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Um show

Parabéns pelo som irmão. Pegada diferente contagiante. Vocais diferenciados . Ótimo arranjo musical. Que você atinja seu objetivo e que tenha sucesso nessa sua caminhada. Foco no seu objetivo você tem um enorme talento .

Brazil, Santos

Loving The Song

Wasn't sure what to expect, but definitely loving the feel I get from listening to your music. From The intro that was surprisingly pulling me in helped me transition from beginning to end... Keep it up bro !!

United States, New York, bronx

My opinion on Senorita track

The production sounds great. Loving the originality on your delivery and the track had a good mood vibe to it. I rock with you bro!! Keep pumping out this good music! Wishing you the best on your success.

United States, Ohio, Akron


The song sounds very good!! Is a pleasure to listen it!! The rithm and the instrumental sound utilized are very interesting! The lirycs are so clearly and the meaning of the song is so defined to the listener. Good job!

Italy, Villafranca Padovana

I did the song

I dig the song it's a mixture of pop. Kinda Spanish. And good music. It's a little redundant. But still awesome. Your great lyrical ur great pop. And great originality. The some is incredibly good

United States, Nevada, las vegas

review of Senorita by Denis Montero

Great song! Love to hear more from you! Keep on pushing out the hits! A great pop/rock melody, easy to sing and dance to. I can't wait to hear more of your music. A future in the music business awaits you!

United States, Louisiana, New Orleans

Senorita by Denis

Hi Denis, love groove and the beats, also the voca is nice and smooth on this song. Like the energy and lyrics as-well. Jus keep up a good work and I hope you will make more good songs in the future. Jeff aka Moveks

Croatia (Hrvatska), šibenik

Senorita by Denis Montero

Hi Denis..finally I'm here to listen & review this song of yours ????..I assume you are the writer, singer & producer of it?..well, it's a interesting, catchy Pop song & sounds good over here..maybe a bit outdated of style & sound, but well produced..I like the energy & has sure commercial potential & could do well on Radio, Clubs, Parties, etc..a cool video would help it further too!????..anyway, well done & good luck!????✌

Netherlands, Amsterdam


A catchy and fun tune coupled with great lyrics that had me hooked from beginning to end. What's not to love? Deserves great sucess, and I'll certainly be sharing it with others. Brilliant.

United Kingdom, Southend-on-sea

My view

The song is nice just sound old you can do it over and it will be nice and if you need a MC on it I would love to be apart of the remix if you ever remix it that would be dope hope all is well and we can link soon

United States, Arkansas, Pine Bluff

Nice song

Hello Denis. Your song is very nice. Groovy. Nice lyrics on a nice beat Big potentiel for the Radio and also on the dance floor. I really enjoy ! I've never heard of you before, but I'm very happy to discover your music and give you my opinion Have a great week

Canada, Quebec, Montréal

My Boi

I like your music, different has a old school NEW KIND OF FEEL. Keep pushing on, don't stop now, with a song like this one your gonna have a lot of fans!!! We should link up and put some work in together!!!

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

you make great dated music

you music is good but it sounds like music from the 90's but it is good music. All is all keep doing your thing man and you will achieve what you are trying to do in your career. hope and wish you the best of luck.

United States, Alabama, Birmingham

Big Dawg Lit

I Love it. it sounds great i can definitely vibe with that no lie keep it coming. It's has a great fell to it. The beat makes me want to move. I can ride in my care and listen to this song. I can dance with my girl and catch a good vibe.

United States, North Carolina, Greensboro

Great Job My Friend!

HI Denis, great Job my bro, amazing song, amazing Vocals, Instruments, synths and groove too. I really like it and recommend it. Keep on this way and let´s make a remix or music someday great talent you are. Hugs !

Sweden, Stockholm

Top of the Pop

I seldom leave my comment here, but I was impacted by the Denis Monteiro song, It has an unique swing and I hope it reaches to the top of the Pops Charts. I wish you all the best and you make great success!.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Sound and vocals

Love the flow. Beautiful pop and I bet it would be lovely to reach the perfect audience for it to reach its peak. Continue blessing people with your sounds... To great to have great music released in this platform

South Africa, Polokwane

Pretty dope

I like the beat best of allWhat up keep it up ..I dig it I like the worldly sound is definitely different than the negativity that you hear nowadays.. when I say worldly I don’t mean like it sounds like everything else in the world but it can be listened to anywhere in the world and fit in

United States, California, Modesto.

Very catchy tune

I found this had a great hook. Very smooth track that stays in your head all day after the first listen. I can hear this entering high in the charts in europe for sure. Great work on this track

United Kingdom, Carlisle

Arabic vibes

Nice catchy Arabic uptempo vibing, indeed it reminds me of the early 90’s period. A decade which I absolutely love! Please keep doing what you love and in due time you’ll see that everything will fall into place!

Netherlands, Rotterdam

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