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Catchy and vibrant

Nice work. The track was catchy and Viking. High energy and well executed. Keep coming with the fire. I can hear this on the Pop/Latin terrestrial stations and at parties of all kinds. Whether House party or club, they will be dancing

United States, Florida, MIAMI/TAMPA

Great one Denis!!!

Great song!! I really enjoyed this song. Nice delivery and great vibes. It's definitely a party song that everyone can enjoy. Don't miss your chance to download this one people! Stay blessed and keep the music coming.

United Kingdom, london


A catchy melody with a memorable refrain and good beats. An interesting blend of musical styles, strong for the dancefloor. One of those songs that keeps going round and round in the head! Bravo!

United Kingdom, Ramsgate

Red Dress and Red Shoes

I love this song! I feel like wearing a red dress and red shoes and dance the Salsa or Merengue dance. It makes me happy! It's well written and love the feel. I think would should great in a soundtrack movie or Netflix movie. Good job Denis!

United States, California, Chico

Nice work!

I like the riff. Definitely agree with the reviewer that said it has a nineties sound. I like the way it is produced. Excellent. Ricky Martin/ Boyz to Men/ LIVE’s song Deep Enough. And it all works! Excellent job.

United States, Maine, Rockland


I really dig this track. It has 90 s kind of feel for me. Best of luck with the track . Thank you for reaching out for my opion. I think this could get radio play , its catchy. . In an industry where therer are silimarities in allot of what's put out this is orginal.

United States, Arizona, Chandler

Boom! Nice song.

Hey mate, great song. Nice hook, very catchy Keep up the good work. Look forward to hearing more of your work. Happy thanks giving. Keep safe hopefully hear from you soon. Blessings Josh....IJN

United Kingdom, London



United States, New York, Long Island

Great song. Production is immaculate.

Mix is great. Sounds great coming through speakers as well as headphones. Great chordal structure. Vocals are pro. Everything about this production screams you have quite the future ahead of you. I cannot wait to hear more of your work. Keep it up. The world needs your music.

United States, Oregon, Portland

Si si

Keep going i really enjoyed the song and its definitely playlist worthy keep pushing and if tou have a video post it everywhere. So the world can see it because you are a star thats need to be heard

United States, Georgia, Stonecrest

Hot, Muy Caliente!!!

What grabbed me FIRST was the track, I love the energy of it. I love the feel of this song. The chorus of this song is hot and I am feeling this so much. The harmonies in the chorus are absolutely amazing. It reminds of a song that would been killer in the early 2000s during the height of Pop with bands like 'NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, Britney Spears, etc. It gives me that type of energy which means that this song is up there with music that was catchy, definitely memorable. I have the chorus stuck in my head now. Denis Montero, great job!!! I look forward to hearing more of your music to come as I know you have a discography that is out of this world. Awesome, awesome job!!!! If a label has not signed you yet, they are crazy because you definitely have the talent to take the music world by storm, especially with songs like this. Great job man, I am now a fan!!!

United States, North Carolina, Charlotte


Denis - I truly enjoyed listening to your voice and the arrangement of the song. I love all genre of music. While listening to "Senorita", I feel there should be an violin piece played at the bridge and on the end of the song....I hear it in my head. Wish I could explain it better. The sound I hear from the violin are the hand movement going in an up pitch and downward stopping in the middle section softly and rising back and forth to the top as the rapper rap...violin fade out. I LOVE IT!

United States, Texas, Frisco


Yo this track really caught me by surprise. Definitely banger. I like the melody the hook is catchy and I love songs that blend more than one genre. Keep it up definitely going places. I would like to hear some more. We can also Collab if you're interested.

United States, Florida, Fort Lauderdale

Dancing in my youth

Hi , thanks for the invite to listen to this song. Very lively, upbeat, forward moving, and very dance-able with a beautiful friend. Reminded me of my dancing days as a clubber, , then early student dancer and fun times I had on my tours. dancing to great music. SO great music to have fun with

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton

A Hit!

Great work in all respects. Not my genre but I know a hit when I hear one. It will do very well. Particularly for sync use. I know how much work goes into producing music and we rarely get much reward. I hope you do.

United Kingdom, CHATHAM


Nice melody, exciting vocals... good beat. I can see this on a chart for sure! Some good talent you have there! Strong song man! Mastering sounds good as well! Stay vigilant, take care and .. Cheers, Sect23

Canada, British Columbia, Victoria

A rockin' hit song

All the pieces of the successful song jigsaw come together in this great piece of musical work - rocking rhythm, hooks in the synth phrases and lyrics - obviously invested a lot of time in the production and just hope it all comes right for you - well done !

United Kingdom, Cornwall

Super Charged Excellent Song

This songs has all the elements of a hit in my opinion. Everything is crisp and clear, mixed and produced very well. Kudos to you for a super fine product my fellow musician. 5 solid stars baby!!

United States, Minnesota, Eagan

Excellent Pop song.

Nothing to criticise. Has all the ingredients for success. I like mixed genre's when it works & the production is spot on. The level of competence is immense so well deserving of the 5 stars.

United Kingdom, London


Nice!!! Sick beat, lyrics on point! Very uplifting already radio-friendly. Excellent Vibe! Yeah, this song could definitely reach the top. Definitely deserves a share. Got Five Stars from me.

United States, Louisiana, Erath

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