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Mainstream but Not

Thanks for sharing that. It is good. It has fun parts. I like the versatility in vocal style. The instrumentation reminds me of a 90s pop song. It's sorta like the Backstreet Boys or N Sync. This is the kind of song that should be played inside of a mall or any store's public radio. Positive and Upbeat. Keep up the good music. Keep having fun.

United States, Virginia, Portsmouth

Loving the 80s vibe

Great song.... love the 80's vibe you got going there.....would get me on the dance floor in a flash!! Love the rhythm and beat got that salsa rock and bit of rap ....that's not too much, I see a hit with this one! Ricky step aside!!

United States


That's awesome, bro! The energy flowing through the song is addictive! Great beat! The rap sound is pretty unique too! I like it. It all has such a powerful sound. The beat feels old school, but the rap vocal feels fresh and original. Keep up the great work!!

United States

Great song

Is a great song,I don't have much to say is just an Amazing sound ???? keep grinding ????, and don't stop making music like this one. Music is life and I'm sure people will love to hear more of your music

United States, New York


I love it !!! The music is very original and is sweet. I don't understand the lyrics but it still gives the general idea. I don't give many reviews but this one is definitely worth it. Thank you for sharing it with me Nate

United States, Utah, Logan

What A Voice!

Hi Denis, my name is Norine Gallimore. I listened to your song 'Senorita'. You have a clear, strong, excellent voice. And I love the song production! You will go places. (I wish you great success! ) You can also listen, follow, and subscribe to my profile page, here, on N1M. PLEASE CHECK YOUR MESSAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION Thank you Norine Gallimore

Canada, Ontario, London

I love this vibe????????

You're indeed a great musician that 80s and 90s vibe ???????? Please don't stop you'll go too far with these ????you earned a fan from today onwards i can't wait to hear more of you music , United states wow

South Africa, Matatiele


I love love love the live feel of the music. It's a dance, feel free fun song. International song!!!!!!!!!! It sounds original with distinctive strong vocals. I can picture a live band on stage performing in front of a large audience with everyone enjoying their night out.

United States, Los Angeles

Senorita got that groove.

This song brings me back to Austrian singer Falco, with a Drum Groove that will make you want to get on the Dance floor. Very catchy Melodies, with hooks throughout the song I would recommend this song to be added to your playlists.

United States, Florida, North Lauderdale

I love crossover music!

Really great approach in crossover! Great lyrics, rhythm, arrangement, sound. I can see this being very popular in in a diversity of places in the world. As a crossover composer, I love hear other artists musical language in this genre.

United States, New Hampshire, South Tamworth

I'll be back-just for the record not in a terminator kind of way

Excellent song on all levels.Vocals, musicianship, message, as well as the mix. It's quite obvious you take your craft seriously and I look forward to hearing more. I wish you all the best on your quest for success!

United States, Minnesota, Minneapolis


I like it it's very energetic and it's exciting to hear new music like this because the women I had need some guidance in this would help them they do drive them in a little crazy all the time but they do brighten up our day and a lifestyle some of them so yes this song will do good I like it

United States, New York, Brooklyn

Good beat!

Sounds good and while it also sounds modern, it also has an old school feel! Good song! Good beat for a a dance song with a hint of rap but not too hard core. Good job all the way around. Wish you the best!

United States


Has an interesting sound, the flow is nice. Definitely keep pushing more music out! I really like the beat though. Has a soundtrack kind of vibe, major movie scene sound. That is what I love about this song.

United States, North Carolina, Raleigh


This track is very interesting, I cannot decide if it`s VERY now or 1980`s, I like the recording, instrumentation and the lyrics of song. I hope it brings you radio and TV success! Great work, Denis

United Kingdom, BRACKLEY

Good Music.

Great music homie. Continue striving to be great & never give up on your craft. You have what it takes to make it big in the rap game. I fuck with your music. I can see you making it HIGE in the future.????????????????????????????

United States, Michigan, Saginaw


It's an amazing song, I love the Fusion of the rap that's in the hook and it's something anyone can dance to, workout with and even ride with. This should be a chart topper. Damn. I'd so much love though to see what's more to come from this camp and probably check what partnerships there might be. Consider Westlife or Backstreet for a feature. Any of the legendary singing groups will actually make a wonderful feature. Cheers.

United States


Coooool, It's a mix of two generation Well arranged Energy is on another level Wonderful song Hope the video will be fire Coz its a killer song. I have to replay it. So far so good 100% support

United States

Great Track grooving Vibs !

Great Track the beats are energizing and got me grooving love the latin feel your vocals and lyrics are full of energy I can see this track getting great air and streaming plays AND HAVE A HAPPY SUMMERTIME VIBE cant wait to see the video for this track and incourage you to keep up the great work the track is well produced and the sounds uplifting crystal clear vocals and sound NYC can be proud to have artists like you hitting the music scene with a fresh vibe that gets you moving to the sound bravo for your track hope to hear mote from you I will gladly listen to you any time congrats to you and your team !

Heartfelt review with passion

The song is fire and will reconnect the listener's! The song is vibey and it smells happiness! you will make people happy. The sound definitely is a special one, and you will dominate performance and have the audience go crazy! More joy through the song and by the song, much love an respect.

South Africa, Sebokeng

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