the music is still (a)live - It was 2005 when Crump was founded. Four musicians from Bavaria near Munich. They just wanted to make music, wanted to have fun and give fun to those who listen to their songs. And from the very beginning they had one unwritten but clear principle: Crump thinks out of the boxes. It does not go with any stereotyped thinking. It’s just Crump – powerful, expressive and intoxicating. In their songs they criticise political failings, talk about general problems in society and describe – in an emotional but never sad or depressive way – all the good and the bad things of love live. Crump is variety – and makes you feel good. Crump is Martin Richter (Vocals), Joerg Pietschmann (Bass, Vocals), Ralf Pietschmann (Guitar) and Markus Stadler Drums).

What kind of music do CRUMP play? The four musicians from Bavaria don't have a stock answer. “We play the guitar, bass, drums and one of us sings”. And when they do, it sounds intoxicating – new and different.
Then that's all they want to do – their own music. That's been their passion since they were kids. They formed the band in 2005 and also their very own style. Above all straight and powerful. Something new – that gets to you. And last but not least each individual band member has their own creative space which all adds up to the outstanding CRUMP sound. Drummer Markus Stadler conveys each song with his clear beat. He's a perfect partner to Joerg Pietschmann. Joerg's creative and playful bass is a firm foundation for the music. Guitarist Ralf Pietschmann is responsible for the melodious pickings and funky rhythm as well as the distorted Powerchords.
The ideal platform for singer Martin Richter. His charismatic voice lends every song power and individuality. Straight and powerful. The songs also embody the simple goal of all the musicians: they want open your mind and your heart. And it works. It doesn't matter which genre they belong to. They're just CRUMP.


2012 Needing Something New

2015 daCrump's Laptop Editions Vol1 - snippets of ideas and feelings
some grow up and hit the band, others won't - however
the music is still (a)live

2016 daCrump's Laptop Editions Vol2

2017 The Secrets Of Freedom

2018 daCrump's Laptop Editions Vol3

2019 daCrump's Laptop Editions Vol4

2020 daCrump's Laptop Editions Vol5

2020 rehearsals - live from crump room

2021 daCrump's Laptop Editions Vol6

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