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Southern Soul

Delon White is a solid artist who has made great strides to improve his music. I heard this track an love the classoc soul sound of his voice and the arrangement of htis classic soul performanbce. I truly enjoyed my listen and will look forward to his next creation. excellent work.

United States, Louisiana, Bossier City

Electric love


His style is soul and lyrics are rich with feelings. Tempo is smooth and distinct. We need this on air and streamed .simple yet direct .delon is passion.ready to become a household name indeed.

United States, Illinois, Chicago



Very nice track soulful and good vocals fresh sound I like it hopefully he’ll go far good luck playa. What software are you using sounds like reasons or protools keep up the good work playa .

United States, Illinois, oswego



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Nice ballard type track. .....Sounds Neo Soul with a blues touch. Nice story being told during this ballard. Not much i would take away or add too. If for sale ,Its layed back and upbeat at the same time ,sung with meaning and feeling very different in some ways...Good STUFF!

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas



Hello Delon, Love this!!! This is definitely a nice song and the vocals are on point. Song concept is what music need today. Great job! I would love to hear more new music from you soon. Soul music!!

United States, North Carolina, Raliegh



This makes me feel good riding in my car on a hot summer day while the top dropped playing it real loud nice flow to it nice beat lyrics sound fire on this track i will be playing this one for real


Always in the right spotlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Opportunities befall us all It’s up to us to break the fall Every little thing isn't set in stone Yet we cringe and cling to things of old A little step and a giant leap To things we think may never leak I awake within the nighttime hour And realize all of my own power This is true and well I think But how long before again I sink Inspired now truly and amazed Yet will it turn all into a world dazed My art is back on track it seems To successes filling up the beams I wander restless through the night And have stopped completely all this fright Amaze me will you with what I have done And everything that I have won Yet still more is to be achieved Again success I will receive I am the one walking on this path And fear not for there is no longer wrath Yes A Star Amongst us......................DAWAN You Inspire me bro.

United States, Michigan, Detroit

I Like the retro C@@L R and B Vibe


I Like the retro C@@L R and B Vibe. Interesting use of dynamics, breakdowns and build ups... So many of those wonderful Music signatures are forgotten these days. To me, it separates the music "players'" from the Artists... My one suggestion as a singer/songwriter/producer is I would LOVE to have heard a bridge section to take this already super c@@L piece to yet another whole explorative/expression level. Good job ! Nice Production. Thanks for sharing your Music !!! :-) best regards, TD

United States, Louisiana, Lake Charles

Sweet groove on Do You Love Me Still


I like this track. It has class and style yes is not over busy. Delon went old school for us and brought back some of those great influences by EW&F, Donnie Hathaway, and singers of that caliber. Keep up the good work and keep those grooves smooth. And Thank you for liking my music too.

United States, California, San Francisco

Do you love me still

Nice slow jam track. Relaxing at home opening ma sound with your jam. It makes ma mind function well. Your voice flow so well with a beat and makes me fall in love with ma self kkkk. Thank you

South Africa, Cape Town

I like it!


Thank you for your beautiful soul, R&B and relaxing music. The number sounds very great. Go on like this. It is a pleasure to listen to. This performance was great to listen to and I appreciate it very much! Thank you for sharing your music.

Netherlands, Arnhem

The Vibe


I Love This Song Bro... The Message Of Atonement Is Heard Loud & Clear In A Soulful Declaration! The Vocal Delivery Has A Smooth Narration That Takes You Into A Story Of Realization... A Hustler Realizing He May Have Messed Up A Good Thing! Some Horn Play Might Add A Touch Of Spice!!! Tight...

United States, Washington, Tacoma

Nice Sound


I like the sound.. kind of a old school feel.. very relaxing sound and harmonies. Had me in a zone somewhere in the clouds. I first thought of a little d angelo.. some Anthony Hamilton ....and musi soul child all wrapped into one

United States, South Carolina, Columbia

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