working on. Good luck!

United States, Alabama, arab

Good Shit Homie!!!

Everything is put together nicely and allows the energy to flow evenly. I love the hook and harmonies and the way the add libs are placed in the right spots. Me personally I would do more singing towards the end and add more lyrics to make it longer and spit faster to keep that energy going cause it's a good song but that's just how I would do my verses. All in all it's a club banger for sure!!! Hopefully this track gets you the recognition your talent deserves. Keep up the good work and wish you all the best. If you ever decide to do a remix hit me up and I'll put a Texas Twist on it. Till next time take care and stay you!!!

United States, Texas, Rockdale

Great Overall Performance

Senorita has a great beat and lyrics with excellent vocals both singing the chorus and the rap. Really enjoyed listening. Great overall song performance. Peace and love ✌️♥️ Barbie McHugh

United States, Massachusetts, Boston


Great song. I was really carried along with the sound. Makes me want to dance on the beach with my Lady. This song is a happy song with great expression and beat. I really like it Denis. Great job and it's for sure a Hit. JC Solo.

United States, California, Sacramento

An Exciting Blend Of Musical Styles

A catchy mellow beat with accompanying vocals for that smooth laid back groove. Which then goes uptempo get up and dance! Slapping rap comes in and rock guitar riffs add to the intensity! Then back to the smoothness! Senoritas will love it!

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Infectious pop hooks + catchy rap

This song is a pop lover's dream, it combines catchy hooks, a driving shake-your-booty dance beat, and positive rapping that pushes this song over the edge. The lyrics are easy to remember and accessible to any age listener. Well done, Denis Montero!

United States, Michigan, Flint

I like it!

Great musical hook, and a good mix of dance/rap/and pop anthem chorus. This is a hybrid that deserves success. It is positively a very good track. All in all worth 5stars. Well done, Denis Montero.

United Kingdom, Bognor Regis

Magical Salsa Senorita tune

Wonderful tune; I wanted to start dancing the salsa while listening. Great voice and rhythm and lyrics. You should go far if this is a sample of our talent. Good luck in New York; it is a completive market, but you have the talent. God Bless.

United States, Texas, Dallas

Now that's how you get us up onto the dance floor!

A very well produced and performed song combining a few genres I never thought would fit together. Instantly toe tapping, head bopping until finally the whole body needs to just get up and dance! Well down rock star, well done indeed.

United States, Michigan, Canton


Cool breeze byaaaa kill mo this senorita on fire ???????????? let the latin hit ya it'll do n get ya no sweat tight check gotta lov it hit this up hit this up no games Cerian1 and this joint ain't playing D ate it's lit

United States, Virginia, Fairfax

Great sound amazing lyrics and perfection voice

100% amazing song great work I wish you the best in your journey. Love the song and your voice is amazing I will add this in my favorite playlist great work buddy keep the work and keep making music.

United States, Ohio, columbus

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