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Next best sound to ozzy, witch is pretty fucking epic in my opinion!! You guys for sure need to keep up the awesome work and never stop! Looking forward to hear much much much more for y’all! Rock on fellas, rock on!!

Review of Smile and Like It by Danny Vash

The only constructive criticism I can make is keep up the great work. I have been listening to and playing blues and rock music since the late 60's and this song impresses me. It has elements of numerous styles and artists and they are melded wonderfully in this song. There are great hooks and a tasteful mix of simple and more complex passages. The artists originality and his grasp of what works is displayed in this song.

Kick it off!

Great beginning on this song. Rock that needs to be heard ! so bring it! The mix is hurting for more bass, but it's got great drive, and is a song that has real confidence and simple ideas that feel good, not too thought out, just more instinctive, and that's what anybody who really rocks really LOVES great solo form that guitar player. Why isn't this band more popular? Hopefully these guys will stay together so they can go far!

Bop review

This song is a rocking alternative/metal treat.. right off the bat I’m hearing some influences from Iron Maiden to early Black Sabbath. Great rhythm section really love the drums and bass arrangements from very powerful guitars and killer leads it really sounds awesome it also reminds me of tool and godsmack.the singer has an amazing range and tone to his voice it defiantly carries the song well. Well arranged well produced great song.

voce da hard rock

voce da hard rock pezzo preciso per il genere la prima cosa che ci vuole e' una gran voce e il tiro giusto niente da dire puro hard e grinta bello l'effetto finale che sembrano voci veramente spettacolari

Sounds Great!

Graeat job Danny!Love the vibe from your song.Reminds me music i was listening mid 80´s.The guitar solo is just perfect! Did you recorded it yourself at home or went to studio to record it?Sound Quality is amazing! Can’t wait to listen more stuff from you!


Interesting rock intro. Song diverts to a different time signature riff. Production is decent. Vocals remind me of Ozzy approach. Guitars remind me of some Dio era. I like the bridge. has a nice flow. Solo goes along well with the song, which, is much appreciated when it doesn't go too crazy. this one fits very well. I like the siren effect in there too...lol.

Good discovering!

Perhaps it's a classic metal, yes sure, but the drum rythm is very good during verse, the voice intention is just and it perfect with the style. Good guitar riff I like that. The chorus grip your mind. The cut after the solo/chorus is good (I find something like megadeth - peace sell period-). I happy to listen the kind of metal!


Great music! I really liked the ambience and the guitar tones! I hope you keep up the good work and wish you all the luck in the world! Looking forward to listening to other songs! Congratulations!


Bonjour J'aime bien votre chanson .... C'est un son rock métal un peu année 1970 J'aime bien ... Vous avez beaucoup de talent cher ami .... Bonne Continuité poursuivez très bon .... Bon arrangements Bravo et Merci

Heavy Good Stuff!

Very heavy sound, that is very good. Like the tight sound of the instruments. Do I hear Bits of Black Sabbath, Dio, etc...? Some really good Kick Ass Guitar work. All instruments are playing well as one unit. Good recording as well, as you can hear all parts very good. Nice use of the keyboards towards end of the song. I like the vocals as well. Sincerely Edward Westbrook "Atomic Energy Society" P.S. Keep up the good work!

Danny Vash ... Smile and Like it

Well I smiling and I like it took me back to a three piece UK bad in the seventies Strife ( and their album called rush ) but this has modern quality sound so crisp and clear great Job Danny its always hard when you see a single name to wonder if you had help or laid all the tracks your self either way its great work and will advise listeners to add this to there metal play list this is a great track press play your in for a treat ..

Canción poderosa

Excelente cancion, me hizo recordar aquel rock du o de Black Sabbath, los sonidos abrasivos de las guitarras erizan la piel. Te deseo Miles de reproducciones, infinitas gracias por regalarnos esta canción tan chingona, felicidades, el riff de la lira está genial, realmente me hiciste adicto a ese sonido, me dejaste con ganas de escuchar más de ti


Good afternoon I just got a chance to listen and review you song ..The music is awesome and rocking well put together I really appreciate good music..I listen to all types of music ???? .. Continue to share your music and keep on rocking out and writing... Thank you again for sharing please keep me posted and informed on your music journey.. Have great day and enjoy your week Peace ✌️ God bless you in all your endeavors...

Danny Vash

This song sounds to me like Black Sabbath.Nice old hard rock.Very good solo with nice feeling.But i would work a bit on drums.Snare needs fixing.All drums needs to be done better.If you have all seps i can help you with this for free if you are interested?
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