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Very interesting and different

This is dope! All the different blends of music is definitely ear catching! It has a bit of N-Sync/Backstreet Boys along with an 80/90's sound oof hip-hop. In all it is a solid track definitely worth the listen.

United States, Texas, Dallas

Interesting blend of genres

I found this song to contain a wide mix of pop, rap, blended together with some very interesting usage of instrumentation as well. Very upbeat and friendly feel to this song. This is uniqute.

Canada, Ontario, Belleville

Great upbeat tune

This song will definitely wake you up and get you moving. Sounds like the '80's and 90's. Love the synthesizer, the song, and the vocals. Well done. I wish more people made songs with catchy hooks like this, with plenty of changes throughout.

United States, California, Venice

Awesome song

It’s giving Backstreet Boys vibe.. love it truly. I’ll definitely hop on this track to add a little r&b feel to it. I would love to do a track with you. Let me know if you want to collaborate on a song

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

So fun!

Super fun, Many many people should be dancing to this : ) Great melodies and I love how it kicks in the chorus... Great job, hope it gets lots of exposure and that you continue making your music!

United States, Edmonton


Man, this is great! Keep going! You're lyrics and beat is incredible. Keep making more music. You have a lot of potential. I could listen to this on the radio or in a club. You have some serious talent..

United Kingdom, Selby

A Hit

Dope man! Everything sounds good in the song. The beat, the melody, lyrics, mixing, and mastering are all, spot on. Good job! You should get this song into sync licensing. Keep up the great work.

United States, Ohio, Cincinnati

Mainstream but Not

Thanks for sharing that. It is good. It has fun parts. I like the versatility in vocal style. The instrumentation reminds me of a 90s pop song. It's sorta like the Backstreet Boys or N Sync. This is the kind of song that should be played inside of a mall or any store's public radio. Positive and Upbeat. Keep up the good music. Keep having fun.

United States, Virginia, Portsmouth

Loving the 80s vibe

Great song.... love the 80's vibe you got going there.....would get me on the dance floor in a flash!! Love the rhythm and beat got that salsa rock and bit of rap ....that's not too much, I see a hit with this one! Ricky step aside!!

United States


That's awesome, bro! The energy flowing through the song is addictive! Great beat! The rap sound is pretty unique too! I like it. It all has such a powerful sound. The beat feels old school, but the rap vocal feels fresh and original. Keep up the great work!!

United States

Great song

Is a great song,I don't have much to say is just an Amazing sound ???? keep grinding ????, and don't stop making music like this one. Music is life and I'm sure people will love to hear more of your music

United States, New York


Your song is wonderfully arranged, professional sonics and vocals. Very commercial, and club ready. This song is ready for movie time as a soundtrack as well. Big HIT! Congratulations Denis.

United States, Ohio, Euclid

Nice song and cool sounds

I think your song is dope and the concept as well, awesome sounds and different than anything I heard before, I'd like to hear more in the future, the way it captivates the attention vibes ????????

Canada, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

WreckiT’s Review

Hey This Song is Bomb Good Production Good Vocals Clear And Appealing Keeps The Listener interested and its Up Beat and Catchy I Love That About This Particular Joint Keep Up The Good Work U Got iT Could Be Advertised in A Movie Short Clip or Intro To YouTube Series I Love iT Lol You Got a Good Rhythm Goin iTs Not Too Long and Makes Me Wanna Get On The Dance Floor and Just Kick iT Great Job and Keep Makin More Definitely Got The Right Stuff I’m Lookin Forward To Hearin More So Keep Me Posted Alright Share And Tell EveryOne To Check This Out U Did Ur Thing I Love iT What’s Next ????

United States, Ohio, Akron

Senorita fantastic

Awesome dynamic music. You have talent ???? Keep up the good work. Look forward to your music in the the future. You have great voice funky rhythm. I can't dance but this song would see me doing my best.

Australia, Maleny

My Kind of Music

Great song, great beat. I love songs that I can blast with friends and family present. This song definitely has the flavor of the true hip-hop blended culture and can be mixed easy with a party playlist.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Sleazy The God's review

This style is definitely unique within itself! I can definitely hear this on iheart radio or something of that nature. Keep up the great work and be sure to email us to book a feature with Sleazy The God from the #munchteam

United States, Ohio, Mansfield


I like the beat and the arrangement its catchy makes you want to move well done i love it interesting use of special effects is unique looking forward to more of your music i like the rap with the singing and the latyn enfluince i wish you a lot of success and prosperity good work keep it up

South Africa, Pretoria

I love it

It’s a amazing song and I love the message. Overall it’s an amazing song, I wish I could hear the verses more clearly but apart from not hearing them too clearly they were magnificent I love the chorus a lot.

Jamaica, Kingston


Love the beat and the transitions not much of a Spanish speaker but i love the vibe. Would be nice to work with you and see what we can get out of it but i love your energy on the track. wanna hear more from you.

Jamaica, Kingston

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