Danger Man Damage

Artist Bio

Lissant Kerrick Folkes otherwise called "Danger Man Damage" is a budding entrepreneur, the owner of the Lissant Clothing Line, and Director of Lissant Production Company Limited and Lissant Publishing. Born in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica, on August 19, 1979, Lissant was influenced by Jamaican Culture which motivated him to launch his music production company, Lissant Production Company Limited in 2014. The Lissant Clothing Line was officially launched in 2008. His designs have been showcased in many fashion shows. Lissant Publishing was started in 2014 and is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

Early Life

Artist, songwriter, producer, and fashion designer, Lissant Kerrick Folkes was raised and adopted by his grandmother, a seamstress. He earned the nickname "Danger" in high school because of his fearlessness. Lissant would later take on other monikers, including "General”, “Mr. Fantastic”, "Swagger Daddy" as well as "Danger Man Damage." Lissant Folkes attended the St. Catherine Basic School, St. Catherine Primary School, St. Georges College, as well as the College of Accountants. He started living on his own at the age of 16 after graduating from St. Georges College, he dreamt of conquering the world. Lissant was first employed at the Jamaica Defence Force and was subsequently transferred to the Ministry of National Security & Justice in 1999. He majored in Charted Accounting at the College of Accountants. He was also appointed as the Accountant for the Lucea R.M. Court, Hanover in 2001 after operating in the same capacity in various other parishes. Lissant also maintained a healthy social life promoting parties in western Jamaica, as well as promoting healthy family values.


Lissant has a passion for fashion and music which has enabled him to embrace his fate, which resulted in the incorporation of Omerta Production Company Limited in 2004. This was a collaborative effort including influential individuals in western Jamaica responsible for creating the foundation for talented individuals to display their talent to the world. He started producing acts in studios in Montego Bay and Negril before the construction of a studio in Lucea, Hanover. His time spent in Lucea helped to mold his character, as he ventured to conquer unknown territory. His love for the streets led him to initiate social reform in his own way by rehabilitating and renovating the Lucea Primary School in 2007, donations to various charities as well as sponsoring pageants and talent shows. Lissant has made many contributions to local acts, clinics, schools and community development programmes. His love for Jamaica has led him to all 14 parishes in his capacity as accountant for the R.M. Courts from St. Thomas to Hanover, fostering a genuine interest in understanding the Jamaican story, as well as what it truly means to be a Jamaican. In 2013, his journey brought him to relocate in Kingston, where he began to collaborate with some of the Jamaica’s music industry veterans who previously worked with Sir Coxsone Dodd from Studio One.

Linguay – The Genesis

Lissant’s travels abroad has led him to create Linguay, a Jamaican musical genre developed in 2013 which means the linguistic method in which we communicate our stories to the world. The term “Linguay” aptly denotes a peculiar music style strongly influenced by Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, Jazz, and Rhythm & Blues. Linguay is basically the linguistic way in which Jamaicans communicated their story to the world which all can relate to. It incorporates some of the musical elements of Pop and dance music based on the Jamaican experience of having fun and enjoying life to the fullest. Linguay has evolved out of the earlier genres Reggae and Dancehall, because of a need to revolutionise the Jamaican music industry since there has not been an addition to the Jamaican genres of music for the past 30 years.

It has gained footing in the American market as an appreciated novelty. The genre is hardcore lyrically and started using even less Jamaican dialect and more Standard English - making it easier to understand for more English-inclined audiences. It is steadily growing in popularity around the world, as Linguay mixes the best elements of the world's musical genres with an authentic Jamaican interpretation. The first official release was a single entitled "Who Do You Believe In" in 2014. The concept of this new genre of music was conceived by Lissant while on tour in the United States in the summer of 2013. Frequent visits to Memphis, Nashville, Alabama, Atlanta, Miami and New York music scenes inspired a dream to fuse the best sounds and instruments from all genres with the Jamaican flavour. Linguay has its roots in Lucea, Jamaica, but has subsequently migrated to the island's capital Kingston as well as the rest of the world.

“Jackpot” is the latest release and is currently available on iTunes, Spotify as well as all the major download and streaming websites. “I Am Fly High” and “Believe in” are two other singles that have been released so far, which have been doing unbelievably well on the various streaming platforms. Danger Man Damage is currently ranked number one on the Reverb Nation Website from Kingston, Jamaica. Many international production companies overseas have commented that Linguay doesn’t sound like Jamaican music based on the sound and arrangement of the rhythm section. These changes to the music have been done in order to make the music more compatible to the international format of songs which are found on the Billboard charts.

Lissant Publishing

Founded in 2004, Brand Lissant is one of the world’s most innovative publishing companies, it was established to make and distribute music that touches the soul and is becoming one of the world’s leading music providers. Lissant Publishing is a Jamaican entity focused on Living On Visionary Enlightenment (L.O.V.E) – which is the mission statement of the entity. In music we are flowing through life, it gives us something that we are hungry for. Music is something that we have pursued for thousands of years, as it awakens in us our most profound state of safety. The safety of living in concert with others and with our self. Music is like a girl that you want to stay in love with forever. Brand Lissant encourages youngsters to “imagine, build and play.”

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