deeplastik / Dance With You / Dance With You (original mix)

Strong beat on Dance with you original mix

Nice techno vibe going on here. I could dance to this beat no problem but that being said, I'd need to have fog and laser lights going everywhere. This beat is strong and hypnotic. It overwhelms the long drawn out notes but it is a cool sound. No lyrics to get in the way. I like this mix. It's broken up with little pauses of stick talent. A very good presentation of talent, Deeplastik! Keep up the great work on your tunes.

Review of dance with you

Hi it's the dance music connection hear and I have just had a listen to your latest track dance with you. And I like it it's produced well and it's something i would play on one of my radio shows if you have time send me this track. Any way you keep up the good work

Hugh Bass Drum

Hallo Hallo ich komme aus Sachsen und es heisst ich komme direkt aus der Wiege des europäischen minimal technos. Ich erkenne tolle Elemente wieder aber und das soll gar kein aber sein, mit dem typischen spanischen strandgefühl, sehr toll, konnte mich richtig treiben lassen. Bye

Lacking something

One the first listen i should say this is sounding pretty ok. Equalizing is all in order, groove is there but i am still missing something, specially for a 7min track. i know it's a mix track but that's besides the point! Overall great job but make it a little more interesting to listen to it, play with the samples and your mind! Mastering needs still to be done i pressume so there is nothing for me to say about that.

I like

This is good production.... it has good bones great work. Hope to hear more from you..your work made me move my feet please keep in touch would really like to here more from you again good job the arrangement is on point too

hot beat

hello i just wanted to tell you that you have a very funky groove on this track you had me dancing on the floor wow keep up the good work in your music production i wish you all the best yes

great work

Hi deeplastik, i like your profile and your track 'Dance with you' .... The Track will be played by me for sure on my next Lemongras Festival Set and i will be play it also on my Lemongras Radiostream at 674 FM, .... Great work and keep up your spirit...cheers to U

Very well done

Overall very nice track. Love the chords and vocals. Can definitely see this being played in clubs. You show talent and great potential in this track. Keep up the good work. Look forward to hearing more of your music

Very cool

Not used to write comments on other people's music, but this track might be an exeption. Love the groove and the harmony, love the flow of the track. This is one of those pieces you can start or end a set with, but sure it's a track i would play out

Deeplastik "Dance With You"

As usual Deeplastik had put solid work into that track. I like the mellow vibe of it. With nice heartbeatlike double beat, voices and chilled synths- it's a winning combination. Looking forward to future productions. Keep up the vibes m8!

Real Shit

Hey,yo deeplastik,this is the mad club banger to the max, i'm typing as i'm listening,on my second listen now, that's the way i do it i don't cheat,when i get this far reviewing a track,the track is definitely a boom track,i love the mix,big and in your face, when i turned up on my Mackie HR824 the bass from that solide kick drum.make you know what time it ,is fi dance,anyway, i'm also feeling the vocals,just a sprinkle of them throughout the track,nice,definitely a dance killer that i will buy.Tuff track. deeplastik, gwann Big up yourself musically.Real Dance Shit.

chilled out house

On the chilled side of house and tech house and great when u get home after a party or a festival or just if you've been out at the club all night. Especially when you just need a beat to be played. Musically pretty much working around the bass loop with a secondary part that is reminiscent of the bossa nova rhythms and a floaty percussive feel again keeping things chilled and mellow. Keep up the good work deeplastik. Peace n love mj.

This track

This track is very rhythmic but the rhythm is too much overruling this track and the bassdrum is a tick, not a real bassdrumsound. And when other sounds come in it's a bit weak in volume. With a stronger sounding melody you could lift this track to much brighter heights.


Nice sound design, I like the progressive evolution of the sound orchestration, it's well managed. The time decomposition which is added near the middle of the track is interesting and original, opening the second section of the tune and sustaining it before the end. I should like a maintained energy until the last seconds, because it seems that the track is "a bit to long", and makes the energy fade down slowly before to stop (the groove power is loosed on the end during several minutes). May be the sustain of the contra-tempo until the end could expand better the impact of all the track.

Nice track

Hey just listened to your track and it is nice Good groove and nice vocal Keep in grooving The bass line is the bomb So post me when you are on a label and i will buy it Greetz and Beatz Bodhi Adityo
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