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Great Track!

Denis Montero's song "Señorita" is a great track for any radio show. As a DJ and producer, I can tell that this track is very well produced and sounds amazing ammonically. The melody and the voice are great and also very well structured. Regarding the mastering, it sounds very good and all the sounds are very well elaborated and balanced. Congratulations Denis for this track and the very good use of the word in Spanish "Señorita". Great Job!

United States, Surfside

Killer gorrove with clever lyrics

This is just an uplifting track makes the crowd dance! Best heard in a club at midnight! People absolutely love it. Beautifully produced. Just so original. Great track in every way. Just perfect.

United Kingdom, London


Dynamic and classy real catchy, a real fun party track. I can hear it playing in the clubs and I can see fans partying away to this show stopper .it's good for radio shows talking about relationships also movie soundtrack should be barking up your steps right now as it has all that potential.

Jamaica, westmoreland

Great beat!

Great sound, I can see people dancing to this tune! Great vocals and beat and a catchy hook. Reminds me of an early 2000s radio hit. Gonna give it a 4.8 out of 5. Good job keep it up. Cornbread out.

United States, Montana, Missoula

Hooky Song

Love the instrumental and vocal hooks. Total ear worm! Great vibe. I can see people dancing to this one. Nice production. This song has everything, great vocals, rap, appeals to both the Latin market and English language music lovers.

United States, California, Santa Clarita

Five star review

"Señorita" by Denis Montero is an undeniable hit that’ll have you moving to its infectious rhythm in no time. The beat is a perfect fusion of Latin and pop elements, which is catchy and groovy, right from the start. The story flow and cadence are seamlessly integrated, allowing Denis to deliver a powerful, sultry vocal performance that adds oomph to the song. The fusion of perfectly crafted lyrics and rhythm makes for a compelling listening experience, leaving you feeling energized and upbeat. The mix is exceptional as it blends the element of modern and vintage music. It truly is an undeniable gem that stands out from a sea of monotonous pop hits in the industry. Overall, "Señorita" is an instant classic that’ll leave everyone wanting more and it deserves all the accolades it’s about to receive. Regards Dogz One Kill Or Die Music ???? ???? ????

Experienced Producer

Sound great, crossroads, eastern vibes are with taste, Reallz pleasent track. Mainstream hit without stuped effects or minimalistic rhytm. Bravo. If You want to cooperate with me I am ready. Check this

United States


I like this!! Great to jam out and dance to!! I will definitely recommend this song to other listeners and creators. Great instrumental and nice vocals. ???? hope to hear more music from you soon.

United States, Kentucky, Hopkinsville

Hot & Moving Track!

Hey Denis - U've got it going on - very hip - good dance song - well engineered too! Keep putting it out there.... may I ask who U went with as in distributor for Spotify? Thank U - Sarah from The Kyndred

United States, South Carolina, Greenville

Nice track

This song reminds me of my teenage years when I would listen to pop bands. Also makes me feel like I'm in an action movie like Fast & Furious or likewise. Positive and energic beat & lyrics. Keep up the good vibe

France, Paris

Great Song!

Loving the energy and the smooth vocals. Would like to see it performed live! This is an electrifying anthem with a pulsating beat that will make you want to move. I find it to be a fun and lively track that's perfect for getting pumped up and dancing.

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Great record

This song is outstanding. I've heard it a few times already and i can say you have an amazing sound engineer working with you. I loved the high energy and the great vocals. Great work and the hook also. All around great song! This song is outstanding. I've heard it a few times already and i can say you have an amazing sound engineer working with you. I loved the high energy and the great vocals. Great work and the hook also. All around great song!

United States, Michigan, Detroit

Good Vibes

Its a great vibe to the song.Its catch and makes you feel like dancing.Definately has that Backstreet boy Nsync Feel to it.And love the way you incorporated singing with rapping.Get this man on Pop Radio.

United States, Alabama, Brantley

Fun, Upbeat Song

Thanks for reaching out for a review, I love being introduced to quality new music. This is such a fun song. It has a boy band feel and love the mashup of singing and rapping. It is well-produced and ready for the pop charts. I definitely hear this in a movie and see a fun video being created for this. I could see myself dancing to this song at a party as well.

United States, New York, Bronx

It's a hit!

Great tune, made to hit the top of the charts - what more can I say? Well done Denis Montero, you definitely have what it takes - voice, presence, sex appeal and all the rest. I'm sure you're gonna fulfill your dreams.

United Kingdom

I can hear this song in a movie or bar...

Its what the people want Im sure fiery romance and music that can put a smile on the face of a lady is something I can also aprreciate for it is the good in people that is really the most vital to our being...! Keep working on the playlist.

United States, California, Canoga Park

Listening from jamaica

Love the mix vibe it's hot great voice yow love the flow too keep going message good and beat the energy is right huk and melody catchy nice layout lyrics hot love feeling story telling

Jamaica, Kingston

Mucho Caliente!

Really wonderful production and exciting arrangement. Plenty of sounds, I wouldn't call it Rap as it is more of a mash up of many styles with fast lyrics. Addictive hooks and more catchy than your grandpops tackle box. Lovin the heavy guitar preceding the choruses, and every word is audible and in tune. Fine job Denis and I hope to hear more from you in this style of dance summer vibe pop.

United States, Delaware, Wilmington

Awesome Track !

Great upbeat song dig the lyrics and the breaks. If there were more songs in the world like this the planet would be a better place. Brings me back to a time not so long ago that everyone was having a great time. Cheers bro.


This song is a groovy roller coaster with nice content. I like how the song goes from a easy going beat to a high energy jam!! Transitions were smooth and the lyrics were relatable and catchy. Nice work!!

United States, Missouri, St. Louis

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