Cozmicsoulfire / So Gorgeous / I dont sing sweet songs demo 4 So Gorgeous cd

Very Soul-Sexy

I found myself listening to this cut over and over. Very captivating vocals and a gorgeous range that made me soulfully attracted to her voice. The track was well performed and I felt my heart beating with the rhythm section and percussion. So much so I felt like I had to hear more. So I played it again. Certainly her voice is worthy of being more on top of this mix which would only enhance this demo and attract any A&R publisher to roll the dice. Extraordinary and unique.

I don't sing sweet songs demo 4

Song is interesting.Vocal is interesting.But to be honest song needs remastering.Vocls need more balance.I like drums here.Interesting bit.But to make whole song better it needs more control.

Cozmicsoulfire ...reborn of classic hard rock

Lovely guitar work , natural drums and deep bass lines. really solid in the instrumental segments. The voice has some weak points in tuning but is a interesting and had identity. Well done and keep Rocking


I think that this would be a killer tune with a good mix keep up the good work! It sounds like its a story about something you experienced, or someone close to you experienced. Hit us up with yoyr next one!


Nice voice, quite a good balance between bass and guitar; perhaps a second guitar would have helped the overall sound, but this is my opinion only and I do not want to denigrate the good work done in here. For being a demo, it sounds good, some improvements can be done with the help of a good sound engineer, but it's a very good beginning it sounds much better than other demos I heard. Go on with that!

nice song, but not for video or single

Hello, first I like the song and the atypical songwriting. But think about the bassound and it´s not played all tight. Repeat bassrecordings. Also i miss a C-Part, A and B reppeats all the time. For your firts video and single, you maybe should choose a song more popular, something that grabs your brain an never get loose. This song here is more like a B-Side, but its a good song and i like it. I hope this will help you.


I like the way this one opens.The screaming guitar into a funky sounding little breakdown. Never much cared for female fronted metal, but the vocals work on this one. It has a bit of a Monster Magnet meets In Living Color feel to it throughout. Overall a different sounding song with a unique arrangement. I like it


hopefully u wanted an honest opinion cause thats what i do, u r an interesting, slightly eclectic, visionary it seams to me, pretty hot, and from the neth. so u must be good peeps too, lol... but diverging too far from an accepted level of normality can be taken by the listeners untrained ear as mistakes or sloppy proformance...anyway, this is the 5th time ive listened to this, and still cant determin the anomoly, i was gonna refrain 1 more time, but am compelled to relieve my mind strain, more bottom end in the mix would help alot, but what sticks out to me is while the tune is pleasantly diferent, theres something that seams to be making the vox melody sound off key in spots, i suspect the french horn sounding key part, but again after 5 times, still, idk, my initial thought was, wow, i'd like to master this cut and see how good it could be, cause it may be just the levels , eq,wrong effects, ect. of certain things causeing the feel to fall short for me, but theres major potential there, id re-mix again, with a less is more attitude, and lemme hear it, but dont think this mix is ready for single release, understand... if u spit out a platinum song half ass'd it wont be, u only get 1 chance to make a 1st impression :).. and thank you for providing a break from the 4/4 , 3 chord, droney crap poluting the airwaves, which u have beat even with anomolys..k i t ..rock on !!

Sweet with some potiental

This song by Cozmicsoulfire has potential of being a hit if it has the proper production and hard ethic to make it a great sounding song. Even though this a demo I can here a hard rocking masterpiece in the works. All I can say is work hard and do your best and don't settle for less and make it sexy with attitude giving all those other bands like Halestorm or the Pretty Reckless run for there money

Sounds Great

Best in the Netherlands! If Rock Hard Rock Is what you're after then this is it! The female version of Rob Halford, better than Lita Ford or Joan Jett! If you are not a fan yet then become one fast before she is famous!


Really nice song with a great concept of lyrics and strong message! These guys are pretty good and the music too, it's very well played, composed and produced! Well done boys! We are really curious of how far you guys are going to go and if you are going to play at UK at some point give us a shout and we might play together! Check us out at facebook: October Ends. Our new EP is out on Spotify too! Peace! (Y)

ckeck this out!!!!

Hallo Cozmicsoulfire! We are REMEDY from germany and we just listened to your song I don´t sing sweet songs. We all like it very much and we hope that you will upload some more songs!!!! Keep on rocking!!!!

Rocking On

I really like the song and the lyrics the music and song Rocks very unique and well put together and well composed very creative keep on rocking out and never give up you can a long way hope this been helpful have a blessed day and may God bless you in all your endeavors.

Give this chick a chance!!

I am listening to this song, obviously a home made demo, and even the voice level is sometimes way too high, the song is cool, her voice is strong and she deserve to find a real band. and that is what I sincerely hope it will happen. Good luck, dear!

Solid rock with female vocals

The allover sound reminds me a bit of the band Heart. Powerful female vocals are mixed with good songwriting. Definitely worth listening. However, the sound quality/recording could be better and more professional.
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