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-*You betta do ya research on me , lol u cant cuz its unexplanable how this shit comes to me. its god nigga , i dnt know bout jesus or da devil , but i know god is with me , the wraft is with me *- (D -*You betta do ya research on me , lol u cant cuz its unexplanable how this shit comes to me. its god nigga , i dnt know bout jesus or da devil , but i know god is with me , the wraft is with me *- ( ... read more

About CrazyMF-C

-*You betta do ya research on me , lol u cant cuz its unexplanable how this shit comes to me. its god nigga , i dnt know bout jesus or da devil , but i know god is with me , the wraft is with me *- (D -*You betta do ya research on me , lol u cant cuz its unexplanable how this shit comes to me. its god nigga , i dnt know bout jesus or da devil , but i know god is with me , the wraft is with me *- (Da Wyte 2Pac) Lifeless Immortal Music Group- 10/17/13

My journey started at 12 years old ! the journey was a big struggle for me an it was that way for a reason . It was that way to mold me into the true devine self that i am . " With struggle come GAIN "!! Better said -"Endure the Pain and Enjoy the Gain"- best way i can discribe my life is the rose tht grew from concrete . My name is Richard Carson Lewis i have two plp in one body the other me is Crazy - c da wyte 2pac . Crazy-c just for how crazy i was growing up , thts allwayz been my nikk name , if you look up my back ground criminal record it has crazy-c for one of my names lol , but Da wyte 2pac , i got tht name for how spiritual i am an how knowledge comes to me , young at 22 , but my knowledge an wisdom is on point . Growing up i allways thought life aint matter , skool aint matter so i droped out . cuz my faith took over , who needs to go to skool when your gonna impact the world with what you already know . my life is on one path right now an i will not stop till im ontop of my empire . On to the growing up , i just realy didnt give a fukk , i realy didnt understand that every one has a purpose in this life .From the gang life to the drug life , " I survived " . So many Close Calls!! if any one did what i did i beleive they would be dead . Big tragic event in my life was a heart attakk at 20 years old , due to sippin on sizzurp an popping triple cs . i was on that stuff for 6 years or better , had to have it every day , there was nights id go crazy an my mom would have to call the police cuz i done flipped out an grabbed a knife an put it to her room mates throat , i was possesed by the devil , the police came bustin in , i had butterfly knife flipping it and they had the glokks aimed at me ready to shoot . but my mind was so opened tht i knew they were not gona shoot , i pikk up vibes an see sighns , an it gets so fukking real , i told the police they aint have no bullets in they gun hahaha told em if u gonna pull it shoot . long story short they pepper sprayed me , i was crazy they took me to jail and they didnt even take me in , they went in a got the majerstrate to come out to the car to look at me.. he looked at me , i was flipping out non stop . he told the police he aint coming to my jail, take him to Holy hill , holy hill is a crazy house for the insain in raleigh north carolina. i stayed there for a long while , not too long thoe , when i got out i was so lost , i mean i was doin my music thang but but i was lost , i was insaine and ready to die , i didnt even know myself .. your not alive until your bout to die! I Beleive my purpose is to speak my mind , an speak it into exsistence . im deep like 2pac , i am my own creator , the experience i been threw made me so enlightened , my faith is like a babys faith . Growin up 2pac raised me threw music , i became to think positive an speak knowledge , cuz it just comes to me .. i can not wait to be herd , like 2pac said he is commin bakk ! i know i will have impact on this world .On the real , every body born - death dumb and blind .Its up to us to find our true purpose and true self and live out our own purpose tht is hidden in our soul waiting to reveal when ever that day may come . 80 percent of use 10 percent of there brain , plp like me use 100 percent . only 20 percent think like me , shit maybe even lower than that . all i know is im one of a kind . plp like me are blessed with a gift of creativity and a deep understanding of the world with no help what so ever . thts becuase im real , i hate all these fake mothafukkaz , im real i live my life on love , life , loyalty , understanding , knowledge and wisdom. i see shut clear in this bitch ! Every human has power . they fail to activate it threw there 3rd eye wich is what you dream with.. for the plp tht activate there 3rd eye and know who they are an there true purpose on this earth are the ones to do maraculous things in this life , such as fame. Understand tht there is one god an im not tawking about the bible. im talking about the universe . Understand tht you are a god from a higher power tht created everything . its allways mind over matter for me. i can go deep an deeper , but i dnt wana blind plp for too much light is blinding . if you have listened or read what ive been writing , if you are blind to real shit an if you are like the 80 percent of plp , this will all be a bunch of shit that you might say is crazy . but let me tell you , being crazy is a blessing from a higher power . and know that your 3rd eye is the seed to your soul . threw that you can accomplish anything that is impossible . see i think like the world is the illusion , and im the author , fukk watching every one else , every one gona be watching me soon enough , i gotta force in me tht will be discoverd an will be herd all over the world . like tupac said "ALL EYES ON ME .... knowledge is power an wisdom is the source while your soul is the force........

(Richard Carson Lewis) Rikky was born on september 8th of 1991 in logger FL. Moved to North Carolina by the age of 2 and from there on a journey started . His mom raised him due to problems with his dads drug addiction. he was searching for role moldels all threw out his life , an thts why in middle school 6th grade , things went dwn hill, first it was juvi , after getting out of juvi 1 thing he missed most was music an listening to his favorite cds, an tht was nothing but 2pac, he would listen to 2pac for hours an hours, 2pac had came into his life an Rikky had a role model,.. how ever later on dwn the road round 8th grade Rikky quit goin to school. he was 16 years old when he quit an 16 years old when he went to the county jail / Pender county jail. after the jail scene there was more to come with being Incarcerated. while he was in jail he made a song call locked up an one called bitches aint shit , when he got out he had a connect with a studio an was being produced by Lil G (Gary Clark ) of Wilmington (expired link)., He was producing a album called phsycotic thoughts. the album didnt get finished due to More trouble in Rikkys life . while the music was guiding his soul he got raided by the Pender county Sheirfs dept. along with the detectives an gang unit.. Rikky was very hot an allways being watched close by the Goverment Officials.. he ended up being charged with manufacturing marajuiana , maintaining an dwelling , manufacturing counterfit substances an breaking an entering. tht all happened in 2009. Rikky ended up getting sentanced to high rise prison in Morganton (expired link). as he was Incarcerated his Producer moved away to indiana so his connect was gone. he had an idea in prison an thts where his label came from. He was Incarcerated , at the same time writing Flow , he put it together an it went so good , "INCARCERATED FLOW PRODUCTIONS" yes every thing does happen for a reason. An his name is Crazy-C da wyte 2pac for many reasons , he is very spiritual and all bout supernatural energy threw the 3rd eye, he is very aware about the world an whats goin on with the goverment, but most of all wants to put the goverment on blast, for his childhood role model "Tupac Shakur" for his murder, . cuz 2pac was putting them on blast / the illuminati , 2pac started saying KILLuminati in his songs, an shortly after he was tryna tell the world bout the evil in it he got shot , an no one knows the real story...there are so many reasons tht Rikky wont say why his name is crazy-c da wyte 2pac, he says "some things just got to reveal to peoples eyes "

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